Single on Valentine's Day? 10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate!

Single on Valentine's Day? 10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate!

Just because you don’t have someone special to celebrate this holiday of love, don’t feel discouraged and it doesn’t mean that today can’t be special. It doesn’t have to be so cute, so lovely and so romantic.

If you have NO IDEA what do do, here are 10 awesome things you can do (in addition to staying off of social media) - literally today, in an hour, right now!!

How To Style A Gingham Linen Shirt 2 Ways

How To Style A Gingham Linen Shirt 2 Ways

Ditch your plain white shirt for this gingham print linen shirt this spring. It surely brightens up your day!! Showing you how you can rock it 2 ways from a casual girly to relaxed sophisticated look.

All Red Love

 All Red Love

You may think it may be a bold look, yet going red from head to toe is completely on-trend and incredibly and freshly stylish!

Checkered Blazer And Vintage Band Tee

Checkered Blazer And Vintage Band Tee

Rocking the H O T T E S T trend with a bit of vintage twist in my fave band tee. 

Vintage Band Tee & Suede Choker

Vintage Band Tee & Suede Choker

Whenever I feel too lazy to dress up for the day, one of my go-to solutions is wearing a oversized band tee!! Add a thick choker & 70s sunglasses, and you are ready to rock it on the street!  

Hint of Pink and Camel Coat Moment

Photographed by

Marcus Annable

// Gasworks Park


 Zara  //  



 (or other styles


)  //  


 ZARA (old, similar




) //


 ASOS (old, adore




)  //  


 River Island via ASOS (sold out, adore




) //  


 Vintage via Buffalo Exchange  //  




Hi LOVEs!!! Happy Friday!

You know what's coming up next month!? YESSS!!!


!!! Unfortunately, once again I won't be able to attend in person due to crazy busy schedule, but it doesn't mean I can't dress up as if I were there, right? When Fashion Week approaches, I naturally get inspired. I start gathering outfit inspirations from everywhere and come up with some outfits that I would definitely rock if I was to attend!! The camel coat is enjoying a major moment right now. It adds you an instant chicness to any outfit, and it's really a versatile item thanks to its neutral color. I have seen a lot of bloggers, like

Song of Style



, are rocking it and can't get enough of how they style their coats!! I was totally convinced to invest a little money in this

cozy camel coat from


. To be honest with you, it's a bit bigger on me even though it was the smallest size, but I can surely live with it! Wink-wink!

So I styled up this look around the coat as the centerpiece and added a neutral colored turtleneck and white skort. I picked leopard printed booties for a bit of something extra since I otherwise the look is kept simple. Leopard shoes will never go out of style. When I was coordinating this look, I decided I would put on a fedora for a touch of sophistication. I am a huge, like HUGE, fan of the fedora, and this pink one is one of the unexpected pieces I never thought I would have in my closet. Pink is often passed off as simply a girly color, but in reality pink has the ability to create the just right amount of  girly-cool vibe while maintaining your feminine charm. So it was perfect to incorporate my pink fedora to this camel coat look. What's the best thing about this fedora? It looks super cute on my new silver hair! <3 <3 Finally, I love how my vintage shoulder bag/clutch compliments the look from the side angle with the leopard booties.

Are you planning to go to Fashion Week? What's your attire?

Have a great weekend babes! 


Thank you for reading!!!!


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Heart Precious Gifts ♥

Photographed By

Benjamin Widdowson

// West Seattle

PINK FEDORA: River Island via ASOS




VINTAGE BAG: Buffalo Exchange

RHINESTONE EARRINGS: c/o Charlotte Russe

BELT: Goodwill

WATCH: Nordstrom Rack


Hi LOVEs! 

Happy Hump day! Hope your day is going well so far!

 I mentioned a few posts back that my parents and grandpa came to visit Seattle last month for the first time ever, and the days I spent with them were incredibly amazing and fun! I was especially happy to see my 79 year old grandpa, who remains so healthy and active, and I was very impressed that he is super adventurous, and a big eater!!!! No wonder he is still full of vitality! I wished they could have stayed longer or that I could have gone back to Japan with them...

My mom and I are very alike. I love giving people a surprise, and I think I inherited that personality trait from my mom. 

During my parents' stay we were strolling around downtown Seattle and I saw a very lovely window display at


 While I looked at the display  I was muttering, "Omg! These heart print tops are so cute!" My mom heard what I said and asked me, "Which ones, which ones? :)" I pointed at the display and added "I can't buy them anyway, so let's go!" We walked away at the time. A few days later, while we were on the way back to their hotel, which was located in DT Settle, my mom told me, "I kinda want to look around the shops, so go ahead to the hotel first..." She refused when I asked to shop together. I wondered why she suddenly wanted to go shopping but rejected me going with her. After 30 mins or so, she came back to the hotel empty handed!  It was very weird that even after she said she wanted to shop she ended up not getting anything at all!

However, she totally tricked me, because she wanted to surprise me at the airpot. As I was seeing them off, my mom handed me a cute bag!! Yes!!!!! It was a gift of those heart printed tops I saw in  the display window the other day!! She also included a Starbucks gift card! I opened the bag when I got home, and needless to say I burst into tears and was full of appreciation and love! I was hugging the clothes with happy tears for a long time.

So that's the sweet story behind this outfit, as I am wearing one of those 

heart print tops

 that she gifted me. Not to mention, I LOVE THIS SWEATER SO MUCH! Not only because it's a gift from my mom, but because it's also super soft and warm yet effortlessly chic. The heart design is amazingly playful and the sweater's color is my favorite color for fall -- navy. Everything about it is just superb! If I don't have time in the morning but still want to be so stylish, this top is the perfect solution! I throw it on with a skinny and heels, and I am good to go!

I kept it in the same color family by wearing a denim skirt that I DIYed to create a distressed skirt, but I spiced things up with

my new pink fedora


metallic lace-up heels

. These ones are my current obsessions right now! The cuteness of the sweater naturally prompted me to do a side fish-braided hair to give extra appealing to the look, and these real stone rings that are also gifts from my mom don't overpower the look, yet they dazzle on my hands! 

I will share a look with the other heart print top with you guys soon! Stay tuned!

What's your surprise gifts from your mom that you love at the most? 



Thank you for reading!!!!


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Boho Vintage

Photographed by Benjamin Widdowson // Bellevue 



FRINGED BAG (similar here or here): Forever 21

BRACELETS: Charlotte Russe




Another fashion week is coming up soon and I am very excited about the options that colder season offers, but there is still no way that I can't enjoy the hot summer weather while it lasts. I love waking up to the bright sunshine and then sipping a glass of fresh orange juice on my little patio to jump start my morning. I've lived in Seattle for almost 6 years now and I will never get tired of this beautiful and refreshing summer because Japan is just too hot and humid to be able to enjoy such pleasurable moments during the summer. Yesterday I can't believe that it went up to 94 degree! Yay to the remainder of summer!!

I teamed up with


, one of the nation's biggest thrift stores, to do something fun as part of their celebration for their new store launch in

Capitol Hill

. I was asked to shop there, hunt for whatever I loved (within a budget), and put together some outfits for them. It's pretty simple, but this is absolutely a fun way to celebrate their launch, isn't it? The last time I went to a


store was quite a while ago, perhaps even three years back? So I was really thrilled to check out the new store.

Unlike the stores I've been to before, this new store was really modern and easy to shop! They have a super large and spacious floor within a two-storied building, with the main level featuring all clothing items white the basement area sells non-apparel goods such as furniture, books, kitchen supplies, and etc... Everything is very nicely categorized and placed. It totally helped me to find exactly what I wanted to shop for.  I felt like I was in a store at the mall or something!

 Here are what I got at the shop: 

A vintage Diet Coke t-shirt

GAP denim shorts

A denim midi skirt

Several gold accessories (A necklace & 4 bracelets)

A patent belt, 

A DKNY yellow tank

A set of Adidas sports bra and running shorts

Isn't it amazing how much I was able to scored? And guess what! I could still buy more within my budget!

I decided to choose the vintage t-shirt and denim shorts to create a boho-inspired look. Because it was hot like yesterday, I knotted the hem of the t-shirt so that it acts like a cropped top and allows my tammy to feel the breeze. I also rolled up and tacked the sleeves to turn it into a sleeveless top. Believe it or not, it gives a big change to keep cooler. Paring some major essential pieces of the boho style was the key and final touch for this look: a floppy brimmed hat, fringed cross-body bag, a dangling ear cuff, and a plenty of bracelets plus arm cuffs.

I hope you enjoyed how I styled my new items from Goodwill, and please check out

the new store in Capitol Hill

if you live around the area! Stay tuned for the future looks of how I mix up my other picks!

Stay cool, and enjoy your day!


♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ STAY FASHIONABLE, STAY UNIQUE ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥

Thank you for reading!!!!