Single on Valentine's Day? 10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!
February 14th was used to be one of my favorite holidays because someone I was so in love with woke me up with the loveliest messages, gave me my favorite chocolate with the cutest flower bouquets and ended my day at my favorite restaurant with him. Then, he gave me a surprise Valentine’s Day gift to even make me happier. How romantic was that?
For those who have partners, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to reflect how much you love with each other and how much you both appreciaite for their existence. For us singles? Nope, today can’t be about romance. Not if we want to be happy anyway.


As a single woman who has been single for 8 years, this day is just one of those “normal” days. I don’t feel bummed out because I am used to it now. I still get annoyed by some guy friends texting or messaging me saying, “What’s your plan on Valentine’s Day?, What? No plan? No one asked you?”  Okay…. Leave me alone. Lol I don’t wanna go on a date on with a random guy. Haha.

If you are feeling “sucky” a little bit of today, no need to be shamed at all, darling. It’s completely normal to feel sad and lonely if you don’t have a significant other. I totally understand, I’ve been there a lot. Like I have no special one to share today with… Yes, it does suck while everyone around you posts a picture or story of gifts from their partner and cutest pictures of them together holding hands with hundreds of pretty roses.

But, just because you don’t have someone special to celebrate this holiday of love, don’t feel discouraged and it doesn’t mean that today can’t be special. It doesn’t have to be so cute, so lovely and so romantic.

If you have NO IDEA what do do, here are 10 awesome things you can do (in addition to staying off of social media) - literally today, in an hour, right now!


Get yourself in comfy clothes, spend all day in your bed or couch and catch up on your favorite TV shows on Netflix. Take a long bath with your favorite bath bomb, continue to watch the shows and then give yourself a mask and body oil massage.

2. Get yourself pretty flowers

Not just a single or few flowers. A big bouquet. I’ve done this a handful times, and it makes me feel so much better and your room becomes prettier, too! I made a little bouquet out of part of it and gave it to my best friend - she loved it!

3. Spend some time on your passions

Do you love making art, gardening, or taking time making an elaborate meal? Celebrate today by spending more time with your favorite hobbies. If you’re feeling overly mellow, use your creativity to boost your productivity for a positive vibe. When you are done with your work, take a picture of it and share it!

4. Spread the love

Send a lovely and heartfelt text to all the people you adore and cherish in your life and make them feel loved by you. I bet they will feel so appreciative for your genuine love and care. When you do this, you will also realize how much you love them and how much you are grateful to have them in your life.

5. Do a movie marathon

This is my favorite activity on a single Valentines Day. I am a big fan of movies and spending my whole day in bed with a bunch of movies I love again and again. I found this article featuring “22 Valentine’s Day Movies to watch for a cozy holiday at home” These lists are definitely on point!

6. Spoil yourself something special

Why wait for something special to be gifted by someone else when you could indulge yourself? If you have something you have been an eye on for a long time or trip you want to book, why not splurge on that to gift yourself?

7. Get dressed and take yourself out at your favorite restaurant

Wear your favorite outfit to make you feel prettiest and sexist and go treat yourself with a nice dinner. If you are worried about being surrounded by couples, go sit at the bar so you are facing the taps instead of them. Don’t forget to order a yummy dessert because you deserve something sweet. ❤️

8. Spa day

Self-care is so important. Use today as a perfect excuse to pamper yourself and get in some relaxing time. Massage has a lot of great benefits like increasing circulation, release tension, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, and develop sleep and more. You will feel so refreshed!

9. Visit your grandparents

They will be so happy with your visit, and you are likely going to make each other feel so very loved. Hanging out with them is always so special. If you can’t visit in person, call them, facetime them, I know you will be happy you did. After all, romantic love isn’t the only kind of love.


10. Love yourself

BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT! You don’t need someone to value you. Don’t forget that you are loveable, you are worthy, and you are so precious and special the way you are!! 💖

There you go! I hope those last minute 10 things will help you make today less sad, lonely, rather feeling inspired and encouraged! I’d like to hear what you did or do on Valentine’s Day if you are single!
And again, Happy Valentine’s Day to all my fellow single friends out there! Sending a lot of air hugs, loves, and kisses! Muaaah! 😘



Blazer  :: ZARA ( similar at Marks & Spencer, BOOHOO,
FAUX FUR COAT  ::  H&M ( similar And other stories, Shein, River Island )
CLUTCH  ::  From my mom ( similar La Regale, Sam Edelman, ALDO )
EARRINGS  :: H&M ( also love THIS )
NECKLACES  ::  Vintage ( similar Betsey Johnson , Carolee, and love Heidi Daus )
PLATFORMS :: ShoeDazzle ( old, similar Jessica Simpson, MICHAEL Michael Kors, Steve Madden )


Photographed by Marcellara R.  || 📍: King Street Station

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