Hi there! 
I am AikA, which in Japanese means, "The Sweet Scent of Affection."
I find my joy in giving love to people. My goal is to become a ray of sunshine to the people around me. I originally hail from
Kanagawa, Japan, and I have lived here in Seattle since 2008. 

I started this blog back in 2011, but I had not updated it regularly, despite my passion for fashion and my desire to chase my fashion dreams. Then, I lost everything in 2013. I still clearly remember how devastated I was. I wasn't able to eat anything and was struggling to find my way to truly live. But throughout it all, fashion was always part of me. I never lost the will to dress up, and when I dressed up, I felt relieved and happy inside of myself.

It was then that I had an epiphany: fashion is my life! I was convinced that this was really the time I had been given to reach for my dreams and to get really serious about sharing my fashion in the world. After that, everything has changed. I am happier now than ever in my life.

That's why I have made my life is ALL about fashion. Find what fulfills you, brings you peace and happiness, grab on and don't let go! Don't EVER give up on your dreams! Never too late to pursue them! I started this blogging journey when I was 27.

I want to inspire others through my style and fashion and also want to teach people that styling can not only help you look better, but boost your inner confidence as well. Fashion is about how it makes you feel inside, not just about how others perceive you. I am only 5' (154cm) with short legs and a long torso, so I used to feel inferior in my body. Yet, I now embrace who I am because I know how I style myself to make me feel confident and look way better than I actually think.

I am always changing up my fashion/style because I don't want to restrict myself to one category. You will be noticing my hair color and hair style is also changing. I want to be able to pull off ANY kind of style while remaining who I am. Thus, I consider my style 'diverse and versatile.' Still, because I am heavily inspired by both American and Japanese cultures, I've worked to create a signature fusion of American and Japanese style that works on both continents. Most of all, I strive for a fashion that inspires uniqueness.

That's what it's all about here in AikA's Love♥ Closet!
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