End Of Summer Gingham

Photographed by Benjamin Widdowson // Pike Place

BOATER HAT (similar here) & EARRINGS: H&M
GINGHAM PRINTED SKIRT as a dress (Similar Here | Here | Here): ASOS
STUDDED SANDALS (similar here): ALDO
BRACELETS: Goodwill and Charlotte Russe


I am so sad that the summr is getting close to the end. I still have tons of summer activities in mind that I haven't done yet... I am seriously not ready for the summer to be over! Hopefully I will be able to spend some quality time at Alki Beach soon, one of my favorite spots in Seattle!

It's all about the combination of my favorite pieces today! I got this lovely gingham print skirt from ASOS in early June, and I love waring it as a dress more than as-is. If you remember, I rocked a look as a dress a while ago, and this is another way I styled it up as a dress. If you are a petite, like me, it can be hard to find the perfect comfy dress. This one can totally solve that problem! This is the only gingham printed piece that I have in my closet, and I am very pleased how the print makes me feel extra girly and chic. It even adds some playful, but retro elegance touch. How can you not love a piece that keeps you cool from the remaining summer heat while looking super stylish?
I've been so in love with this straw boater hat ever since I snagged at H&M it awhile back. I think as much as I love a baseball cap, this hat is my top favorite summer hat for sure. Oh and it's very practical!! The mix of this ht and the dress is just so lovely.
You have no idea how many times I've worn these awesome studded white sandals over the past few months. I got them from ALDO last year and didn't have a chance to wear as many times as I wanted. I am a complete sucker for shoes that have WOW elements and details, and these gold studs definitely make the sandals a statement. With the bloke heels, there is no worrying about stability walking around, and even running to catch a bus! What a dream pair!
This time I decided to pair a black patent belt to match with the black ribbon on the hat, then finish the look with the light blue mini cross-body bag (to compliment the same hue of the dress) with some gold jewelry. Nothing is incorporated for fall inspirations, but this look really overjoyed me and gives a little bit of end-of-summer fun!

Wishing you cuties a very beautiful day!


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Boho Vintage

Photographed by Benjamin Widdowson // Bellevue 



FRINGED BAG (similar here or here): Forever 21

BRACELETS: Charlotte Russe




Another fashion week is coming up soon and I am very excited about the options that colder season offers, but there is still no way that I can't enjoy the hot summer weather while it lasts. I love waking up to the bright sunshine and then sipping a glass of fresh orange juice on my little patio to jump start my morning. I've lived in Seattle for almost 6 years now and I will never get tired of this beautiful and refreshing summer because Japan is just too hot and humid to be able to enjoy such pleasurable moments during the summer. Yesterday I can't believe that it went up to 94 degree! Yay to the remainder of summer!!

I teamed up with


, one of the nation's biggest thrift stores, to do something fun as part of their celebration for their new store launch in

Capitol Hill

. I was asked to shop there, hunt for whatever I loved (within a budget), and put together some outfits for them. It's pretty simple, but this is absolutely a fun way to celebrate their launch, isn't it? The last time I went to a


store was quite a while ago, perhaps even three years back? So I was really thrilled to check out the new store.

Unlike the stores I've been to before, this new store was really modern and easy to shop! They have a super large and spacious floor within a two-storied building, with the main level featuring all clothing items white the basement area sells non-apparel goods such as furniture, books, kitchen supplies, and etc... Everything is very nicely categorized and placed. It totally helped me to find exactly what I wanted to shop for.  I felt like I was in a store at the mall or something!

 Here are what I got at the shop: 

A vintage Diet Coke t-shirt

GAP denim shorts

A denim midi skirt

Several gold accessories (A necklace & 4 bracelets)

A patent belt, 

A DKNY yellow tank

A set of Adidas sports bra and running shorts

Isn't it amazing how much I was able to scored? And guess what! I could still buy more within my budget!

I decided to choose the vintage t-shirt and denim shorts to create a boho-inspired look. Because it was hot like yesterday, I knotted the hem of the t-shirt so that it acts like a cropped top and allows my tammy to feel the breeze. I also rolled up and tacked the sleeves to turn it into a sleeveless top. Believe it or not, it gives a big change to keep cooler. Paring some major essential pieces of the boho style was the key and final touch for this look: a floppy brimmed hat, fringed cross-body bag, a dangling ear cuff, and a plenty of bracelets plus arm cuffs.

I hope you enjoyed how I styled my new items from Goodwill, and please check out

the new store in Capitol Hill

if you live around the area! Stay tuned for the future looks of how I mix up my other picks!

Stay cool, and enjoy your day!


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