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Will You Be My Valentine? Valentine's Day Look with Forever 21

Will You Be My Valentine? Valentine's Day Look with Forever 21

Tremendously excited to team up with @shopforever21now / @forever21 to bring you my second Valentine's look!

Black Lace

FryYAY in this pretty off-shoulder number with lovely lacy details
Photographed by Sarah Wolfe  //  Downtown Seattle 

DRESS: c/o NewDress
SHOES: JustFab (or Adore Steve MaddenNordstrom RackSTYLEBOP )
BAG: c/o DressLink
SUNNIES: c/o NewDress


It's finally Friday and even better, it's Labor Day Weekend!!! Woot Woot! Do you have any awesome plans, sweeties?
First and foremost, thank you all so very much for the lovely and warm messages on the previous post whether you left them on here or on my social channels. It gives me a lot of courage and smiles, and it's good to know that we are all connected somehow and feel like we are not alone!<3

For the last several days in Seattle, the weather dramatically changed! It has been rainy and the temperature has dropped down like crazy! I wore my first cozy knit yesterday, and I totally wasn't ready for that! I still feel like I haven't checked everything off from my summer to-do list yet! I am really excited to share today's look, because it gives a fun summer vibe!
I got such a cute off-shoulder mini dress with lace sleeve details from New Dress, where you can get everything at extremely affordable prices! I was a little bit disappointed when I received this dress, because it is a bit too long. Well, I think it may be because of me, since I am super petite! haha
As always, I added a black belt to adjust the length, and it actually ended up better looking. It looks like a romper! I opted for a pair of lace-up wedge sandals to create an easy, breezy look.  Thanks to the off-shoulder design and lace elements, I love how the entire look is elevated with a touch of elegance and femininity.
Because of my hair, coordinating myself in monochromatic colors is really captivating me. It was really natural to select black items to finish the look - my all-time favorite brimmed hat and these new sunnies (only $3.05! Can you believe it?!) from NewDress. This look wasn't for a festive theme or anything, but the combination of a faux suede fringe bag and this lace off-shoulder dress is definitely perfect for that occasion! Maybe I can wear it next year?!

Hope that you all have a fun & amazing Labor Day weekend! I am planning on seeing my girl friends from LA, I am so excited! Make sure to follow me along on Instagram & Snapchat (@fashionistaika)!!!

Ciao, cutie pies! ♥


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Pretty Little White Cami Dress

You need a pretty dress in your closet that makes you look even cuter! 

Photographed by Michelle Lock // Downtown Seattle

DRESS: c/o Style Moi
SHOES: Windsor (or Dolce Vita, Steve Madden, Aquazzura
HAT: thrifted via Buffalo Exchange ( Similar Forever 21, Nordstrom)
BAG: gifted from grandpa
NECKLACE: c/o IO collective choker, ASOS multirow necklace


Hi LOVEs! Happy FriYAY!
I just couldn't be happier with the super lovely weather in Seattle lately. I think everyone is so ready to enjoy the summer weather. Just in time for summer, I received this extremely lovely cami dress from Style Moi. It is my final look featuring them.
I am a petite girl (5 feet flat tall) with a long torso and short legs. So that makes it quite difficult to find a perfect dress in general, especially a dress that is 6" above the knees ( the most flattering length) So when I found this dress at Style Moi, I knew I should get it. It's become one of the key dresses in my wardrobe! Aaaand guess what? The straps are adjustable, so you can actually change the dress length as you wish. It is just perfect for both daily use, or as part of a vacation ensemble!

There are tons of way to style this sweet dress, but this time I paired it with lace-up sandals for a more feminine touch, then I put on a straw fedora because it's a summer essential that is also a practical way to protect my face from the harsh sunlight!
As for my bag, it is a very special one for me. My dearest grandpa gifted it to me some10 years ago as a souvenir from Thailand. He was surely keen on my style sense even at that time, and this bag totally goes with the look even now.  Thank you so much Oji-chan ( "Grandpa" in JP!)!!!

What's your staple summer dress? Have a lovely week-end babes ♥


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Boho Vintage

Photographed by Benjamin Widdowson // Bellevue 



FRINGED BAG (similar here or here): Forever 21

BRACELETS: Charlotte Russe




Another fashion week is coming up soon and I am very excited about the options that colder season offers, but there is still no way that I can't enjoy the hot summer weather while it lasts. I love waking up to the bright sunshine and then sipping a glass of fresh orange juice on my little patio to jump start my morning. I've lived in Seattle for almost 6 years now and I will never get tired of this beautiful and refreshing summer because Japan is just too hot and humid to be able to enjoy such pleasurable moments during the summer. Yesterday I can't believe that it went up to 94 degree! Yay to the remainder of summer!!

I teamed up with


, one of the nation's biggest thrift stores, to do something fun as part of their celebration for their new store launch in

Capitol Hill

. I was asked to shop there, hunt for whatever I loved (within a budget), and put together some outfits for them. It's pretty simple, but this is absolutely a fun way to celebrate their launch, isn't it? The last time I went to a


store was quite a while ago, perhaps even three years back? So I was really thrilled to check out the new store.

Unlike the stores I've been to before, this new store was really modern and easy to shop! They have a super large and spacious floor within a two-storied building, with the main level featuring all clothing items white the basement area sells non-apparel goods such as furniture, books, kitchen supplies, and etc... Everything is very nicely categorized and placed. It totally helped me to find exactly what I wanted to shop for.  I felt like I was in a store at the mall or something!

 Here are what I got at the shop: 

A vintage Diet Coke t-shirt

GAP denim shorts

A denim midi skirt

Several gold accessories (A necklace & 4 bracelets)

A patent belt, 

A DKNY yellow tank

A set of Adidas sports bra and running shorts

Isn't it amazing how much I was able to scored? And guess what! I could still buy more within my budget!

I decided to choose the vintage t-shirt and denim shorts to create a boho-inspired look. Because it was hot like yesterday, I knotted the hem of the t-shirt so that it acts like a cropped top and allows my tammy to feel the breeze. I also rolled up and tacked the sleeves to turn it into a sleeveless top. Believe it or not, it gives a big change to keep cooler. Paring some major essential pieces of the boho style was the key and final touch for this look: a floppy brimmed hat, fringed cross-body bag, a dangling ear cuff, and a plenty of bracelets plus arm cuffs.

I hope you enjoyed how I styled my new items from Goodwill, and please check out

the new store in Capitol Hill

if you live around the area! Stay tuned for the future looks of how I mix up my other picks!

Stay cool, and enjoy your day!


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Feeling Spring in The City

Photographed by Michael Guidry

BLUE BRACELET: Charming Charlie


Hi LOVEs! Happy April <3

This week was April Fool's... Did you trick your friend somehow?? lol  It's so funny how I've seen every year on Facebook that at least one friend will change his/her status to be in a relationship and I totally believe it! And yes... I fell for an 'April Fool' lie again this year! :p

I am so glad that now we can enjoy the recent beautiful weather in Seattle! No more gloomy and rainy days! (not all the time of course! It's STILL Seattle...) You know, I am from Japan where there are  4 distict seasons, so experiencing the change of seasons really reminds me of Japan. Omg... I can't believe that it's been almost 5 years since I last went back to Japan. Around this time, the streets are filled with amazing blooms of cherry blossoms, and the scenery is just SPECTACULAR! I miss doing 'hanami' too (literal meaning in English is "flower viewing" - it's the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of cherry blossom with delicious food and drinks!)
The day I shot this outfit was a super lovely day... I could not stop dancing like a kid! It was so breathtaking how clear the azure sky was. I got this pastel yellow shorts suit within the last year, and the preasure of wearing a suit still continues this year. I shared a fall outfit featuring this suit with some layers. Now it's time to wear it alone!

I actually wore this look to a launch party, so I wanted to go for a dress-up style. I paired it with a black floral sheer top that could match these fabulous lace-up heels from Windsor! These heels are definitely must-haves for spring and summer to instantly add a big impact to your look.
When it came to choose some jewelry to finish the look, I chose a crystal necklace and transparent earrings to add extra sparkles!  I think they beautifully frame my face. I can't get enough of this black satchel bag that I took the strap off of to use as both hand bag and clutch! It's big enough to hold my long wallet and other necessities, yet it doesn't appear overly big. It's deceptively practical and just an awesome bag that you should have in your closet.

I am hoping to get another multi-piece suit soon this spring! <3
I am so excited to enjoy tonight at my FIRST EVER event in downtown Seattle! :)


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Tropical Print Dress

 Photographed by Robin Osgood

SUNNIES: Red Light Vintage and Costume


Hi LOVEly readers!
Sorry I haven't posted anything for a week! Recently everyday has been so hectic as I am going to perform flags at the Sea Fair held this Saturday! For the last month, I've been practicing for the event every weekend from the morning to the evening, so I have needed time to recover! But from next week, I will promise to update more often! :) 

Please wish me luck to perform well at the Sea Fair!!!!


I am completely obsessed with this tropical print dress! It's from Forever 21 and its price was surprisingly affordable! I am so glad to have it now because I had a hard time deciding whether to buy this or another awesome dress. Seriously...The pictures don't do it justice... I adore its beautiful print and colors... They are so flattering when the breeze  blows. More importantly, the texture is amazingly comfortable!
 I've never owned any tropical garments until I got this, and this amazing dress is definitely a perfect summer piece! I can wear it from day to night, changing accessories and jewelry. It really makes me want to go on a vacation and take a trip to somewhere tropical with this! haha

I paired it up with another great pair of black lace up heels (I am so in love with them!) and the retro-looking glasses to create an elegant chic accent to this very playful dress. Because the dress is very flattering and sways when blown, I didn't do anything to my hair. I want it to flutter in the wind as well. To complete the motif, I added some earrings that resemble sails of a boat, to also sway to the wind and add to the breezy look.

Hope you like/love my tropical themed look!
 Have a great TGIF! 

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