Checkered Blazer And Vintage Band Tee

Checkered Blazer And Vintage Band Tee

Rocking the H O T T E S T trend with a bit of vintage twist in my fave band tee. 

Top 10 Pretty Plaid Skirts

Top 10 Pretty Plaid Skirts

Mini skirts are definitely my staples in my closet over jeans! Brought this plaid skirt to my NYC trip. Sharing top 10 plaid skirts you'd love to add to your closet.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Because it's St. Patrick's Day!!!! Fun fact: I am a buddhist lol

Photographed by Teban S of

Asian Impressions

// Downtown Seattle

TOP: c/o Charlotte Russe (similar here)  //  CARDIGAN:Forever 21  //  PANTS: c/o Lemonade Clothes  //  SHOES: c/o Ami Clubwear  //  HAT: Target  //  BAG: c/o Lemonade Clothes  //  SUNNIES: c/o Wholesale Celebshades (Use promo code "shady15" for 15%off )


Hi LOVEs!!!

I guess I don't need to explain why I am sporting the color green today! Happy St. Patrick's Day! I actually wore this outfit a while ago with

a different coat

, so to be quite honest with you I didn't plan to wear this look as a  St. Patrick's Day outfit. But while I was doing photoshoot in downtown, a lady walking by us randomly told us "Wow, what a great outfit for St. Patrick's Day!" So this lady kinda convinced me to post this look today! haha

I actually have never worn a look that consists of a lot of green because I thought I'd never been able to pull the color off. But you know what? I love how it turned out! I got these awesome

green plaid leggings from

Lemonade Clothes

and decided to base everything around them. I like the contrast of green and white. It looks a bit edgy on one side, but the pussybow blouse gives a nice touch of femininity. I threw on a classic green cardigan for extra warmth and extra green hue to match with the leggings. I am so glad I opted for these yellow pumps as the finishing accent. It definitely helps make the green color pop, and yellow is always a great color to spice up your whole look! When I wore

this look with the coat

, I carried my

new fave backpack

, also from

Lemonade Clothes, 

on the back. But for this look I carry it differently and I love how it can be styled in a flattering way as a regular bag.

How do you guys celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Hope you enjoy my green ensemble!


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City Backpack

Introducing my cool new backpack on which all the major fashion cities across the globe are printed. 

Photographed by Teban S. of

Asian Impressions

// Downtown Seattle 

TOP: c/o Charlotte Russe (hasn't released yet, similar here )  //  PANTS: c/o Lemonade Clothes  //  COAT: Forever 21 (old, adore this)  //  SHOES: c/o Ami Clubwear  //  BAG: c/o Lemonade Clothes  //  HAT:Target  //  SUNGLASSES: c/o Wholesale Celebshades (Use promo code "shady15" for 15% off)


Hi LOVEs!!!!

 I just couldn't be happier with the super beautiful sunny days Seattle has enjoyed lately. It definitely makes me feel that spring is around the corner and can't wait to soak up the sun <3

Since the last season, backpacks have become major trend accessories, and they continue to grow in popularity year by year.  To be quite honest with you, I used to hate it. I thought it's kinda ugly to carry a backpack, but now a lot of brands like

Rebecca Minkoff

Michael Kors

, and

Stella McCartney 

are even joining the trend, and I like the "backpacks are the new purse" thing! They're not just for high school girls anymore. I am in love! So glad to finally get hands on

mine from

Lemonade Clothes

! I love that  backpacks can instantly add the back-to-school vibe and they are so practically fashionable! You can find any style from sleek and polished to casual and cool. The options are endless!

I definitely adore my

new backpack

! I think that these city prints are what this backpack makes really fun and unique. Whenever I open my bag, I see the city names, and it makes me wanna go back to my city (Tokyo) and travel to those major fashion capitals so badly!! Such a tempting bag! lol

My look is totally inspired by all the cities printed in the backpack. You see a dose of the inspiration from each piece I am wearing, don't you? I like how the look gives a different image from the front and the back. I styled my new pussybow blouse with

green plaid leggings

, but kept it sophisticated by wearing a leather sleeved coat and black shades courtesy of

Wholesale Celebshades


Use promo code "


" for 15% off!!

) .  I added a beanie for extra warmth, and it was such the right choice to complete my look with a pair of yellow pumps! Always fun to add a pop of color!

Have an amazing Tuesday, cuties! 


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Plaid Mix

Photographed by

Tadashi Kayo


Olympic Sculpture Park

TOP :: Old Navy Coat (old, similar here & here), Forever 21 sweater


SHOES :: ASOS (similar here & here)

ACCESSORIES :: ASOS tights, Urban Outfitters socks, Forever 21 rings & earrings, Romwe hat, Suspenders from Japan (similar here), AVEDA lip glaze 


Hi LOVEs!!!! 

Hope your new week kicked off well! I was feeling under the weather yesterday, so mine started not as I expected staying at home whole day, but that helped me charge up a lot to go through this crazy busy week!

I think you know me now that my style is very unique and versatile influenced by American culture and Japanese culture where I am originally from. And my style goal is to pull off any kind of outfits from grunge and rock to chic and feminine. Since my hair is silver now, I wanted to take advantage of it to go for a grunge look again, which I haven't dressed up for a long time! I wore this look as my #OOTN for going out with my friends, but I realized it definitely works for a day look!

Plaid items are always perfect to create a grunge/rock style and can't get enough of how they can instantly add a pop of color to the look! Luckily I had this super lovely plaid peacoat! It's old but I can't get rid of this old cute number! So I created this look around it. I am a kind of girl who wears shorts during winter. Yes, some people probably call me crazy. Yet if you layer with tights and over the knee socks, you rock on! To emphasize the vibe, I purposely put on a suspender hanging down and paired with chunky platform shoes with lots of silver jewelry! I picked

wide brimmed hat recently got from



dark toned red lip glaze from


as my finishing touch!

Do you like grunge looks?

Have a wonderful day beauties! ♥  


Thank you for reading!!!!


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Go Casual, Will Work For Clothes!

Photographed by

Marcus Annable

// Kerry Park

TOP :: c/o Qtee

JACKET :: H&M (old, similar here & here)

SHORTS :: TOPSHOP (old, similar here)

SHIRT :: Urban Outfitters (similar here)

BOOTS :: c/o LeBunny Bleu

BAG :: Forever 21

ACCESSORIES :: ASOS beanie, Forever 21 sunglasses & knee high socks, c/o Charlotte Russe Necklaces, Nordstrom Rack tights


Hi LOVEs! Happy Friday!

You've probably noticed as you were scrolling the pictures above that today I went with a super casual look because I wanted to showcase

the motto tee


comfy boots

that I've recently added to my closet!

Let's talk about the motto tee first. How cool is the quote - "Will Work For Clothes" ?!?! Right after I spotted this tee on


, I felt like I needed to get it ASAP because it made me feel as if it belonged to me lol  Of course I work hard for a lot of reasons, just like everyone else. Sometimes simply to survive, or to make a better living, or to achieve goals, etc... The reasons could be endless. But then when I saw these words, I realized that yes, I do work for clothes sometimes! I laughed at myself for a second; it's kind of ridiculous and funny at the same time. Needless to say, whenever a friend  saw my tee, they kind of smiled at me and gave me the same comment: "Omg... that's totally you!" I just can't get enough of their reactions, and it always made me feel glad that I got this tee for myself! 

Qtee offers a great selection of awesome, flattering t-shirts from a simple word print to a killer artsy graphic. You have full control to make your own t-shirt using your creativity! I love their belief: "Our shirts are as unique as each girl's individual closet, and that's how fashion should be."  With Christmas coming up, it's a great gift for your girls, sisters, or even your mom because now Qtee also carry shoes, hats, bags, and even underwear! You can get a discount using the coupon code "QTA15," so don't forget to use it!

Onto the subject of my boots, I've mentioned a ton of times that I am a total freak about  C R A Z Y & H O T heels... I can't live without them....Unfortunately my feet can't bear being in them for 24/7. That's why I always keep my eye out for a pair of shoes that are still functionally stylish and snug. Well, thanks to

LeBunny Bleu

, I am thrilled with

my new boots

that are totally made for walking! I adore the color, lace-up details, and the faux fur on the inside of the boots to maintain body heat. There are NOT so many boots out there with such functional materiel included inside! They are my go-to boots for my "day-off," especially when it's rainy and freezing outside!

It was very easy to achieve this casual look. I paired the shirt with denim shorts with sheer tights and I wore my knee-high socks to have double layers of insulation for my feet. I threw a brown faux leather jacket on to match with these boots, and topped it off with a beanie, as usual. Adding a plaid shirt tied around my waist gave a look more fun and playful! Glad I did it as a finishing effect!

I am curious to know how you would style the shirt and boots in a casual way!

Wising you a wonderful weekend ahead! 


Thank you for reading!!!!


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Scarf Season

Photographed by

James Chrosniak

// Pike Place Market

SCARF :: GAP (old, Similar Here)


 SKIRT :: Bliss, a local boutique (Option Here,Here, and Here)

BOOTIES :: Steve Madden

BAG :: Rebecca Minkoff 


EARRINGS & WATCH :: Charming Charlie

RINGS :: H&M, Forever 21, ALDO


Hi LOVEs! Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Did you have a good one? I actually had a lot of fun things going on for  my weekend! I kicked off the weekend on Saturday by attending my first blogger brunch event at MOTIF in Downtown, I met and connected with several lovely fellow local bloggers, and went home with a super sweet swag bag filled with an ELLE magazine, beauty goodies and testers, and a flawless snakeskin printed clutch bag!! I spent my Sunday with my bestie getting some yummy sushi, doing a little shopping Downtown, and we ended our day enjoying some FroYo! He's been like my brother ever since I first came here to attend school. It is always so refreshing to catch up with old friends who feel like family. It is especially important to me since my own family and good friends are far away (in Japan), so this time spent together was more than simply an enjoyable time! It was crazy busy last week, so I was so happy to recharge and prepare for another busy week! (I hope it won't be as busy as last week, though!)

As much as I am a huge lover of hats and shoes, I am a big collector of scarves! When we welcome fall and winter, it's so crucial to be able to dress cozy while remaining stylish! Scarves are one of the key essentials to help you easily achieve that goal. Sometimes they even turn out to be a statement piece for your outfit! There are tons of options in varying colors, designs, and fabrics! One day I would love to go shopping just to find a few perfect scarves for the season! It would be so much fun!

I think a lot of people tend to go for darker colors as the temperature is dropping, and so do I! But dark colors can be subdued and muted, so I always find myself adding sass with a bit of color! After I dressed in some of my favorite black pieces from my closet, I complimented the look by adding a plaid scarf for a pop of color and playfulness! I really love how the scarf is so versatile in styling and how each one looks slightly different from another. You might be seeing a lot more of me rocking all-black ensembles with different types of scarves! haha

I hope you like today's look!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


Thank you for reading!!!!


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Dark Plaid Grunge

FEDORA (similar here): Free People

PLAID CHECK SHIRT (similar here): Forever 21


ZOE BOOT: Sam Edelman via NastyGal



EARRINGS: Urban Outfitters

ACCESSORIES: H&M, Forever 21


Hi my LOVEly readers! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! My last week was pretty busy but really satisfying with launch/reception parties, photoshooting, and some work! ( My Sundays are typically a work day! ) The weather over the weekends was really killer as well! I love doing a photoshoot on such A M A Z I N G sunny day! 

My current obession centers on GRUNGE and PLAID trends! What an cool and bold trend, isn't it? Purple is one of my favorite colors in addition to red, and I've had this flannel oversized shirt from Forever 21 for years. I am glad I've kept it around! I wanted to add an 90's touch, so I paired it up with a wide brimmed fedora and high-waist shorts. Layering triple necklaces plus over-accessorizing clearly adds a distinctive effect to the look, and I buttoned the shirt only partway to showcase the lacy bralet and add a seductive tone to the outfit as well. Finally, I had to add my ZOE boots to create a touch of wild!  They are amazingly fabulous and always give an extra playful touch to my look because of their eye-catchy designs!

This whole look is also about the makeup. I finally got this dark purple lip stick at MAC, which color is definitely a must-have this year to easily achieve a grunge look. I picked

MAC Satin Cyber

. I totally adore the color, even though I was sort of afraid whether the color would look good on me or not... However, any doubt was gone right after I applied it to tryout! I am so flattered to have the color now! This fall I really wanna try other colors as well! :) What color should I go for?

I hope you like/love my first grunge look and make up!!!!!


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