A Chilly Change-up

It's all about a casual vibe today!
Photographed by Michelle Lock  //  Ballard

TOP: Aritzia ( Adore MINKPINK, Free People, H&M)
JEANS: c/o Ami Clubwear (Similar Forever 21MissguidedTOPSHOP)
CARDIGAN: Nordstrom
SHOES: TOPSHOP (old, option Steve Madden, Jeffrey Campbell)
BAG: c/o Lemonade Clothes 
READERS: Forever 21 
NECKLACE: Rebecca Minkoff 


Lately, the temperature has dropped in Seattle, and I have no idea why. It feels like we are in a fall mood already. It's kinda good, though, to have a chilly weather. Yet I definitely miss the bright sunshine and hot summer days! I hope that the warm weather will come back soon because I haven't checked off everything on my summer to-do list yet!

Because we have these summer chilly days, it's perfect to share a casual look that I haven't had a chance to show you guys! Did you remember when I styled this crop top and these high waisted jeans in a more chic way a while ago? (You can CHECK it here!) I decided to wear them differently to give some idea of how you can maximize your wardrobe by just switching up the items you already have in your closet!

Instead of a denim jacket, I threw on a long, lose-fit carding and changed the heels to flat oxford shoes.  I added a backpack for the one of the ultimate must have items when dressing down. I love wearing fake glasses as an alternative to a pair of sunnies because it is a fun way to spice up your casual look! Because I can't live without heels, ( crazy sky-high ones of course!) I don't wear casual outfits that often, but I do love this ensemble! I feel like I have to push myself more to rock the style! What do you think guys? Yay or Nay?

Stay strong! It's almost FriYAY! Have a productive day, cuties! ♥ 


Thank you for reading!!!!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Because it's St. Patrick's Day!!!! Fun fact: I am a buddhist lol

Photographed by Teban S of

Asian Impressions

// Downtown Seattle

TOP: c/o Charlotte Russe (similar here)  //  CARDIGAN:Forever 21  //  PANTS: c/o Lemonade Clothes  //  SHOES: c/o Ami Clubwear  //  HAT: Target  //  BAG: c/o Lemonade Clothes  //  SUNNIES: c/o Wholesale Celebshades (Use promo code "shady15" for 15%off )


Hi LOVEs!!!

I guess I don't need to explain why I am sporting the color green today! Happy St. Patrick's Day! I actually wore this outfit a while ago with

a different coat

, so to be quite honest with you I didn't plan to wear this look as a  St. Patrick's Day outfit. But while I was doing photoshoot in downtown, a lady walking by us randomly told us "Wow, what a great outfit for St. Patrick's Day!" So this lady kinda convinced me to post this look today! haha

I actually have never worn a look that consists of a lot of green because I thought I'd never been able to pull the color off. But you know what? I love how it turned out! I got these awesome

green plaid leggings from

Lemonade Clothes

and decided to base everything around them. I like the contrast of green and white. It looks a bit edgy on one side, but the pussybow blouse gives a nice touch of femininity. I threw on a classic green cardigan for extra warmth and extra green hue to match with the leggings. I am so glad I opted for these yellow pumps as the finishing accent. It definitely helps make the green color pop, and yellow is always a great color to spice up your whole look! When I wore

this look with the coat

, I carried my

new fave backpack

, also from

Lemonade Clothes, 

on the back. But for this look I carry it differently and I love how it can be styled in a flattering way as a regular bag.

How do you guys celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Hope you enjoy my green ensemble!


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City Backpack

Introducing my cool new backpack on which all the major fashion cities across the globe are printed. 

Photographed by Teban S. of

Asian Impressions

// Downtown Seattle 

TOP: c/o Charlotte Russe (hasn't released yet, similar here )  //  PANTS: c/o Lemonade Clothes  //  COAT: Forever 21 (old, adore this)  //  SHOES: c/o Ami Clubwear  //  BAG: c/o Lemonade Clothes  //  HAT:Target  //  SUNGLASSES: c/o Wholesale Celebshades (Use promo code "shady15" for 15% off)


Hi LOVEs!!!!

 I just couldn't be happier with the super beautiful sunny days Seattle has enjoyed lately. It definitely makes me feel that spring is around the corner and can't wait to soak up the sun <3

Since the last season, backpacks have become major trend accessories, and they continue to grow in popularity year by year.  To be quite honest with you, I used to hate it. I thought it's kinda ugly to carry a backpack, but now a lot of brands like

Rebecca Minkoff

Michael Kors

, and

Stella McCartney 

are even joining the trend, and I like the "backpacks are the new purse" thing! They're not just for high school girls anymore. I am in love! So glad to finally get hands on

mine from

Lemonade Clothes

! I love that  backpacks can instantly add the back-to-school vibe and they are so practically fashionable! You can find any style from sleek and polished to casual and cool. The options are endless!

I definitely adore my

new backpack

! I think that these city prints are what this backpack makes really fun and unique. Whenever I open my bag, I see the city names, and it makes me wanna go back to my city (Tokyo) and travel to those major fashion capitals so badly!! Such a tempting bag! lol

My look is totally inspired by all the cities printed in the backpack. You see a dose of the inspiration from each piece I am wearing, don't you? I like how the look gives a different image from the front and the back. I styled my new pussybow blouse with

green plaid leggings

, but kept it sophisticated by wearing a leather sleeved coat and black shades courtesy of

Wholesale Celebshades


Use promo code "


" for 15% off!!

) .  I added a beanie for extra warmth, and it was such the right choice to complete my look with a pair of yellow pumps! Always fun to add a pop of color!

Have an amazing Tuesday, cuties! 


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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Photographed by Eric Paguio

LACE SLEEVE TOP & LEATHER JOG SHORTS: Thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
BACKPACK: Borrowed from my friend (brand: VICTORINOX)
EARRINGS: Charlotte Russe
RINGS: H&M, ALDO, Urban Outfitters


Hi LOVEs!!!
In past interview about me and my fashion,  the first few question I was always asked were 'how would you describe your style?' and 'what is your fashion/style inspiration?" I would quickly answer these questions with: "my style is "diverse and versatile." Ever since fashion became party of my life, I have been inspired by the variety around me.
Of course, I receive the most inspiration from the environments that I live in. Japan is a world innovator in fashion, with tons of independent and home-grown styles seen on the streets of Tokyo, as you may be aware... Although I didn't dress in all of these styles, I used to check our many of the fashion magazines and became familiar with the specifically features the particular fashion styles. Some were really crazy to me and not quite my style, but I still studied from  for inspiration. Then, I came to America, which is considered to contain one of the most diverse populations in the world. The fashions of so many cultures come together here in America. I believe my fashion is heavily inspired by both American and Japanese cultures, and so crating my own individualized look from these two influences has become my signature style.

With that in mind, unlike the previous post, today's outfit is totally different, isn't it? Once in a while, I love dressing up in a style inspired by Punks, Club Kids, and Street fashion. I got my inspiration from a Boy London style to achieve today's outfit featuring Dress To Kill Miami. I was ecstatic that they asked to work with me because they carry the styles that I love. In this outfit, I am wearing their Girls Just Wanna Have Fun tee & Lonton Trash Ceres Zebra Calfhair Heels. No doubt these instantly became my favorite pieces. I normally wear size Small, but I picked Medium to wear it oversized. Even still, it fits me just right!!! No explanation is needed for these kick-ass shoes. They are now the tallest and craziest shoes I have in my closet! lol I am a big shoe fan, and I am especially crazy about platforms. The elastic bands across the top of my foot (or vamp) give the right amount of sex appeal, too!

If you keep an eye on what is trending, then you know what the next big hit will be this spring and summer, right? Yes, SPORTY!!!! A handful of spring collections on runways channeled a SPORTIF touch fused by modern fashion, and I can't simply ignore the trends. It's too cool not to try it and super easy to achieve!!! So I went with these leather jog shorts and a men's backpack and accessorized in a studded gray beanie by Shop Chic Stud LA and gold accessories. Wearing the white lace sleeve top underneath of the T-shirt completely topped off the look and is great way to add that touch of femininity that can sometimes be lacking in street fashion.

So why not try your own hand at styling it up?
You can shop the T-shirt and zebra heels as well as other awesome pieces at Dress To Kill Miami with 10% off any order over $75 using the code "BABEAIKA"! Don't miss this special offer!

I hope you all have a lovely day! 


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