Go Casual, Will Work For Clothes!

Photographed by

Marcus Annable

// Kerry Park

TOP :: c/o Qtee

JACKET :: H&M (old, similar here & here)

SHORTS :: TOPSHOP (old, similar here)

SHIRT :: Urban Outfitters (similar here)

BOOTS :: c/o LeBunny Bleu

BAG :: Forever 21

ACCESSORIES :: ASOS beanie, Forever 21 sunglasses & knee high socks, c/o Charlotte Russe Necklaces, Nordstrom Rack tights


Hi LOVEs! Happy Friday!

You've probably noticed as you were scrolling the pictures above that today I went with a super casual look because I wanted to showcase

the motto tee


comfy boots

that I've recently added to my closet!

Let's talk about the motto tee first. How cool is the quote - "Will Work For Clothes" ?!?! Right after I spotted this tee on


, I felt like I needed to get it ASAP because it made me feel as if it belonged to me lol  Of course I work hard for a lot of reasons, just like everyone else. Sometimes simply to survive, or to make a better living, or to achieve goals, etc... The reasons could be endless. But then when I saw these words, I realized that yes, I do work for clothes sometimes! I laughed at myself for a second; it's kind of ridiculous and funny at the same time. Needless to say, whenever a friend  saw my tee, they kind of smiled at me and gave me the same comment: "Omg... that's totally you!" I just can't get enough of their reactions, and it always made me feel glad that I got this tee for myself! 

Qtee offers a great selection of awesome, flattering t-shirts from a simple word print to a killer artsy graphic. You have full control to make your own t-shirt using your creativity! I love their belief: "Our shirts are as unique as each girl's individual closet, and that's how fashion should be."  With Christmas coming up, it's a great gift for your girls, sisters, or even your mom because now Qtee also carry shoes, hats, bags, and even underwear! You can get a discount using the coupon code "QTA15," so don't forget to use it!

Onto the subject of my boots, I've mentioned a ton of times that I am a total freak about  C R A Z Y & H O T heels... I can't live without them....Unfortunately my feet can't bear being in them for 24/7. That's why I always keep my eye out for a pair of shoes that are still functionally stylish and snug. Well, thanks to

LeBunny Bleu

, I am thrilled with

my new boots

that are totally made for walking! I adore the color, lace-up details, and the faux fur on the inside of the boots to maintain body heat. There are NOT so many boots out there with such functional materiel included inside! They are my go-to boots for my "day-off," especially when it's rainy and freezing outside!

It was very easy to achieve this casual look. I paired the shirt with denim shorts with sheer tights and I wore my knee-high socks to have double layers of insulation for my feet. I threw a brown faux leather jacket on to match with these boots, and topped it off with a beanie, as usual. Adding a plaid shirt tied around my waist gave a look more fun and playful! Glad I did it as a finishing effect!

I am curious to know how you would style the shirt and boots in a casual way!

Wising you a wonderful weekend ahead! 


Thank you for reading!!!!


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Call of Your Wildness

Photographed by Enrique Espinoza // Downtown Seattle

LEOPARD SLIP DRESS & FEDORA (Similar Here or Here): Forever 21

BIKER LEATHER PANTS (Similar Here): Isabel Marant pour H&M

FUR CLUTCH: c/o Pink Basis


STRAP HEELS: c/o Dress To Kill Miami

BIKER JACKET (Similar Here or Here): From Japan



Hi LOVEs!!!
This is another set of photoshooting I did with Enrique, a Cali photographer, back in August. In the previous post, I shared with you the first one wearing my favorite leopard slip dress from Forever 21. I hope you enjoyed it!  I was very fascinated with how versatile this dress actually is, and I am so excited to show you the completely different way of its styling today!

First of all, I really love this night time setting that can totally go with the vibe this look creates. Edginess, secret, dark side, and wildness. I believe there is more than that. I always love photoshooting at night especially when I am wearing something more of edgy and grunge just because it emphasizes the look. I am very pleased we ended up shooting this look when the sun went down.

I'd been looking for a perfect leopard top for years and didn't realize until now that I didn't need to own an actual top if there is an alternative piece. Save less, style more! To my surprise, the slip dress is successfully turned into a leopard flawless top, and it doesn't look awkward at all.  Even though this ensemble seems very appropriate for summer, it still be wearable for fall when you switch to a chunky knit cardigan and a pair of fall boots, or even adding other fall items such as a scarf.
But this time, I styled it up with staple leather pieces which are always sublime to instantly create an edgier look and with my favorite fall essential, a felt fedora.
Can I talk about a bit of that? If you love a fedora as much as I do, I recommend the way I styled my hair. It's super easy yet tasteful. First, slightly curl your hair including your side bang. Second, make a lower pony tail covering the hair tie with a smattering of the hair around it. Finally, put your favorite fedora on and adjust the pony tail if needed. Very easy, isn't it?

I hope you enjoy all three looks I created with this lovely yet versatile leopard slip dress, and tell me which one you like the most on the comment below!
Enjoy your weekend, beauties! 


Thank you for reading!!!!

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A Splash of Lemon Shade

 Photographed by Justin Swain

JEANS (similar HERE): Free People


Hi LOVEs! How has your weekend been? I hope it's not as crazy as mine! <3
I spent my whole Saturday helping out with a friend's photoshoot -- and I was the stylist! This was a new opportunity for me! For a long time I have wanted to do styling, but I really didn't have a chance until yesterday. When he asked me to help, I was hesitant to take the opportunity, but I am glad I did! Even though I am confident about my styling, I was still worried about how well I could do as a stylist... In the end, I totally enjoyed working with the crew and had so much fun styling the model!! I can't wait to see the final results and share the photos with you guys! I snapped some BTS shots and posted on my Instagram, so take a look if you are interested! :)

When ZARA finally launched in Seattle about a month ago, I just HAD to go to the launch party to check them out! Oh my goodness... It was super crazy busy at the entire store! Still, I had a nice shopping time and snagged some great pieces, which I am wearing for today's outfit!
This beautiful pastel yellow with floral printed sweatshirt caught my eyes right away, as if it was calling me far from distance! It's definitely an ACNE sweatshirt inspired top that I'd been looking for and is also easy on my wallet. I get so many compliments every time I wear it! :) You can't ignore the pastel color trend right now, and I am obsessed with this beautiful light yellow color. Isn't it so pretty?? I really love how versatile this top is. There are so many ways to rock it. Not just wearing as a top or dress; you can also layer up. 

For today's look, I wore it as a dress top pairing with light blue jeans. Since I didn't want to cover the amazing floral prints, I decided not to wear anything over it and wore fur collar scarf to keep warm from the chilly spring breeze. I threw on a fedora and a pair of leather ankle boots to add a touch of coolness. The white clutch with an awesome fashion-related quote is also from ZARA and compliments the look perfectly. White is such a great color right now for transitioning dark colors to bright colors. Also, adding a white color can instantly change the whole look into a fresh and spring-appropriate ensemble. So if your outfit appears to be dull or you think it is not bright enough for a spring look, you just need to switch an item to white or add anything crisp! Then you will look 'springly' FAB!!!!

Happy Sunday lovers! 


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Thank you for reading!!!!


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Photographed by Eric Paguio

LACE SLEEVE TOP & LEATHER JOG SHORTS: Thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
BACKPACK: Borrowed from my friend (brand: VICTORINOX)
EARRINGS: Charlotte Russe
RINGS: H&M, ALDO, Urban Outfitters
'LOVE' BRACELET: JustFab.com


Hi LOVEs!!!
In past interview about me and my fashion,  the first few question I was always asked were 'how would you describe your style?' and 'what is your fashion/style inspiration?" I would quickly answer these questions with: "my style is "diverse and versatile." Ever since fashion became party of my life, I have been inspired by the variety around me.
Of course, I receive the most inspiration from the environments that I live in. Japan is a world innovator in fashion, with tons of independent and home-grown styles seen on the streets of Tokyo, as you may be aware... Although I didn't dress in all of these styles, I used to check our many of the fashion magazines and became familiar with the specifically features the particular fashion styles. Some were really crazy to me and not quite my style, but I still studied from  for inspiration. Then, I came to America, which is considered to contain one of the most diverse populations in the world. The fashions of so many cultures come together here in America. I believe my fashion is heavily inspired by both American and Japanese cultures, and so crating my own individualized look from these two influences has become my signature style.

With that in mind, unlike the previous post, today's outfit is totally different, isn't it? Once in a while, I love dressing up in a style inspired by Punks, Club Kids, and Street fashion. I got my inspiration from a Boy London style to achieve today's outfit featuring Dress To Kill Miami. I was ecstatic that they asked to work with me because they carry the styles that I love. In this outfit, I am wearing their Girls Just Wanna Have Fun tee & Lonton Trash Ceres Zebra Calfhair Heels. No doubt these instantly became my favorite pieces. I normally wear size Small, but I picked Medium to wear it oversized. Even still, it fits me just right!!! No explanation is needed for these kick-ass shoes. They are now the tallest and craziest shoes I have in my closet! lol I am a big shoe fan, and I am especially crazy about platforms. The elastic bands across the top of my foot (or vamp) give the right amount of sex appeal, too!

If you keep an eye on what is trending, then you know what the next big hit will be this spring and summer, right? Yes, SPORTY!!!! A handful of spring collections on runways channeled a SPORTIF touch fused by modern fashion, and I can't simply ignore the trends. It's too cool not to try it and super easy to achieve!!! So I went with these leather jog shorts and a men's backpack and accessorized in a studded gray beanie by Shop Chic Stud LA and gold accessories. Wearing the white lace sleeve top underneath of the T-shirt completely topped off the look and is great way to add that touch of femininity that can sometimes be lacking in street fashion.

So why not try your own hand at styling it up?
You can shop the T-shirt and zebra heels as well as other awesome pieces at Dress To Kill Miami with 10% off any order over $75 using the code "BABEAIKA"! Don't miss this special offer!

I hope you all have a lovely day! 


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Thank you for reading!!!!


Gray Matter

Photographed by Eric Paguio 



Hi LOVEs! Happy Monday <3 
How was your weekend? In Seattle, we have been having super nice weather for the last several days and it's been amazingly beautiful, especially when the sun sets. Also we Seattleites are all still super-hyped about the recent Seahawks win against the 49ers that has us headed to Super Bowl!!!! :)
My weekend was pretty nice, too! I had a great day at work, and my friend came over to my place. Our time together was both encouraging and inspiring for both of us. You know, girl talk always helps to cheer me up and get a load off my chest. 
Oh by the way...I can't believe that January is almost over!!  I gotta get those winter styles in before it turns to spring!

How do you feel about wearing an all-gray outfit? To me.... HECK YES!!! If you know me well or have followed me for a long time, you know that I loooooooooove wearing colors!!!! So you might not have guessed that I would got for an outfit that didn't feature lots of bright colors. In fact, I don't think I had ever tried out an all-monotone look before today's outfit. But I must say that it works!
Now, the color of gray isn't a color you might associate with "impact", but it is essential to have some gray basics in your wardrobe such as a sweater, coat, blazer, trousers, hats, or even shoes! If you incorporate it into your outfits you can effortlessly create classic and sophisticated looks. You can even update your outfits by adding a touch of gray, as well! I believe that you've seen tons of fashionistas/fashionistos in the world wearing grays throughout the last year, and they fashionably manged to style them! I was completely fascinated and inspired by how well they dressed in grays, and I really wanted to add the color to my ensemble. Boom! Here is what I have achieved!!

I can't help but saying I love this look so much! I put it together with basic items. However, the whole outfit shows the power of gray! This awesome long knit jacket from NOWiSTYLE is one of my favorites this season! It's incredibly warm and so trendy!! Due to my short height, I am kind of hesitant to wear long-length clothes, but this is a total exception! You know what I meant?! I completed the look pairing these Charlotte Russe spiked lace-up booties (These are crazy, aren't they?), ebay a fringed leather bag, and H&M mirror aviator sunglasses to give a touch of that 'rock star' vibe.. 
The monochromatic looks are still going strong in 2014; I can't wait to rock them in my spring looks! In addition to that, I am completely excited to buy some pastel clothes and accessories to prepare for spring and combining them with gray! I already know what to purchase! hehe 

Have a great week sweeties! ♥


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Thank you for reading!!!!


My Favorite Mickey Cropped Sweater

  Photographed by Aiyana Yuki

BAG: Steve Madden
BLACK TIGHTS: Nordstrom Rack
GOLD BUCKLE BELT: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co.


Hi LOVEs!!!! When you were a little kid, where was the funnest place in the world for you? The zoo? An amusement park? Perhaps an aquarium? I think many of you would agree with me when I say that for me it was 'Disney Land'!!!! Unfortunately, I didn't have many chances to go there whether young or old, but even still Mickey is one of my all-time favorite characters, and he is popular around the world!

On a recent trip to Forever 21, I was super duper happy because I finally, FINALLY found the ideal and cutest Mickey sweater I had been looking for! This sweater has become my best holiday sweater yet, and the print with its variety of Mickey  faces is really what makes this sweater!!!! It's not too kiddy, but pretty enough to catch the eyes. For winter, you need a statement sweater, and this sweater should no doubt be ranked in.

I paired it with my new camel round skirt c/o NOWiSTYLE and then slipped on my TOPSHOP pink gold heels to emphasize my girly theme. Whenever I want to go for a feminine style, I have a tendency to style up with a beret ( I have more than 5!!!!) just like today's post. If you don't have a time to style your hair,  throwing a beret hat only takes a few seconds to give your look a smattering of sophistication! When it's a little cold for just a sweater alone, I like to throw on this tartan check peacoat. Anytime I want to add a bit of color to brighten my look, some colored outwear is the perfect item for the solution.

So...do you have any Mickey motif items?
Happy Monday ♥


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Thank you for reading!!!!


Galaxy and Patent Leather

BRACELETS: Forever 21, H&M
MINI BAG: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target


It's been forever since I last wore an ALL BLACK outfit, but it always ends up with me loving it so much! If you follow me on my Instagram, you may have noticed that lately I am super obsessed with pencil skirts, so I bought this patent-front slip pencil skirt from ASOS a week ago or so. My size was sold out but I got it anyway... And I am soooo in love with it, and I managed to wear it even though it's a bit big on me!! <3

When I tried the skirt on, immediately the idea of this outfit came to mind.
Since the skirt brand is River Island, I styled it up with a River Island crop top as well. Then, I mixed it in gold accessories because the combination of black and gold is always a perfect match. I intentionally paired my necklace with my pumps because they both have cool leopard details! It's hard to see, but the watch has leopard details, too!

Recently Seattle's weather has changed into chilly fall weather, so I layered the outfit with this AWESOME galaxy bomber jacket I picked up from H&M last year. This jacket can make a statement all by itself, and I like how it adds some pizazz to the ensemble.

Although it is not like summer anymore, I always love having sunglasses in my purse. Putting on a pair of sunglasses is akin to wearing earrings and necklaces; I feel like it completes the outfit by adding them. So whenever I happen upon some awesome sunglasses that really catch my eye, I can't resist buying them. These round glasses from ALDO are one of my current favorites!!!

Also, perhaps you've noticed this cute mini cross-body bag on womens' arms around town? It's from "3.1 phillip Lim for Target" collection! I was super lucky to get this because it was the last one when I bought it! I am really glad to have it now because it can adapt to any kind of style! Come to think of it, I've been using this bag several days in a row now! haha  What piece did you guys get from the collection?

Hope you like/love today's look and consider it as a suggestion of how you can style up a pencil skirt! <3 


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Feeling girly...

HEAD BAND: American Apparel  |  TOP, CHAINED NECKLACE, SQUARE BRACELET: Forever 21  |  BROWN LEATHER SKIRT: Abercrombie & Fittch  |  DOTTED SOCKS: ASOS  |  NEON PINK WEDGES: UrbanOG  |  WATCH: Gifted  |  EARRINGS, BRACELETS: Charlotte Russe  |  BAG: IORI (Japanese Brand)  |  SUNNIES: Free People

Since I've been wearing pants and shorts quite a lot lately, I was in a strong mood for wearing a skit. So I pull my favorite leather skirt off from the closet because I am aware that LEATHER pieces are in vogue this season!! As well as the feeling of wearing the skirt, I wanted to make a girly look, so I put on the dotted socks and the neon pink wedges to style up the look, adding an extra girly taste with the burgundy head band. 
However, I really love how the outfit doesn't look TOO girly because of the silver chained necklace and  the black inverted triangle earrings. When you are in a girly mood, How do you dress up? :D

Let me speak of the wedges a bit. Ever since I've worn those lovely pair of shoes, I've got tons of compliments just as I was walking and have asked where I got them from. I bought them at UrbanOG and they have really affordable and stylish fashion items. I just checked if the wedges are still available and guess what? They ARE!!! and even discounted which is only $15!!!! Unfortunately they have only 6.5 in pink and 6 & 6.5 in lime/yellow... :(  BUT!!! if you can fit in those sizes, don't miss this out because I know you will like them as much as I do!!!!!

♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆ ♥   STAY FASHIONABLE!!!! ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ 

Thank you for reading!!!!


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