70's Jumpsuit

Feeling awesome to finally get back to the grind and writing a new post in my new room! 

Photographed by

Marcus Annable

 //  Alki Beach 

JUMPSUIT: Forever 21 (sold out, adore this, this or this)  //  CARDIGAN: BB Dakota  //  HAT: ASOS  //  CLUTCH: Gifted (similar here or here)  //  NECKLACE: Rebecca Minkoff  //  EARRINGS: JJ Caprices  (use AIKASLOVECLOSET for 15% off of your order)  //  RINGS: Forever 21, Fresh Tangerine



I have no idea where to start, but I am feeling freaking amazing to fully recover from

the incident

and settle in to a new place!! My room wasn't furnished so I went to furniture shopping at IKEA last Friday and got my hands on a lot of stuff.  A bunch of lights (because my room is in the basement), candles, clocks, storage goodies, and.... BED! When I first moved in here, I was bedless. I had no choice to sleep on the floor without a mattress - just a few blankets in place of it. It was kinda of nightmare, and I actually had super weird dreams a few nights in a row! So I am totally excited to sleep in my cute, white fluffy bed now!! Ever since my childhood, I've always dreamed of having a canopy because why not? It's adorable and makes a bed much cuter! And guess what? That dream came true!!! My landlord is so nice that I can decorate however I want to. My new roommate just painted his wall from white to orange. I can't wait to DIY my new house! Hopefully I will have a chance to peek my new room/house for you guys soon!

When I found this awesome jumpsuit at

Forever 21

online, I once neglected to buy it because I didn't know how good it would look on me. Then, a few days later, when I went to their store with my friend, I found it and she pushed me to try it on. Immediately, I fell in love with it!!! Although I had to tailor the hems, this jumpsuit is perfect to me! I have a long torso and short legs, which always make me hard to find a flattering jumpsuit. So actually this is my first time owning it! I definitely love the 70's inspired print with a blue color accent. I am generally not very comfortable wearing a piece that widely opens around my chest due to small breasts. But this jumpsuit solves the problem and gives me an even better look.

I decided to layer it with an oversized cardigan and my all-time favorite

camel hat

. I tend to glam up by wearing stacking bracelets as the weather gets warmer and the skin is shown. It's fun to mix and match with what you have already and new accessories. Plus, the outfit never looks so plain. I've been in love with my new

"Jewel Box" Y-neckalce from

Rebecca Minkoff

. It's not a bold statement piece, but it's definitely something you can wear on daily basis from day to night.

What's your favorite spring/summer piece lately?

Happy Tuesday 


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Make It Simple, But significant

Black and white. "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication."

Photographed by James Chrosniak  //  Downtown Bellevue 

TOP: c/o 1.State (similar here)  //  PANTS: ZARA  //  JACKET: c/o 1.State (similar here or here)  //  SHOES: ZARA  //  CLUTCH: Gifted (similar here or here)  //  SUNNIES: Celine  //  NECKLACE & EARRINGS: Forever 21  //  LIPSTICK: NARS - Sandra


Hi LOVEs!!!!
 I hope you are all well! For the last few days, I've been feeling a bit discouraged because of sickness, and it's super hard to keep positive and get energized... Ugh I hate this kind of feeling </3 How do you guys beat the feeling when you are in a bad condition?

Sometimes, I really love playing with simple ensembles - just plain black and white. And I totally believe that you never go wrong with simplicity. To me, hair style is one of the significant parts of my style. I don't want to stick with single style. If you have followed me longer enough, you've seen me changing the color countless times for the past several years... and I've mentioned a couple of times already that it really affects how I want to style myself. Because I have this cool lavender ombre hair, going for black & white look is even more fun. It highlights my hair color so much.

I created the look with what I already had except my clutch. Adore the top with a sporty vibe paired with side zipped black skinny pants for a chic and sophisticated touch. Wearing a lightweight soft jacket definitely helps to refine your spring/summer look, and it is also a great way to layer up for a little chiller weather.  I love how this white biker jacket polished the look even more. I decided to finish the look with my new mirror embroidery clutch that I was gifted. This clutch instantly adds a festivity vibe and to my surprise, it goes with anything!! Just like a leopard clutch is always on point to any look! So I can't help but carrying it everywhere lately!

Happy Hump day cuties!



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City Chic in Trench

Photographed by Benjamin Widdowson // Near Safeco Field

TRENCH COAT & CLUTCH: c/o Pink Basis


SKIRT & NECKLACE: Thrifted via Goodwill


PLATFORM SANDALS (Similar Here): Vince Camuto via Piperlime 


Sorry for being away for a week, but I have a good reason! My family came all the way from Japan to visit, and I had such a great time with my beloved parents and grandpa!! Because I had such and amazing and wonderful time, after they left I immediately felt homesick and it affected me for the last few days! I'd never hit such a severe homesickness before.  All that time being away from my family for years and then finally being able to see them again made me realize how much I love them, and their visit strengthened my love toward them more than ever!

Now... fun time is over! It's time to get back to the grind!
I've been in love with the changing weather lately. I can already smell autumn in the air and feel the chill as night falls. People in the street are starting to layer their clothing and get cozy. One of the perfect transition pieces in terms of outerwear for fall is surely a trench coat, and it is also one of those basics that everyone need as part of their wardrobe. The greatest thing about the trench coat is that it can go with anything! You can throw it on for a feminine look which I achieved for today's ensemble, while it also can toughen up with a chic and edgy touch. There are so many ways to style it! I know for sure that I will be wearing it so much for the next few months!

I already own an ivory one, but I'd been wanting to try a new color and a different length. So I was so pleased to find what I had been looking for at Pink Basis.  It's super lightweight, so it's perfect right now since you can put it on and take it off very easily, especially for those days of fickle weather. The details on the shoulders, pickets and even the buttons make this trench coat more stylish. I kept the same color palette by adding a beige clutch, also from Pink Basis (How awesome is the skull and rhinestone knuckle handle?). I wore a pair of Vince Camuto nude platform sandals. However, underneath my trench, I wanted to keep a little bit of a playful tone. I decided to wear a graphic loose tank and pair it with a flare skirt. Adding sunglasses never fails to complete the look! Well at least to me.. haha     

Did you guys get your hands on a trench coat already?


Thank you for reading!!!!

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Summer Mint Allure

It is impossible not to fell in love with this Mint Midi Dress from MISSGUIDED.

Photographed by James Chrosniak 

DROP EARRINGS (similar HERE) : Forever 21
SNAKE RING: Charlotte Russe 


Hi LOVEs!!!!
I am deeply sorry for not being able to update the blog for 2 weeks!! I finally finished up everything associated with my move, and you know what? I loooooove my new place!!!! I can't wait to explore the new things around my new house! I found out that it gets me even closer to Alki Beach, which is one of my favorite places in Seattle! In summer, it's amazing to come home at the end of your day and spend your evening along the shore, felling touched by the speechless sunset with the smell of the sea! Such a great way to end of you day!

I hope you remember that I teamed up with an amazing apparel brand, MISSGUIDED to showcase a few items and to create both day and night looks with these items. Now it's time to share the night look with you guys! If you haven't seen the first day look, you can check it from HERE :)
When I was choosing this mint dress for this project, I was sort of concerned. I figure it would be no problem to style this dress to achieve a dress- down ensemble. Yet, I couldn't come up with how I was going to wear it for a classy night out because of the mint color. However, such anxiety immediately disappeared when it arrived and I tried it on. It was very easy for me to pull off a successful night look because the dress itself is just gorgeous!!!! This isn't the only mint dress; there are several different mint dresses on MISSGUIDED! I chose this one because I am obsessed with anything that comes with mesh details, since they are enjoying their moment in the spotlight right now!

What I did to create the night look wearing this pastel color midi dress was I slightly curled my hair, paired with pink gold metallic platforms also from MISSGUIDED, added a red lipstick, and accessorized with some key pieces of jewelry to elevate the seductive touch. Then, I finished the look by adding the pastel clutch bag! See? it was easy, right? These platforms definitely have become my go-to shoes for both day and night. Thanks to the platform soles, I can be comfortably tall! Yes, that is very important to me! No interesting details on the shoes, yet the metallic color never falls to be out of fashion! I was really blown away by how much MISSGUIDED carry killer platforms (of course other shoes, too!) under $100 with vast amount of varieties!

As a personal note, I totally enjoyed photoshooting this look at UW. I really appreciate the great job that James did to make this whole set so much fun! There are tons of breathtaking buildings and sceneries at UW. Even the single light stand can be the perfect backdrop to compliment the whole look! I can't wait to go back and find other fun places to shoot at!

I hope you love the pictures as well as how I styled the dress for the night look!

       Happy Friday sweeties  


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Coquettish Rose

Photographed by

Jeremy Kwong


OPEN-TOE PUMPS: Crossroads Trading Co.


GOLD CLUTCH (similar HERE or HERE): ShopRoxx



Red is always my favorite color and forever will be. To me, since my name consists of the meaning of "love" in Japanese (Ai = Love), red seems to be a perfect color, representing who I am. Whenever I wear clothes with red, I feel like I truly become myself.  I believe that everyone also must have a particular color that is very symbolic to you :)

This red scuba knit fabric dress courtesy from

Charlotte Russe

is one of the bodycon dresses I am very fond of. Talking a little personal, I don't feel good about my breast size because they are not sexily big and wish to have a bit bigger ones :P That's why, I am quite uncomfortable wearing a dress that has a wide open-cut in the middle of chest, although I REALLY want to try out those dresses just because I personally consider them sexier and more attractive. However, this dress can magically cover my inferiority while still helping me pull of the sexiness. Generally, red dresses are much bolder than black dresses thanks to the bright color, so it's awesome to have one in your closet when you wanna go for a more conspicuous look.

I love the notched neckline

that shows off the right amount of shoulders, creating a sassy silhouette. The mesh cut-outs around my thighs add a flirty peek-a-boo and a can't-miss twist. Plus, they create the magic of elongating my legs and making me look slimmer.

When I came to select the shoes, I couldn't make a quick decision (in a good way, though!) because I have too many shoes to choose from! But soon my eyes settled on the right pair! I scored these amazing open-toe pumps with interesting details on the heels and soles at

Crossroads Trading Co

., and they perfectly compliment the look. Also, they integrate very well with the black and gold accessories! And of course adding red lips is always a great way to complete evening and dressy looks for the finishing touch!

I should have published this post on either Friday night or weekend, not in the middle of the week because I feel that is more appropriate. Hopefully you like this look, though, and I can give you some inspiration to your night-out look for the upcoming weekend!

Happy Thursday! 


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Bold Stripe Matchy Matchy

 Photographed by Teban, of Asian Impressions Photography

CROPPED TOP (similar HERE): Tobi
WRAP BRACELET (gifted): Chan Luu  


Hi LOVEs!!!!
It's finally weekend :) Do you have any cool plan to enjoy your weekend? I hope you do!

I am so glad that I was able to show a feminine side of me through the spring yellow dress outfit on the previous post... Ever since I shaved my side, I've tended to go for edgy and cool ensembles somehow. So I was very happy that it seemed like so many people actually liked/loved my 'cute' outfit <3
BUT! I am back to feel edgy and cool in today's post! I've kept mentioning so many times that I can't get away from two matching pieces this season, and I found another one again a few weeks ago at H&M! I couldn't resist buying them (Get yours HERE & HERE) because they were super affordable. Guess how much were they? They were ONLY $25 for two pieces. I didn't have any fashion-forward boyfriend inspired suit, and I especially adore these loose fit trousers. If you wake up and put them on with a tee and a biker or bomber jacket, boom!!! You are totally ready to go for a morning coffee or a little brunch! If you want to dress up a little bit, the top blazer is absolutely a great gourmet to style up with any kind of bottom. It definitely goes with a pencil skirt and even with skinny jeans! There are so many ways to use out of both pieces, right? :)  Also, the patterns on this matching set are just freaking amazing. As you can see, it's not flat strip patterns. It looks like geometric stripes so it's very eye-catchy!

It's spring and will be summer soon. I decided to wear a cropped top to show a little bit of skin. Well.... I know some of you may think that it's too much but I think it's cool? I'd had in my mind that I always wanted to try suit style and a cropped top underneath. It turned out one of my favorite combos in this season! To add a more cool vibe, I styled my hair in pony tail and put on mirrored sunglasses, yet I love how the looks still have a ladylike touch thanks to the red lips and the bright red cropped top!

Since I wanted to build extra height to balance the whole look out, I paired it with wedge heels. Yet I totally suggest you to switch them into trainers or slip-on instead, to achieve a comfy and sporty style!!! It would be fun and playful! 

I hope you enjoyed how I styled the matching pieces!
Looking forward to seeing more of matchy-matchy looks down the road!

Thanks for stopping by!


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A Splash of Lemon Shade

 Photographed by Justin Swain

JEANS (similar HERE): Free People


Hi LOVEs! How has your weekend been? I hope it's not as crazy as mine! <3
I spent my whole Saturday helping out with a friend's photoshoot -- and I was the stylist! This was a new opportunity for me! For a long time I have wanted to do styling, but I really didn't have a chance until yesterday. When he asked me to help, I was hesitant to take the opportunity, but I am glad I did! Even though I am confident about my styling, I was still worried about how well I could do as a stylist... In the end, I totally enjoyed working with the crew and had so much fun styling the model!! I can't wait to see the final results and share the photos with you guys! I snapped some BTS shots and posted on my Instagram, so take a look if you are interested! :)

When ZARA finally launched in Seattle about a month ago, I just HAD to go to the launch party to check them out! Oh my goodness... It was super crazy busy at the entire store! Still, I had a nice shopping time and snagged some great pieces, which I am wearing for today's outfit!
This beautiful pastel yellow with floral printed sweatshirt caught my eyes right away, as if it was calling me far from distance! It's definitely an ACNE sweatshirt inspired top that I'd been looking for and is also easy on my wallet. I get so many compliments every time I wear it! :) You can't ignore the pastel color trend right now, and I am obsessed with this beautiful light yellow color. Isn't it so pretty?? I really love how versatile this top is. There are so many ways to rock it. Not just wearing as a top or dress; you can also layer up. 

For today's look, I wore it as a dress top pairing with light blue jeans. Since I didn't want to cover the amazing floral prints, I decided not to wear anything over it and wore fur collar scarf to keep warm from the chilly spring breeze. I threw on a fedora and a pair of leather ankle boots to add a touch of coolness. The white clutch with an awesome fashion-related quote is also from ZARA and compliments the look perfectly. White is such a great color right now for transitioning dark colors to bright colors. Also, adding a white color can instantly change the whole look into a fresh and spring-appropriate ensemble. So if your outfit appears to be dull or you think it is not bright enough for a spring look, you just need to switch an item to white or add anything crisp! Then you will look 'springly' FAB!!!!

Happy Sunday lovers! 


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SCHAI Launch Party at Roche Bobois


 Hi LOVEs! 
If you follow me on my Instagram, you saw the post that I spent some fun and networking time at a SCHAI  launch party/ Fall-Winter Collection 2014 event last Friday at Roche Bobois, hosted by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine.

 SCHAI (pronounced 'shay') and the designer, Suk Chai  who is based in Bellevue and had fifteen years experience in local design field presented her amazing first-ever collection. Before I went to the party, I checked her collection online, and it didn't take long to fall in love with her pieces and design. Personally, I am usually not very fond of simple designs. Yet I had the impression that her designs ,though simple, are inspired by the nuance and form of great architecture. In addition, it's very practical and innovative. For instance, the jacket fur collar is replaceable so that you can wear it with a different garment, and Suk said eventually it will have a pocket to store a cell phone or necessities.  How awesome is that? The fabrics are definitely breathtaking, and I really love how a piece touches the skin and fits the body. Her line is surely something that makes you look outstanding and upgrades your wardrobe just like those high-end designers like Alexander Wang and Jason Wu. I was also fascinated by the mix of textures she uses: leather, silk, wool, pony hair, and cashmere. My favorite pieces of her collection at the party were the Nude Pink Coat and Fur Collar Scarf.  Check out more of her collection HERE or social medias below. 


The place she chose to present her new collection is just WOW. Roche Bobois is an wonderful furniture store from Paris, and I couldn't get enough of all the inspiring, distinguished, colorful, modern, and fabulous furniture there.  I wanna go back again and take a time to take a look at each item.

I was very pleased to be there to see her collection in person because I know soon or later, it will be going global! I wish the new start of her designer's journey good luck and for many people to fall in love with her collection...

Lastly... here is what I wore at the party! Thank you for the photos, Jason!

My new favorite Strip and Sheer Boxy Tee c/o 1.STATE <3
Also wearing:

EARRINGS: Forever 21

Photographed by Jason J Kim

Hope you are all having a great start to the new week!
Have a wonderful Tuesday 


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Street Sport Luxe

Photographed by Eric Paguio

CROPPED TOP & NECKLACES (similar HERE): Forever 21
JOGGERS & STRAP HEELS: Dress To Kill Miami
EARRINGS: Charlotte Russe


I am very sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have a lot of outfits to share, but I've been working on a new project over the last week, which I am going to announce very soon! Please stay tuned to hear what it is all about! It promises to be exciting!!! :)

This outfit is also inspired by the sporty trend, like the one in my previous post. I am a total sucker for that trend! But in contrast with the previous look, today's look is edgier and has more of a street-style vibe. I had been looking for a nice pair of faux leather sweat pants/joggers, and this pair from Dress To Kill Miami is just right on. They are just like regular sweat pants, yet way more fashion-forward. They are loose-fitting from waist to bottom, so I can literally wear them all day long. I can even go to sleep in them.  Also they could be worn from day to night because of the faux leather material.  I paired them with a Forever 21 cropped sweater to offer a peek of my tummy for a touch of sex appeal. I elevated the sporty-ness by wearing a Aritzia baseball cap and bomber jacket, which are essentials to easily achieve the style.
Joggers and strap heeled sandals are the perfect combo! I actually didn't have a black pair. To my surprise, these strap heels are also from Dress To Kill Miami and are so fab and comfy! They are only slightly platform, so it prevents my feet from getting tired so easily. I am pretty sure I am going to wear them a lot over the spring and summer!
I finished the look with silver accessories ( I love double necklaces!) and a pop of red lips! Oh and don't forget my new awesome white clutch from ZARA! 
Soooo true!

I hope you like how I styled for the sporty group!
Again, don't miss the exciting announcement I will make this week :)

Wising you all a good start of the week! 


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Thank you for reading!!!!


Side Draped in Black

Photographed by

Aiyana Yuki




BELT: Isabel Marant x H&M



Happy Monday LOVEs! How was your weekend?

Mine was great! It finally snowed in Seattle; it was very lovely and always love to see the view where everything is covered by snow. Even though I am getting older, seeing snow somehow makes me feel young just by thinking that I want to play so badly in the snow, like making a HUGE snowman or having a snowball fight! haha Have you ever felt the same way?

I also finished my last-minute Christmas shopping for my family in Japan during my weekend. The mall was crazily packed but I got a lot of nice gifts at such a great deal! I haven't gotten them anything for the last few years, so I can't wait to ship them to Japan and hopefully my family will love what I got for them! Another fun note from my weekend is that I watched

Captain Phillips

last night. The movie caught me from the beginning to the end, and I was really thrilled during the entire drama. There is no doubt that Tom Hanks is an amazing actor and I am so glad to watch the movie before it's done playing! If you haven't watched it yet, you should!


Christmas is now within two days... Have you decided what to wear?

If yes, that's terrific! But if not, I hope today's post will help give you some idea for that!

This is the last look I styled with

the dress c/o


. I really enjoyed styling it up in different ways and showing you how a simple dress can be changed into several outfits with totally different vibes just by the styling! I decided to wear the dress as it is. Then I simply put on some glam accessories, even using the same belt from the previous look, opted for a pair of fabulous sandals, and topped it off with the light camel fur coat to keep me warm. That's all. Easy but it's fantastic enough to become gorgeously dressed up!

The back cutout really elevates the sex appeal as well as the side draped details. I slipped down the shoulder to boost the appeal even more.  Don't forget to glam up yourself adding red lips. It's an all-time essential for party attire.  I intentionally chose this iridescent, shimmering beaded necklace to create not-too-literal Christmasy feeling to go with my red lips.

The gold clutch -

The Gatsby Clutch

 is also from


and I love it so much! The geometric design is pretty cool and is a great size to store the girl's essentials in. The chain straps are removable so you can use it differently. 

I am so happy to have this versatile, amazing dress!!! 

Please check out


for more great and awesome stuff!!! I hope you like, love and have enjoyed the whole set of three looks! In case you missed the first and second look, just click the following link:

Holiday Color Blocking


Winter Check and Polkadot

Sending you warm wishes to you and your loved ones. May your Christmas be filled with love, happiness, and of course, lots of presents!!!!!!


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