#TuesdayShoesday, MY SHOE OBSESSION

Hi LOVEs!!!!
As you may have already know that I am a total sucker for SHOES! And my obsession NEVER stopped! Only it's growing! And today, I'd love to share 'some' of my darling shoes!

I literally can go shopping only for shoes whole day long, and I don't mind spending my half day just surfing for killer shoe hunting! I actually never count how many pair of shoes I own in my closet, but as far as I am looking at them right now (lol), I bet I have more than 100 pair of shoes from boots to sandals. I seriously need a shoe closet just like Carrie's shoe closet from Sex and The City. I am going to dream of that fabulous and amazing closet from now on, and one day I will have it for myself! hehe Dream big, right girls?

Anyway, I gotta stop right here and will have you go through my shoe collection pictures! Otherwise, I will talk forever about shoes! Hope you enjoy them! Comment below and share with me which ones your favorite are!

Happy Tuesday Shoesday beauties ♥

1. Forever 21  //  2. ZARA  //  3. ShoeDazzle (similar in BLACK & BLUE) //  4. Aldo (similar here or here)  //  5. JustFab  //  6. Ami Clubwear  //  7. Aldo  //  8. UrbanOG  //  9. Shoe Cult by NastyGal  //  10. Aldo/Windsor  //  11. H&M  //  12. JustFab  //  13. Steve Madden  //  14. ASOS  //  15. Gifted from Mom  //  16. ZARA  //  17. Ami Clubwear  // 18.  Shoe Cult  //  19. JustFab  //  20. Jeffrey Campbell  //  21. ASOS  //  22. via Crossroads Trading  //  23 & 24. Charlotte Russe  //  25. ShoeDazzle  //  26. Le Bunny Bleu  //  27. JustFab  //  28. Steve Madden  //  29. ASOS (similar)  //  30. JustFab  //  31. Eco Club House (used to SWAYCHIC)  //  32. Cat Footwear   //  33. Aldo  //  34. Shoe Cult  //  35. Steve Madden (similar)  //  36. Dress to Kill Miami   //  37.Vince Camuto  //  38. ShoeDazzle  //  39. Windsor  //  40. ASOS  //  41. Forever 21  //  42. JustFab  //  43. Jeffrey Campbell  //  44. Charlotte Russe  //  45. NIKE  //  46. Missguided  //  47. Gifted from Mom  //  48.  TOPSHOP  //  49. ASOS  //  50. Jeffrey Campbell  //  51. Forever 21 


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SCHAI Launch Party at Roche Bobois


 Hi LOVEs! 
If you follow me on my Instagram, you saw the post that I spent some fun and networking time at a SCHAI  launch party/ Fall-Winter Collection 2014 event last Friday at Roche Bobois, hosted by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine.

 SCHAI (pronounced 'shay') and the designer, Suk Chai  who is based in Bellevue and had fifteen years experience in local design field presented her amazing first-ever collection. Before I went to the party, I checked her collection online, and it didn't take long to fall in love with her pieces and design. Personally, I am usually not very fond of simple designs. Yet I had the impression that her designs ,though simple, are inspired by the nuance and form of great architecture. In addition, it's very practical and innovative. For instance, the jacket fur collar is replaceable so that you can wear it with a different garment, and Suk said eventually it will have a pocket to store a cell phone or necessities.  How awesome is that? The fabrics are definitely breathtaking, and I really love how a piece touches the skin and fits the body. Her line is surely something that makes you look outstanding and upgrades your wardrobe just like those high-end designers like Alexander Wang and Jason Wu. I was also fascinated by the mix of textures she uses: leather, silk, wool, pony hair, and cashmere. My favorite pieces of her collection at the party were the Nude Pink Coat and Fur Collar Scarf.  Check out more of her collection HERE or social medias below. 


The place she chose to present her new collection is just WOW. Roche Bobois is an wonderful furniture store from Paris, and I couldn't get enough of all the inspiring, distinguished, colorful, modern, and fabulous furniture there.  I wanna go back again and take a time to take a look at each item.

I was very pleased to be there to see her collection in person because I know soon or later, it will be going global! I wish the new start of her designer's journey good luck and for many people to fall in love with her collection...

Lastly... here is what I wore at the party! Thank you for the photos, Jason!

My new favorite Strip and Sheer Boxy Tee c/o 1.STATE <3
Also wearing:

EARRINGS: Forever 21

Photographed by Jason J Kim

Hope you are all having a great start to the new week!
Have a wonderful Tuesday 


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SEE Eyewear Grand Opening Party!!!!


About two weeks ago, I was so lucky to be invited to celebrate a launch party of a fabulous & stylish eyewear company called SEE Eyewear, voted "Best Eyewear" in several major publications. It officially opened in Downtown Seattle. I am a girl who finds a lot of excitement in collecting fashionable sunglasses and lovely glasses. Now that I can shop for amazingly cool, stylish, and innovative eyewear in person, this store open is quite exciting for me. I was always looking for a high-quality, fashion-forward, and one-of-a-kind eyewear store with decent price ranges in Seattle, and I finally found the BEST place for myself whose style is unique and versatile. 

With an innovative retailing concept and sleek store design, the SEE boutique offers a fresh outlook on eyewear. "we set out to develop a gouge free environment for people who appreciate trendy luxury eyewear without the ridiculously absurd price tag. By sourcing SEE's exclusive collection directly from the world's foremost designers, SEE is able to bring true value to the customer, thus SEE's slogan, "Hip withouht the Rip."
SEE has been featured in Vogue, InStyle, GQ, Marie Claire, Elle, WWD and countless others both nationally and internationally. 

I was totally blown away by the versatility of their products, and I couldn't stop trying them on. I kept finding awesome frames all over the shop. The store is very sleek with huge storefront window that lets a lot of light inside. The vintage pictures are beautifully decorated on the wall, and the sales reps are super lovely and inviting! Each frame is absolutely bad-ass and inspiring such that you can totally upgrade your style by simply putting them on.
Of all their wonderful collections at the store, my top collection was the Mondo frames. I've seen him on Project Runway, and I really admire his uniqueness. His collection is just WOW, and I wanna give him kudos for making a collection that totally reflects his characteristic style. The collection carries a lot of variety of designs from chic to rock. As a blogger who strives for  uniqueness and versatility of styles, there is no freaking way that I couldn't fall in love with his collection as well as this store. They rank as one of my top fashion stores in Seattle now!
The found/CEO, Richard Golden, is such an amazing and cheerful guy, and I was having a fun light conversation during the party. I took a few selfies with him and we both looked so stylish in SEE glasses! lol
If you haven't yet, please checked them out because I can guarantee that you will definitely enjoy the store as much as I do!

I really can't wait to go back again and shop their awesome pieces using my gift cards! You see, I won their Instagram contest for a free pair of frames yesterday!! Woo-hoo!!!!! 

SEE Eyewhere |
1429 Fifth Ave.
Seattle, WA 98101

Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri: 11-7
Thurs & Sat: 10 -7
Sunday: 12 - 5

Please check more photos HERE | HERE | HERE


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rag & bone Reception Party at Bellevue Square


About two weeks ago, on the 3rd of October, I was invited to rag & bone reception party and a personal appearance with Marcus and David. I was so flattered to be there although I was super nervous at the same time since I'd never attended this kind of party. I had no idea what to wear until the day before the party, either.

I ended up wearing a TOM BOY style in a dressy way. I will write another blog about this outfit later, so stay tuned for the post and details! I definitely loved how I styled myself up! I randomly got so many compliments from the people at the party, even from a photographer! YAY!

I adore their F/W collection for both mens and womens! To me rag & bone is a bit pricey. But I would definitely wear it if I can afford lol  I typically don't wear simple clothes, yet each of their piece is well-made and well-textured, and I found a lot of awesome garments I wanted to wear/own right away. I love the color palette of the collection that ranges from icy to earthy, encompassing mineral green, metallic grey, teal, olive, dark brown, eggplant and orange.  If I have a boyfriend, I would love to shop together at rag & bone! I am impressed with how their collection matches the ideal style that I want my bf to wear! haha

Besides taking a look at their collection, I also enjoyed the party with the provided refreshments, photo-taking with David and Marcus, and the band performing by a local band Campfire OK. At the last minute of leaving the party, I had fun as well chatting with really friendly people, sharing my thoughts and dreams regarding fashion! We decided to snapping ourselves for the memory! :)

Special thanks to Jessica, a Fashion PR at Nordstrom for inviting me to this wonderful and fun event!
I really hope to get invited more down the road so that I can get to connect with more new people! :)


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