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A Chilly Change-up

It's all about a casual vibe today!
Photographed by Michelle Lock  //  Ballard

TOP: Aritzia ( Adore MINKPINK, Free People, H&M)
JEANS: c/o Ami Clubwear (Similar Forever 21MissguidedTOPSHOP)
CARDIGAN: Nordstrom
SHOES: TOPSHOP (old, option Steve Madden, Jeffrey Campbell)
BAG: c/o Lemonade Clothes 
READERS: Forever 21 
NECKLACE: Rebecca Minkoff 


Lately, the temperature has dropped in Seattle, and I have no idea why. It feels like we are in a fall mood already. It's kinda good, though, to have a chilly weather. Yet I definitely miss the bright sunshine and hot summer days! I hope that the warm weather will come back soon because I haven't checked off everything on my summer to-do list yet!

Because we have these summer chilly days, it's perfect to share a casual look that I haven't had a chance to show you guys! Did you remember when I styled this crop top and these high waisted jeans in a more chic way a while ago? (You can CHECK it here!) I decided to wear them differently to give some idea of how you can maximize your wardrobe by just switching up the items you already have in your closet!

Instead of a denim jacket, I threw on a long, lose-fit carding and changed the heels to flat oxford shoes.  I added a backpack for the one of the ultimate must have items when dressing down. I love wearing fake glasses as an alternative to a pair of sunnies because it is a fun way to spice up your casual look! Because I can't live without heels, ( crazy sky-high ones of course!) I don't wear casual outfits that often, but I do love this ensemble! I feel like I have to push myself more to rock the style! What do you think guys? Yay or Nay?

Stay strong! It's almost FriYAY! Have a productive day, cuties! ♥ 


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Geekie Side

Adore these new readers. Being a stylish nerd while protecting my eyes.

Photographed by

James Chrosniak

 //  Starbucks in Bellevue 

GLASSES: c/o Polette  //  FAULSE LASES:Shiseido via eBay  //  LIPS:NARS - Sandra  //  EYELINER:Maybelline  //  TOPS & JACKET: c/o 1. State  //  EARRINGS & NECKLACES:Forever 21  COFFEE: Starbucks - Iced Caramel Fran Latte


Hi LOVEs!!!! Happy Easter Weekend!!

Any fun plan? I am going to my friend's birthday party later today, and I am super excited because I've known her for a while through social media but never met in person!!

Today's post is all about my new chic glasses. Now the technology has changed our lives and we CAN'T live without it. AT ALL. How in the world could I blog without my laptop? I have to admit that my life could be boring without my iPhone. It's sad to say that, yet it's true. But, did you know that artificial light and blue rays are coming from your computer screens, tablets, cell phones, and other kinds of devices? The worst part is.... it is harmful to your eyes.  So


, one of my new favorite eyewear brands, is just so awesome that they have launched undoubtedly fashionable glasses that protect our eyes called



. Their glasses have lenses with a filter that shields your eyes from excessive blue light emanating from the digital screes around. How cool is this!!?

I decided to go with


glasses as my first pair, and can I just say how adorable these are?! A pair entirely made out of acetate, with a long elaborated work. I indeed adore the brown tortoiseshell. Even though I particularly prefer oversized eyewear due to my facial structure, but these ones perfectly flame my face. Ever since I've been using these glasses, my eyes feel less tired. I literally carry them around with me in my purse wherever I go because I am totally a iPhone and computer freak. I am so glad I got them! The prices are super wallet-friendly, and the quality is killer. We love technology, but it should be safe, right?  If you haven't had a chance to check them out yet, I bet you will surely love them! 

Have a lot of fun on Easter! 


Thank you for reading!!!!


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Casual-ing in The Best Gray Cardi

This gray floor-length cardigan is EVERYTHING.

Photographed by Marcus Annable // University District 

CARDIGAN: c/o Now I Style (Similar here, here, or here)  //  TOP: c/o Le Motto  //  JEANS:TOPSHOP  //  SHOES: JustFab (similar here) //  BAG:ebay  //  HAT:Forever 21  //  READERS:Urban Outfitters  //  NECKLACE: Aldo (old) //  RINGS: Forever 21, gifted by mom, & Jessica Fang


Hi LOVEs!!! Happy FriYAY!

It has been a crazy week and thank god it's almost the weekend! I actually really don't get to enjoy the weekend because I have to work, but still I embrace the feeling of them. After a week of wearing crazy high heels, curling my hair, and putting a little more effort into how I look, I enjoy the chance to kick back a bit on the weekend. Well, well... Who wouldn't? So when I fee like a break from the rigors of fashion, I got for a comfy and casual look. But that doesn't mean I don't want to stay stylish! I wore this outfit a month ago, and it is one of my casual outfits for those day when "I wanna take a break."

I got this amazingly killer gray long knit cardi from

Now I Style

, a Japanese brand, last year when I was an official blogger on their site. Since then, this has been my BFF! It's super comfy and cozy and keeps my whole body really warm because it seriously keeps out the cold. Even though I am so short, I am totally not hesitant to wear floor-length outerwear! Because who said that short people can't rock a floor-length item? Putting on a hat is also something I can't live without when I opt for a casual look. I chose this

gray beanie from

Forever 21

to go together with the cardigan, and a pair of fake glasses nicely add that playful touch. I decided to style it up with a total all white ensemble underneath the cardigan. Although it's winter, I like wearing a t-shirt for a loose fit, kind of like the feel of pajamas. And this



is totally loving and inspiring! I've been obsessed with these

TOPSHOP ripped skinny jeans

ever since I added them to my closet. I DIYed the ripped parts and added more of them around my thigh to make them look much cooler, and I am glad I did it! It gives me that excitement like "mine are better than yours!" I finished it off with silver oxford shoes to add a little bit of chicness. With the contrast of white and gray, I must say this look is one of the best casual looks I have put together!  

Have a great weekend dolls! 


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Sweetheart Print Bow Blouse & HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Photographed by Marcus Annable // Fauntleroy Park


SKIRT (Similar Here or Here): H&M

BEANIE: Target

GLASSES (old, Similar Here): Urban Outfitters




RINGS: Forever 21, Fashionsita Problems, ALDO & ASOS



A couple of posts ago, I wore a lovely heart printed sweater that my mom gave me as a surprise gift while she was visiting me in September. Now, do you remember I mentioned then that I was going to show you another cute heart print top that she gifted me? I am very excited to finally share it with you in today's post!!

I am the type of girl who easily becomes obsessed with anything that is super adorable and eye-catching, and this heart print blouse is no exception. The texture is very soft and silky, the cut is easy-fitting, and the burgundy color makes this blouse look oh so elegant -- it is surely a perfect piece for the season. It's always good to have a blouse in your wardrobe that can be worn for both work and play, and this one is so versatile, as it can easily be dressed up or down.

For today's look, I went with a slightly dressed up ensemble by pairing it with my favorite skirt and a combination of ankle socks and pointy pumps. Still, I wanted to keep it as an any-day look, so I added two pieces to tone things down: a beanie and a pair of fake glasses. Although curled hair with a beanie and fake glasses are really easy to achieve, the results are very pretty! I have so many beanies and glasses in my closet. I guess I will do this combo over and over by switching them around!

I would love to make an outfit in the future to layer with this blouse! Hope I can come up with another cutesy autumn look! Any suggestions??

Now on to the special celebration! As I stated in the previous post, today is my BIRTHDAY~!


I can' believe that I turned into 28 today, which means only 2 more years until I hit 30! I feel as if I am still 22, though! I am not like a kid who wishes to grow up faster, but I am not afraid of aging any more. Some people complain how old they are or will become, but as long as you love yourself, age doesn't matter, and it's never too late to start new things no matter how old you are! Yes, there are more things to watch out for as you age, such as paying attention to eat healthier food, providing deep care for your skin, or getting adequate sleep to keep your energy levels high. But each day is an opportunity to make yourself better!  I personally think that after I passed 25 years, I feel happier inside even though I have to face many obstacles. I can think in a more mature way, I know what I want and don't want in my life, and most importantly I am now aware of how to make myself happy and smile! My 27th year was all about new beginnings, especially because I started to take my fashion more seriously and that has introduced me to a whole new world! Thank you all so much for the endless love and support you've given to me. You guys are my precious support to push me to go further! I hope my new year will be filled with lots of new adventures, new experiences and exciting news, and will keep smiling no matter what! 


Thank you for reading!!!!


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Black Laces + Pastel Biker Jacket

 Photographed by Justin Swain

LACE TOP: Isabel Marant pour H&M
LACE SKIRT: Free People
RINGS: Forever 21 & H&M


Hi LOVEs! How are ya?
I wore this outfit when I went to SEE Eyewear launch party a while ago... I definitely love the combo of lace on lace. I was pleased with outcome and that the whole outfit looks like one complete dress with two different patterns combined on top and bottom. Because of one-color hue, it helps one look taller by creating an "I" figure. Thanks to the lace patterns, the skin is peeking through the clothes -- emphasizing sex appeal. I think it's safe to say that all black could be worn in Spring if skin is still showing. The lace skirt is adjustable, so I made it a midi-skirt instead of a maxi-skirt so that I could wear black socks to go with. Wearing ankle socks in any shoes is such a great idea, especially during the season when you can't wear boots because it's too hot, and you can't wear pumps or sandals either because it's too chilly. Since this outfit was for an eyewear brand launch party, I mixed a pair of black flamed fake glasses for a little playful accent and then accessorized with silver jewelry.

Now that the season is switching to spring, and it's time to let the dark clothes sit back in the closet and bring out the bright colors to play. I love black biker jackets, but I needed to update my wardrobe with some new dazzling pieces. Then, I picked up this insanely awesome pastel biker jacket from ZARA. Seriously it keep blowing me away every time I wear it. Everything is just on point! Beautiful pastel blue, its design is a bit of boxy structure that helps to stay on my narrow shoulders when wearing it over-the-shoulder. Just wearing this jacket alone is super trendy! I am even obsessed with its back silhouette. Because the jacket is pastel blue, I paired a watch with a blue bungle to match and make it pop out of the all-black ensemble. 
Whenever you are struggling with  which shoes you should go for to complete the look, pick a pair of nude shoes. You'll never go wrong with them, and they are magically harmonized with any outfit and any occasion!

Wishing you a very wonderful week, sweeties! 


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Fedora Fondness

 Photographed by Eric Paguio

FAKE GLASSES: Crossroads Trading Co.
MIDI RINGS: ALDO & Urban Outfitters
NECKLACE: Charming Charlie


Hi LOVEs! It's been almost a week since the last post... I deeply apologize for being MIA. I needed some rest after my car accident :P I was accidentally hit by a car at intersection on my way home. It was kind of a big one for the first time in a long time... I am glad I didn't get heavy injured and... most happily, I am back now! :) 

I believe that I've mentioned before that I am quite the sucker for hats. Of all hats, my most favorite kind is clearly... The FEDORA. I own more than 5 or 6 already, and my love of the fedora is unending. I want all kinds of colors! When I found this awesome fedora at H&M, I was overjoyed! Its color, silhouette, and fit are just about perfect, and it goes with any kind of style. If you want to add a touch of edginess, this hat is the exact piece you should select. It is edgy, yet maintains an air of coolness. That's why I can't live without it.
The difference with today's look is that I started with the hat, then arranged my outfit around it.  I wanted to go for a casual and clean look when styling this fedora. So I picked very comfortable items to achieve it. Since ART PRINTS will be one of the Spring/Summer trends, I wore this Aritzia super loose-fitting top with its big graphic art (check this look styling this top as well). I love mixing prints into a simple look, so I decided to pair these lovely ALDO pony hair boots. They are amazingly comfy but stunning, and you have no idea how many times people have given me compliments on them! The TOPSHOP peach coat definitely compliments the whole look. The combination of fedora and coat is my new favorite now, I think! Adding a pair of fake glasses is the right choice to finish the look, and a few playful elements can never go wrong!

Early this week, I received the most amazing email EVER... It's from one of the co-founders at Chictopia, and it said that I have been selected as a candidate for a VS PINK/Chictopia styling campaign featuring MLB baseball style looks. I nearly died, and had to read it over many times to sure it was real! lol One of my goals this year is to work with a major American company. I am not an official candidate yet, but the fact that I was chosen as one of them is certainly showing that I am on the right path and am one step closer to my goal. Please cross your fingers for me to be officially chosen! :)
Thank you very much for loving my fashion and for your continuous support to make my dreams come true!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 


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SEE Eyewear Grand Opening Party!!!!


About two weeks ago, I was so lucky to be invited to celebrate a launch party of a fabulous & stylish eyewear company called SEE Eyewear, voted "Best Eyewear" in several major publications. It officially opened in Downtown Seattle. I am a girl who finds a lot of excitement in collecting fashionable sunglasses and lovely glasses. Now that I can shop for amazingly cool, stylish, and innovative eyewear in person, this store open is quite exciting for me. I was always looking for a high-quality, fashion-forward, and one-of-a-kind eyewear store with decent price ranges in Seattle, and I finally found the BEST place for myself whose style is unique and versatile. 

With an innovative retailing concept and sleek store design, the SEE boutique offers a fresh outlook on eyewear. "we set out to develop a gouge free environment for people who appreciate trendy luxury eyewear without the ridiculously absurd price tag. By sourcing SEE's exclusive collection directly from the world's foremost designers, SEE is able to bring true value to the customer, thus SEE's slogan, "Hip withouht the Rip."
SEE has been featured in Vogue, InStyle, GQ, Marie Claire, Elle, WWD and countless others both nationally and internationally. 

I was totally blown away by the versatility of their products, and I couldn't stop trying them on. I kept finding awesome frames all over the shop. The store is very sleek with huge storefront window that lets a lot of light inside. The vintage pictures are beautifully decorated on the wall, and the sales reps are super lovely and inviting! Each frame is absolutely bad-ass and inspiring such that you can totally upgrade your style by simply putting them on.
Of all their wonderful collections at the store, my top collection was the Mondo frames. I've seen him on Project Runway, and I really admire his uniqueness. His collection is just WOW, and I wanna give him kudos for making a collection that totally reflects his characteristic style. The collection carries a lot of variety of designs from chic to rock. As a blogger who strives for  uniqueness and versatility of styles, there is no freaking way that I couldn't fall in love with his collection as well as this store. They rank as one of my top fashion stores in Seattle now!
The found/CEO, Richard Golden, is such an amazing and cheerful guy, and I was having a fun light conversation during the party. I took a few selfies with him and we both looked so stylish in SEE glasses! lol
If you haven't yet, please checked them out because I can guarantee that you will definitely enjoy the store as much as I do!

I really can't wait to go back again and shop their awesome pieces using my gift cards! You see, I won their Instagram contest for a free pair of frames yesterday!! Woo-hoo!!!!! 

SEE Eyewhere | www.seeeyewear.com
1429 Fifth Ave.
Seattle, WA 98101

Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri: 11-7
Thurs & Sat: 10 -7
Sunday: 12 - 5

Please check more photos HERE | HERE | HERE


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Turtleneck Striped Oversize Knit

Photographed by

Justin Swain




STUDDED BOOTS - Zurich: JustFab

FAKE GLASSES: Urban Outfitters




If you live in a comparatively cold area, what kind of outfit could you choose that keeps you warm and snug while still being stylist? One of the outfit options could be to throw on a turtleneck. Don't you agree?

You see, turtlenecks definitely offer plenty of great styling opportunities -- they work when simply layering, they can be your featured statement piece, they can be paired with some head-tuner accessories, etc.... Now that's a flexible yet stylish piece of clothing!

I personally was not a big fan of the turtleneck, but I noted that they are currently one of the big hits this season. So I decided to try one out and incorporate it into an outfit. Guess what? I have been converted! Especially when the turtleneck is as fabulous as this oversized stripe knit is! I like the grey and blue combo, which is a pretty rare combination to me! This knit is actually REALLY oversized for me, so I tied it up around my waist with a beaded belt to make it a bit more fitting. Since I wanted to go for a playful yet intellectual look, I styled it up with a pair of fake glasses (my favorite one, btw!) and a bun. I couldn't resist adding a sense of edginess by wearing

these killer studded boots from


! This knit itself is quite warm. However, I finished the look with a patterned scarf so that I could be extra cozy :)

How will you be wearing turtlenecks this season?

I hope you like my turtleneck ensemble and stay tuned for other looks featuring turtlenecks!

Enjoy your day 


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Cobalt BLUE Skirt

 Photographed by Aiyana Yuki

FAKE GLASSES (similar HERE): Urban Outfitters
SNOOD (similar HERE or HERE) : ASOS
BIKER JACKET: Thrifted via Buffalo Exchange

 Hi LOVEs!!!!
Did you have wonderful, memorable and amazing Christmas holidays and get everything you wished for? I really hope you did :) Both my Christmas Eve and Day were as great as I expected. Although I didn't have my family or boyfriend to celebrate with me, I could spend some fun time with my besties, having an astonishingly yummy dinner at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Seattle (OMG! We ate soooo much!), opening gifts that I didn't expect to receive, and watching a movie, 47 Ronin that I had been dying to check out!
I also loved what I dressed for both days!! If you wonder what my outfits looked like, you can check them out on my IG @aikaslovecloset!!!


Today's post is all about BLUE!!!!!! 
There is no doubt to say that BLUE is my top color this F/W. I just can't help it... Lately, I tend to go for blue clothes whenever I go shopping. So I was really happy when the Charlotte Russe team sent me this awesome Cobalt Blue Origami Skirt; I just about died! I really like the color-blocking part at the front. It is very comfy, and the fit is beyond perfect. On top of that, one of my current obsessions is something that has an asymmetrical shape, which is why I can't resist this skirt AT ALL!!!!
Since I wanted to make this skirt stand out, I paired with simple, inconspicuous colored items. I kept going for blue hues, mixing up with a blue snood and navy tote bag. To be honest with you, I got stuck on what outerwear I should combine with this outfit, then I ended up wearing a biker jacket...! Look how nicely it turned out!!!! It perfectly goes with the skirt and can even create an edgy vibe. 

One last thing to say... I am definitely digging the LOVE midi rings from Just Fab!
Aren't they just so cute???

Happy Friday Cuties 


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