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Distressed Jeans with Sock + Heels

Distressed Jeans with Sock + Heels

I’ve have been loving these distressed jeans with frayed hems, like non-stop! And paring them with sock + heels to switch from my go-to sock booties. 

Layered LBD & Socks With Heels

Layered LBD & Socks With Heels

As the temperature is slowly winding down, I started to think of how I can layer a summer piece like layering your favorite summer LBD in a super instant way. And getting ready for fall with a comeback trend: Sock-and-heel! Keep scrolling to shop must-have socks this fall! 

Inspiration: How To Style #FISHNET

Inspiration: How To Style #FISHNET

FISHNET is definitely dominating my style right now. I've gathered so many exciting ways to rock this major 90's trend. 

Holiday Party Ready

Holiday Party Ready

Who's ready to get party started? Obviously me! JK, my Fashion Week look turned into a holiday-inspired look! Read more about tips on how you can prepare for your on-point partywear! 

Sweetheart Print Bow Blouse & HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Photographed by Marcus Annable // Fauntleroy Park


SKIRT (Similar Here or Here): H&M

BEANIE: Target

GLASSES (old, Similar Here): Urban Outfitters




RINGS: Forever 21, Fashionsita Problems, ALDO & ASOS



A couple of posts ago, I wore a lovely heart printed sweater that my mom gave me as a surprise gift while she was visiting me in September. Now, do you remember I mentioned then that I was going to show you another cute heart print top that she gifted me? I am very excited to finally share it with you in today's post!!

I am the type of girl who easily becomes obsessed with anything that is super adorable and eye-catching, and this heart print blouse is no exception. The texture is very soft and silky, the cut is easy-fitting, and the burgundy color makes this blouse look oh so elegant -- it is surely a perfect piece for the season. It's always good to have a blouse in your wardrobe that can be worn for both work and play, and this one is so versatile, as it can easily be dressed up or down.

For today's look, I went with a slightly dressed up ensemble by pairing it with my favorite skirt and a combination of ankle socks and pointy pumps. Still, I wanted to keep it as an any-day look, so I added two pieces to tone things down: a beanie and a pair of fake glasses. Although curled hair with a beanie and fake glasses are really easy to achieve, the results are very pretty! I have so many beanies and glasses in my closet. I guess I will do this combo over and over by switching them around!

I would love to make an outfit in the future to layer with this blouse! Hope I can come up with another cutesy autumn look! Any suggestions??

Now on to the special celebration! As I stated in the previous post, today is my BIRTHDAY~!


I can' believe that I turned into 28 today, which means only 2 more years until I hit 30! I feel as if I am still 22, though! I am not like a kid who wishes to grow up faster, but I am not afraid of aging any more. Some people complain how old they are or will become, but as long as you love yourself, age doesn't matter, and it's never too late to start new things no matter how old you are! Yes, there are more things to watch out for as you age, such as paying attention to eat healthier food, providing deep care for your skin, or getting adequate sleep to keep your energy levels high. But each day is an opportunity to make yourself better!  I personally think that after I passed 25 years, I feel happier inside even though I have to face many obstacles. I can think in a more mature way, I know what I want and don't want in my life, and most importantly I am now aware of how to make myself happy and smile! My 27th year was all about new beginnings, especially because I started to take my fashion more seriously and that has introduced me to a whole new world! Thank you all so much for the endless love and support you've given to me. You guys are my precious support to push me to go further! I hope my new year will be filled with lots of new adventures, new experiences and exciting news, and will keep smiling no matter what! 


Thank you for reading!!!!


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It's All About Femininity.




SHEER SOCKS: Gifted from my mom


WATCH: Nordstrom 

In today's blog I want to start with a BIG thank you to my mom for such a lovely pair of ankle socks. She sent me even more than these, so hopefully I can showcase them in the near future! Though I have several kinds of ankle socks, these are definitely one of my favorites because they are simply adorable, and their feminine details ( especially the tiny triple bows in the back!) add an extra cute-factor to my look. I am totally in love with the sheer fabric as well! Thanks, Mom!!!!!!!

Today's overall look is focused on creating a sophisticated lady style, using a lot of items that enhance and emphasize the feminine figure. The polkadot peplum top is definitely a head-turner. It's very elegant when seen either from the front and back. This top is very versatile, and you could use it to either dress up or down! UO sells a variety of peplum tops that can help you catch attention like mine!  Today's look catches my eye with its contrast -- the blouse and accessories are subdued, while the skirt and socks/shoes are colorful, fun, and playful.

When it came to my hair, I decided that a sideways straight hair style with a head band is effortless but still stylish enough to make a perfect feminine look. How long do you think does it take to achieve? Only 10 seconds! Comb your hair, bring it to the side, and put on whatever head band you like! How easy! :) This hairstyle is my hairstyling savior when I don't have time to do my hair!

Hope you like/love my look! <3 

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