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Sweetheart Print Bow Blouse & HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Photographed by Marcus Annable // Fauntleroy Park


SKIRT (Similar Here or Here): H&M

BEANIE: Target

GLASSES (old, Similar Here): Urban Outfitters




RINGS: Forever 21, Fashionsita Problems, ALDO & ASOS



A couple of posts ago, I wore a lovely heart printed sweater that my mom gave me as a surprise gift while she was visiting me in September. Now, do you remember I mentioned then that I was going to show you another cute heart print top that she gifted me? I am very excited to finally share it with you in today's post!!

I am the type of girl who easily becomes obsessed with anything that is super adorable and eye-catching, and this heart print blouse is no exception. The texture is very soft and silky, the cut is easy-fitting, and the burgundy color makes this blouse look oh so elegant -- it is surely a perfect piece for the season. It's always good to have a blouse in your wardrobe that can be worn for both work and play, and this one is so versatile, as it can easily be dressed up or down.

For today's look, I went with a slightly dressed up ensemble by pairing it with my favorite skirt and a combination of ankle socks and pointy pumps. Still, I wanted to keep it as an any-day look, so I added two pieces to tone things down: a beanie and a pair of fake glasses. Although curled hair with a beanie and fake glasses are really easy to achieve, the results are very pretty! I have so many beanies and glasses in my closet. I guess I will do this combo over and over by switching them around!

I would love to make an outfit in the future to layer with this blouse! Hope I can come up with another cutesy autumn look! Any suggestions??

Now on to the special celebration! As I stated in the previous post, today is my BIRTHDAY~!


I can' believe that I turned into 28 today, which means only 2 more years until I hit 30! I feel as if I am still 22, though! I am not like a kid who wishes to grow up faster, but I am not afraid of aging any more. Some people complain how old they are or will become, but as long as you love yourself, age doesn't matter, and it's never too late to start new things no matter how old you are! Yes, there are more things to watch out for as you age, such as paying attention to eat healthier food, providing deep care for your skin, or getting adequate sleep to keep your energy levels high. But each day is an opportunity to make yourself better!  I personally think that after I passed 25 years, I feel happier inside even though I have to face many obstacles. I can think in a more mature way, I know what I want and don't want in my life, and most importantly I am now aware of how to make myself happy and smile! My 27th year was all about new beginnings, especially because I started to take my fashion more seriously and that has introduced me to a whole new world! Thank you all so much for the endless love and support you've given to me. You guys are my precious support to push me to go further! I hope my new year will be filled with lots of new adventures, new experiences and exciting news, and will keep smiling no matter what! 


Thank you for reading!!!!


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Heart Precious Gifts ♥

Photographed By

Benjamin Widdowson

// West Seattle

PINK FEDORA: River Island via ASOS




VINTAGE BAG: Buffalo Exchange

RHINESTONE EARRINGS: c/o Charlotte Russe

BELT: Goodwill

WATCH: Nordstrom Rack


Hi LOVEs! 

Happy Hump day! Hope your day is going well so far!

 I mentioned a few posts back that my parents and grandpa came to visit Seattle last month for the first time ever, and the days I spent with them were incredibly amazing and fun! I was especially happy to see my 79 year old grandpa, who remains so healthy and active, and I was very impressed that he is super adventurous, and a big eater!!!! No wonder he is still full of vitality! I wished they could have stayed longer or that I could have gone back to Japan with them...

My mom and I are very alike. I love giving people a surprise, and I think I inherited that personality trait from my mom. 

During my parents' stay we were strolling around downtown Seattle and I saw a very lovely window display at


 While I looked at the display  I was muttering, "Omg! These heart print tops are so cute!" My mom heard what I said and asked me, "Which ones, which ones? :)" I pointed at the display and added "I can't buy them anyway, so let's go!" We walked away at the time. A few days later, while we were on the way back to their hotel, which was located in DT Settle, my mom told me, "I kinda want to look around the shops, so go ahead to the hotel first..." She refused when I asked to shop together. I wondered why she suddenly wanted to go shopping but rejected me going with her. After 30 mins or so, she came back to the hotel empty handed!  It was very weird that even after she said she wanted to shop she ended up not getting anything at all!

However, she totally tricked me, because she wanted to surprise me at the airpot. As I was seeing them off, my mom handed me a cute bag!! Yes!!!!! It was a gift of those heart printed tops I saw in  the display window the other day!! She also included a Starbucks gift card! I opened the bag when I got home, and needless to say I burst into tears and was full of appreciation and love! I was hugging the clothes with happy tears for a long time.

So that's the sweet story behind this outfit, as I am wearing one of those 

heart print tops

 that she gifted me. Not to mention, I LOVE THIS SWEATER SO MUCH! Not only because it's a gift from my mom, but because it's also super soft and warm yet effortlessly chic. The heart design is amazingly playful and the sweater's color is my favorite color for fall -- navy. Everything about it is just superb! If I don't have time in the morning but still want to be so stylish, this top is the perfect solution! I throw it on with a skinny and heels, and I am good to go!

I kept it in the same color family by wearing a denim skirt that I DIYed to create a distressed skirt, but I spiced things up with

my new pink fedora


metallic lace-up heels

. These ones are my current obsessions right now! The cuteness of the sweater naturally prompted me to do a side fish-braided hair to give extra appealing to the look, and these real stone rings that are also gifts from my mom don't overpower the look, yet they dazzle on my hands! 

I will share a look with the other heart print top with you guys soon! Stay tuned!

What's your surprise gifts from your mom that you love at the most? 



Thank you for reading!!!!


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Relaxing Oxford

 Photographed by Felix Hidajat

WRAPPED BRACELET (gifted): Sea Smadar Eliasaf
OXFORD SHOES - Womens Mahoney Shoes: c/o CAT FOOTWEAR


I hope your week went well! :) Hooray for the weekend!
As you may have noticed already, in this photoshoot I am wearing NO HEELS!!!  It's super unusual for me because I hate being short. On top of that, without heels, my legs don't benefit from the elongating effect, and appear shorter! :( However, as a fashion/style blogger, I'd always had a feeling that I really wanted to step out of my comfort zone and share some 'no-heel-looks' because I know there are so many people out there who also may be self-conscious about their short legs but have the desire to wear flats sometimes.
So when CAT FOOTWEAR reached out to me for a collaboration, I immediately picked up these oxford shoelys that you should definitely own in your closet. I really like that they are vintage-inspired looking and at the same time, they have a tom-boy vibe. More importantly, they are amazingly comfortable!
To be honest with you, I was having a very hard time deciding on an outfit that looks good with these, while  remaining stylish and not making me feel inferior about wearing flats. After several styling changes, I finally was able to find the perfect outfit which became today's look.

Whenever I wear low heels or flats, I always try to put on a hat to draw your gaze upward, or do a bun style to add some extra height. Also I styled a pair of simple skinny jeans and printed shirt so that I could move the viewer's gaze up away from my lower half. It is also key to wear matching hues to elongate your body. Initially, I didn't want to add a belt because it would divide my torso and legs. Still, I wanted to play with some bright colors so I chose the neon yellow belt to go with the vivid orange bag.

Generally, any look with flats is considered to be an easy and comfy outfit. Well to me, definitely yes! I don't think I would ever want to wear them to non-casual occasions. However, I really like how this look turned out to be not-too-casual ensemble by accessorizing with the gold jewelry and curled hair style!

Hope you like how I styled the oxford shoes! I'd like to know how you wear them so feel free to comment below to share your thoughts! :) If you like those pairs, you can get them from HERE, too!

Hopefully, you'll have awesome plans for the weekend! ♥


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You Are Always Gonna Be My Love

 Photographed by

Eric Paguio





M.A.B TOTE MINI: Rebecca Minkoff



GOLD BELT: Thrifted


Hi LOVEs! and.....



I had hoped to post this look the day before Valentine's as my second V-day inspired outfit but was unable to because I left sick yestrday and had to spend time in bed to get some rest! But heyyy --- what is a better Valentine's present than a good outfit, huh?  Here you go! :)

This photoshoot was one of the best ones I've ever had! Not just because I really love the outfit, but also because I can't get enough of my new hair and color! And I am overjoyed with how beautifully my photographer friend, Eric, captured me through his lens... This series offers more head shots than usual... I just couldn't choose which one was the best! :P

Even though I can't share today with my valentine, this outfit is definitely the one I would wear to celebrate my day. While the first look highlights the color red and showcases cuteness and femininity for a younger woman, this outfit focuses on elegance and the seductive nature of a mature woman. That's why I styled it up with all-black to elevate the polished and chic touch, including the outerwear and the bag. Just a little note, the black fur coat is really a go-to item that you shouldn't miss this winter season. It keeps you bundled up for sure, and you can't go wrong wearing it with any style... I am so glad to have snagged this one when it was on sale for  ~$10 at


! Score!

I'd been looking for a skirt with some flares for a long time and finally found

the perfect one at


. Thanks to the ruffle hems, it gives a nice amount of charm to the look. How can I not love the skirt? Simple but elegant! I love the skirt so much!

 Of course, I wanted to add some characteristic colors and items from Valentine's Day. So I topped it off with the


heart print tights and


pretty pink wedge heels. Oh, and don't forget to complement the look with gold accessories and a hint of red lips!

Wishing you all a very lovely and sweet Valentine's Day! Happy a day of love!!!

Kisses and Hugs xoxo


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HEART what you LOVE ♥

 Photographed by Justin Swain

BRACELETS: Charming Charlie


Hi LOVEs!!!!!
Can you really believe that there is only ONE more day left till the new year... Time definitely passed so crazily fast!!!!
When looking back on my year of 2013, it was such a big start for me as a blogger just because I finally made a decision to pursue my dreams in America, putting all my effort and heart into them. Back then, I couldn't focus on my blogging and such and I was very lazy with a lot of excuses. However, this year in May I can't talk a lot about it but I lost almost everything. Then I was trying to think about what I really should do for my fresh start. One thing that immediately came to my mind is 'FASHION'.

I can't live without fashion...
 My happiness always comes from it....
 I can even make other people happier and give more smiles and fun through my fashion...
I have a dream that I want to introduce Japanese fashion from me and share my unique fashion to the world...

My will was settled, and I convinced myself that no matter what, just believe in myself and try harder. Then see what happens after that. Although there have been a tremendous amount of struggles and obstacles to do that, I really appreciate all the opportunities I have been offered and am very proud of myself for what I have obtained and how much I was able to achieve within a year. I am really looking forward to my new journey in 2014 and can't wait to see what is waiting for me! Of course I will continuously work harder to be a Japanese petite fashionsita/blogger!!!


As you may have noticed, the outfit was taken in fall. Yet I totally forgot to blog it until now. Regardless, I just can't get enough of the various colors combining in these pictures and how beautifully all the scenery harmonizes with the look.
When NOWiSTYLE sent me this stunning heart print shirt, I fell in love with it right away! I've seen so many times top fashionable celebrities like Victoria Beckham were wearing a similar shirt in burgundy and wondered where I could get it. Believe or not, this shirt is a super versatile item, and I was pretty fascinated with that. Since I love it so much, I wore it on my birthday too! Navy is another trendy color this F/W, too. What a perfect mix! I paired it with boy friend jeans to dress down while adding a pop of pink on foot. I tried to manage mixing different colors of blue to maintain the same hue theme. Especially, I adore the sky blue pea coat from TOPSHOP! It's super warm and surely a lovely coat that can turn people's heads!

Thank you all so much for keeping reading my blog, leaving comments, and even following!! I can't say thank you enough because your support and love for my fashion is all matters and so much meant to me! I really hope that your new year will be filled with lots of love, smiles and success, and hopefully my blog and fashion will overjoy and entertain you next year as well!



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