A Mood of Navy Stripes

Photographed by Marcus Annable // Queen Anne • Kerry Park 

TOP :: c/o Now I Style (A Japanese brand, similar here)
SHORTS :: Another Edition (A Japanese brand, option here or here)
BOOTS :: ALDO (old, similar here & here)
HAT :: Isabel Marant x H&M (similar here & here)
BAG :: Thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
ACCESSORIES :: c/o Charlotte Russe necklace, Crossroads Trading Co. earrings, Urban Outfitters / H&M / Jessica Fang rings


Hi LOVEs!!!! Happy Monday!!!
I wore this outfit a few weekends ago, and you have no idea how much I love this fun look! Navy is definitely one of my favorite colors to wear during this season! Lighter than black and a smattering of color that makes a look cheer.  I've been in love with this navy military cap and stripe turtle neck ever since I've owned, so I styled them together. I really adore how the outfit turned out effortlessly chic. Paring a turtleneck with denim shorts and over-the-knee boots are such an easy yet cozy combination! Oh don't forget to put on tights for extra warmth! Wearing a biker jacket adds a great amount of an edgy touch. I could wear this ensemble for any kind of occasion; a brunch date, a quick coffee meet with a friend, movie night, or even just running errands! It could be a perfect date style as well, if you switch the denim shorts into a skirt! Absolutely my everyday go-to look! And when your nails match with whatever you wear, that's even more fabulous! 

  If you are a huge fun of wearing turtleneck right now just like myself, try "the Hair Tuck" trend! I have always had a desire to have a short/medium bob hairstyle, but at the same time I don't want to courageously chop off my long hair! So this "even doesn't take 10 seconds to achieve" tucked hairstyle option is the most easiest and chicest way I've been trying for a while now!

Here is how to: 
Purposely leave the hair in the collar or tuck the mid-lengths and end of your hair into the necklines of your clothes, and then style however you want. Like pulling your hair behind an ear or put a hat on. 

Look how easy it is! This hair style can apply to anything with collars: sweaters, coats, shirts, and even with scarves! The perfect stylish on-trend hair with minimal efforts! 

Xmas is within 3 days, guys! I know everyone is so thrilled like a little kid, and I hope you saw a lot of your names on the presents under the tree! On the next few post, I will be posting holiday inspired looks ft. Tobi dresses to give you some inspirations of what to wear holiday parties and on NYE, so stay tuned!

Let's kick off the new week with a lot of smiles! :) 


Thank you for reading!!!!

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Heart Precious Gifts ♥

Photographed By

Benjamin Widdowson

// West Seattle

PINK FEDORA: River Island via ASOS




VINTAGE BAG: Buffalo Exchange

RHINESTONE EARRINGS: c/o Charlotte Russe

BELT: Goodwill

WATCH: Nordstrom Rack


Hi LOVEs! 

Happy Hump day! Hope your day is going well so far!

 I mentioned a few posts back that my parents and grandpa came to visit Seattle last month for the first time ever, and the days I spent with them were incredibly amazing and fun! I was especially happy to see my 79 year old grandpa, who remains so healthy and active, and I was very impressed that he is super adventurous, and a big eater!!!! No wonder he is still full of vitality! I wished they could have stayed longer or that I could have gone back to Japan with them...

My mom and I are very alike. I love giving people a surprise, and I think I inherited that personality trait from my mom. 

During my parents' stay we were strolling around downtown Seattle and I saw a very lovely window display at


 While I looked at the display  I was muttering, "Omg! These heart print tops are so cute!" My mom heard what I said and asked me, "Which ones, which ones? :)" I pointed at the display and added "I can't buy them anyway, so let's go!" We walked away at the time. A few days later, while we were on the way back to their hotel, which was located in DT Settle, my mom told me, "I kinda want to look around the shops, so go ahead to the hotel first..." She refused when I asked to shop together. I wondered why she suddenly wanted to go shopping but rejected me going with her. After 30 mins or so, she came back to the hotel empty handed!  It was very weird that even after she said she wanted to shop she ended up not getting anything at all!

However, she totally tricked me, because she wanted to surprise me at the airpot. As I was seeing them off, my mom handed me a cute bag!! Yes!!!!! It was a gift of those heart printed tops I saw in  the display window the other day!! She also included a Starbucks gift card! I opened the bag when I got home, and needless to say I burst into tears and was full of appreciation and love! I was hugging the clothes with happy tears for a long time.

So that's the sweet story behind this outfit, as I am wearing one of those 

heart print tops

 that she gifted me. Not to mention, I LOVE THIS SWEATER SO MUCH! Not only because it's a gift from my mom, but because it's also super soft and warm yet effortlessly chic. The heart design is amazingly playful and the sweater's color is my favorite color for fall -- navy. Everything about it is just superb! If I don't have time in the morning but still want to be so stylish, this top is the perfect solution! I throw it on with a skinny and heels, and I am good to go!

I kept it in the same color family by wearing a denim skirt that I DIYed to create a distressed skirt, but I spiced things up with

my new pink fedora


metallic lace-up heels

. These ones are my current obsessions right now! The cuteness of the sweater naturally prompted me to do a side fish-braided hair to give extra appealing to the look, and these real stone rings that are also gifts from my mom don't overpower the look, yet they dazzle on my hands! 

I will share a look with the other heart print top with you guys soon! Stay tuned!

What's your surprise gifts from your mom that you love at the most? 



Thank you for reading!!!!


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Burgundy n' Navy

Photographed by Teban S. of Asian Impressions // Downtown Seattle

FISHERMAN'S CAP (Similar here or here): Isabel Marant pour H&M
MINI SATCHEL BAG (Similar here or here): 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target
LIPSTICK: Audacious Lipstick - Sandra by NARS 


Hi LOVEs! Happy Friday!
Now I have to admit that burgundy and nave blue, together is one of my ultimate favorite color combos for fall! I love how the colors give a modern, chic and even a richer touch to an outfit. Burgundy is such a gorgeous color thanks to it's deep wine red hue, it's an earthy earthy color that works perfectly for the season, and it's a lovely color for an accent that adds depth to an ensemble with its sophistication. The color can be incorporated with other fall colors like gray, camel and of course black. On top of that, it's effortlessly coordinates with whatever you already own. What's your favorite combination color with burgundy?

My feelings have been complicated these past few weeks because on the one hand  I am kind of brought down by the the gloomy days of late (yes, I definitely miss the bright sun already!), but one the other hand I am more than pleased to rock the defining  colors of autumn and get cozy with layers! Recently Ryan, one of my good friends who I met through Instagram, sent a bunch of amazing fall pieces from Charlotte Russe as a final package while he worked there. (So sad, but I am very happy about his new journey, and now he is working for Betabrand!) When I opened the package, he totally WOWed me and today's ensemble immediately came to mind when I saw them - a burgundy lace crop top, light wash jeans, cascade aztec cardigan sweater, and some killer jewelry!

I modeled  one of the trends this F/W, which is Bright Color, in my previous post, and another seasonal trend I am totally into and definitely want to try is VICTORIANA -- laces, collar necklaces, dark sides/goths, and chunky boots... I think you can see a little bit of that vibe in this look, and I LOVE IT! Since I wanted to achieve more of a casual look, pairing light color denim is the right pick. This cascade cardigan sweater, oh my gosh. How chic and fun is that? Plus, it's amazingly warm! I am very fascinated with the fisherman's cap that totally matches with the cardigan as my finishing touch.

 I am mainly a very enthusiastic and lively person, yet it's definitely fun to reveal my dark side through fashion. Fall is the perfect season to do that, and wearing dark lips really conveys that vibe. That's why I love fashion so much and like to keep my style versatile because I can be anything I want to be!
 I recently found the perfect dark lipstick called  SANDRA from NARS, and their new lip collection - Audacious Collection - is something you don't wanna miss out on. The collection is mind blowing, especially with the vast amount of beautiful colors that literally makes me want to try each one! Personally I really love how my lips feel with their lipstick, it's smoother than any other lipstick I have. If interested, click HERE to read my article about the collection.

I hope you enjoy today's burgundy and my first look with a Victorian vibe! I am about to go get some brunch with my friend at a shabu shabu restaurant -- yummy huh? Then, off to my second round of shopping for tomorrow's Downtown Seattle Rock the Runway
Wishing you a very fun weekend, cuties!           


Thank you for reading!!!!

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