New Valentine’s Look “Ditch The Ordinary Red & Pink”

New Valentine’s Look “Ditch The Ordinary Red & Pink”

If you are still intimidated to think that we should noticeably wear Valentine’s colors - Red & Pink, this look is for you! xo

Millennial Pink & Power Red

Millennial Pink & Power Red

Millennial pink and power red! These two colors are a few of the top 10 fall colors that include navy, burgundy, and gray, to my surprise, I’ve never paired these color combos together before. Guess what? I LOVE IT!!

The Pink Dress That Makes You Smile

The Pink Dress That Makes You Smile

The pink dress that is so gorgeous from every angle... Continue reading how to style a breezy dress for a totally fall-appropriate look...

Hint of Pink and Camel Coat Moment

Photographed by

Marcus Annable

// Gasworks Park


 Zara  //  



 (or other styles


)  //  


 ZARA (old, similar




) //


 ASOS (old, adore




)  //  


 River Island via ASOS (sold out, adore




) //  


 Vintage via Buffalo Exchange  //  




Hi LOVEs!!! Happy Friday!

You know what's coming up next month!? YESSS!!!


!!! Unfortunately, once again I won't be able to attend in person due to crazy busy schedule, but it doesn't mean I can't dress up as if I were there, right? When Fashion Week approaches, I naturally get inspired. I start gathering outfit inspirations from everywhere and come up with some outfits that I would definitely rock if I was to attend!! The camel coat is enjoying a major moment right now. It adds you an instant chicness to any outfit, and it's really a versatile item thanks to its neutral color. I have seen a lot of bloggers, like

Song of Style



, are rocking it and can't get enough of how they style their coats!! I was totally convinced to invest a little money in this

cozy camel coat from


. To be honest with you, it's a bit bigger on me even though it was the smallest size, but I can surely live with it! Wink-wink!

So I styled up this look around the coat as the centerpiece and added a neutral colored turtleneck and white skort. I picked leopard printed booties for a bit of something extra since I otherwise the look is kept simple. Leopard shoes will never go out of style. When I was coordinating this look, I decided I would put on a fedora for a touch of sophistication. I am a huge, like HUGE, fan of the fedora, and this pink one is one of the unexpected pieces I never thought I would have in my closet. Pink is often passed off as simply a girly color, but in reality pink has the ability to create the just right amount of  girly-cool vibe while maintaining your feminine charm. So it was perfect to incorporate my pink fedora to this camel coat look. What's the best thing about this fedora? It looks super cute on my new silver hair! <3 <3 Finally, I love how my vintage shoulder bag/clutch compliments the look from the side angle with the leopard booties.

Are you planning to go to Fashion Week? What's your attire?

Have a great weekend babes! 


Thank you for reading!!!!


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Get Cozy in a Pink Coat

Photographed by

Marcus Annable

// Kirkland Water Front

TOP :: c/o Now I Style (similar here or here)


COAT :: TOPSHOP (similar here, here, or here)


BAG :: from Japan (similar here)

TIGHTS :: Nordstrom Rack

ACCESSORIES :: H&M necklace, Nasty Gal earrings, Forever 21/H&M/ALDO rings


Hi LOVEs!!

Today's post is all about winter coats. Have you invested in a new coat recently?  In contrast with summer, during winter you can wear eye-catching outerwear that draws attention while still saving you from the freezing winter chill.  Winter is my favorite season, but I refuse to sacrifice good style just to keep warm. There was a time when I believe in "Fashion is torture," but that was the folly of  my early 20s!  Now that I dress up smart, it was totally the perfect decision to pay extra money to get my hands on this lovely yet extraordinarily cozy pink coat from


last year! (Similar




, or


!!!) Colored coats are one of the must-haves during this season, and I believe you won't regret having a statement coat in your closet. Even if you are inclined to wear dark colors, consider that you can add considerable impact to your outfit just by putting on a bright coat!! Of course, it's also fun to play around with it to create winter color-blocking looks! If you layer up with a chunky knit or turtleneck, you need not fear the severe temperature! 

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I am now attracted more to gray-hued looks. So, as I imagined combining something gray with pink, I wondered if it would turn out be an unexpectedly interesting and chic look... My intuition about this color combination proved right because I love this look, and I am pleased that pairing a long coat with a midi skirt actually works for a petite girl like myself! Wearing a pair of pointed toe pumps always adds a touch of elegance, and throwing a bag with shortened straps across the body gives the illusion of looking taller!

I can't wait to show you guys a few of my recent investments in amazing coats soon! Maybe you could find what they look like on my




Thank you for reading!!!!


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Pink Power, Floral Love

Photographed by

Marcus Annable

// Kirkland Waterfront 


JACKET :: Japan

SKIRT :: Vintage (adore thisthis & this)

SHOES :: ShoeDazzle

BAG :: ASOS (option here & here)

HAT :: Forever 21

ACCESSORIES :: ShopRoxx earrings, Goodwill belt

MAKE UP :: NARS Duo Eyeshadow • Jardin Perdu (LIMITED) &  Night Series Eyeliner • Night Porter


Hi LOVEs! Happy Friday!!!!

Now that everywhere is decorated with those lovely colorful holiday lights and all those delightful Xmas songs that make your hart dance are playing wherever you go, it's time to think about how you wanna dress up for the holidays! 

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago on Thanksgiving, and I would love to wear this again with a few twists added when I attend a holiday party or celebrate the holidays! I love dressing up more girly during this season. It boosts my inner femininity and helps me smile more! A fun printed midi skirt and delightful party shoes are definitely a great combo for any occasion, day or night, and I haven't worn such an eye-catchy vintage skirt for quite some time. Look how lovely it is! I feel a little wasteful because I had forgotten that I had this skirt in my closet, haha. So glad to bring it back to life!

What I tend to do as the holidays approach is I hunt for an amazing pair of shoes that can brighten up my look and my days. I can't find the exact words to describe how happy I am now to finally pick up these oh-so-adorable

bow ankle strap pumps from


! I've seen people wearing  these heels on the street and in fashion pictures, and I'd been dying to add them to my shoe collection. Needless to say, I've caught a lot of people's eyes thanks to these babes!

I styled them up with a

black turtle neck sweater

, which is my current No.1 favorite versatile top, and kept the color theme going with a back jacket and bag to make the skirt and shoes pop. My seasonal look can't be completed without a hat, so I added this cozy white beret for a brighter touch. Nothing better than with a little bling, right? I adore these gold bar backdrop pearl earrings thanks to



Speaking a little bit of holiday makeup, I am currently obsessed with the new


 eye shadow palette and eyeliner that I was gifted from them

. One of my favorite eye shadow colors is purple, and this was the perfect chance to try their shade of purple with a mix of silver. Their eyeliner is amazingly easy to create dramatically elevated eye effects!! The best thing about the eyeliner is that it has micro-pearls of blue, purple, green and gold suspended in its jet black color! Let's shine even more girls!

How will you dress up for your holidays?  

Have a wonderful and fun TGIF sweeties!


Thank you for reading!!!!


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Heart Precious Gifts ♥

Photographed By

Benjamin Widdowson

// West Seattle

PINK FEDORA: River Island via ASOS




VINTAGE BAG: Buffalo Exchange

RHINESTONE EARRINGS: c/o Charlotte Russe

BELT: Goodwill

WATCH: Nordstrom Rack


Hi LOVEs! 

Happy Hump day! Hope your day is going well so far!

 I mentioned a few posts back that my parents and grandpa came to visit Seattle last month for the first time ever, and the days I spent with them were incredibly amazing and fun! I was especially happy to see my 79 year old grandpa, who remains so healthy and active, and I was very impressed that he is super adventurous, and a big eater!!!! No wonder he is still full of vitality! I wished they could have stayed longer or that I could have gone back to Japan with them...

My mom and I are very alike. I love giving people a surprise, and I think I inherited that personality trait from my mom. 

During my parents' stay we were strolling around downtown Seattle and I saw a very lovely window display at


 While I looked at the display  I was muttering, "Omg! These heart print tops are so cute!" My mom heard what I said and asked me, "Which ones, which ones? :)" I pointed at the display and added "I can't buy them anyway, so let's go!" We walked away at the time. A few days later, while we were on the way back to their hotel, which was located in DT Settle, my mom told me, "I kinda want to look around the shops, so go ahead to the hotel first..." She refused when I asked to shop together. I wondered why she suddenly wanted to go shopping but rejected me going with her. After 30 mins or so, she came back to the hotel empty handed!  It was very weird that even after she said she wanted to shop she ended up not getting anything at all!

However, she totally tricked me, because she wanted to surprise me at the airpot. As I was seeing them off, my mom handed me a cute bag!! Yes!!!!! It was a gift of those heart printed tops I saw in  the display window the other day!! She also included a Starbucks gift card! I opened the bag when I got home, and needless to say I burst into tears and was full of appreciation and love! I was hugging the clothes with happy tears for a long time.

So that's the sweet story behind this outfit, as I am wearing one of those 

heart print tops

 that she gifted me. Not to mention, I LOVE THIS SWEATER SO MUCH! Not only because it's a gift from my mom, but because it's also super soft and warm yet effortlessly chic. The heart design is amazingly playful and the sweater's color is my favorite color for fall -- navy. Everything about it is just superb! If I don't have time in the morning but still want to be so stylish, this top is the perfect solution! I throw it on with a skinny and heels, and I am good to go!

I kept it in the same color family by wearing a denim skirt that I DIYed to create a distressed skirt, but I spiced things up with

my new pink fedora


metallic lace-up heels

. These ones are my current obsessions right now! The cuteness of the sweater naturally prompted me to do a side fish-braided hair to give extra appealing to the look, and these real stone rings that are also gifts from my mom don't overpower the look, yet they dazzle on my hands! 

I will share a look with the other heart print top with you guys soon! Stay tuned!

What's your surprise gifts from your mom that you love at the most? 



Thank you for reading!!!!


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You Are Always Gonna Be My Love

 Photographed by

Eric Paguio





M.A.B TOTE MINI: Rebecca Minkoff



GOLD BELT: Thrifted


Hi LOVEs! and.....



I had hoped to post this look the day before Valentine's as my second V-day inspired outfit but was unable to because I left sick yestrday and had to spend time in bed to get some rest! But heyyy --- what is a better Valentine's present than a good outfit, huh?  Here you go! :)

This photoshoot was one of the best ones I've ever had! Not just because I really love the outfit, but also because I can't get enough of my new hair and color! And I am overjoyed with how beautifully my photographer friend, Eric, captured me through his lens... This series offers more head shots than usual... I just couldn't choose which one was the best! :P

Even though I can't share today with my valentine, this outfit is definitely the one I would wear to celebrate my day. While the first look highlights the color red and showcases cuteness and femininity for a younger woman, this outfit focuses on elegance and the seductive nature of a mature woman. That's why I styled it up with all-black to elevate the polished and chic touch, including the outerwear and the bag. Just a little note, the black fur coat is really a go-to item that you shouldn't miss this winter season. It keeps you bundled up for sure, and you can't go wrong wearing it with any style... I am so glad to have snagged this one when it was on sale for  ~$10 at


! Score!

I'd been looking for a skirt with some flares for a long time and finally found

the perfect one at


. Thanks to the ruffle hems, it gives a nice amount of charm to the look. How can I not love the skirt? Simple but elegant! I love the skirt so much!

 Of course, I wanted to add some characteristic colors and items from Valentine's Day. So I topped it off with the


heart print tights and


pretty pink wedge heels. Oh, and don't forget to complement the look with gold accessories and a hint of red lips!

Wishing you all a very lovely and sweet Valentine's Day! Happy a day of love!!!

Kisses and Hugs xoxo


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Pink Meets Sophistication

 Photographed By

James Chrosniak

NEWSBOY CAP: Free People








Happy weekends LOVEs!!!!

How's your weekend so far? Everyone is super thrilled about today's Super Bowl! Since the Seahawks is playing the game there, everywhere in Seattle has been cheering them up with cool decorations and Seahawks fans are so ready for today's game! haha


I finally, FINALLY can share an outfit on my blog with me wearing my favorite


pink coat

that I picked up this season!!!! Isn't it just to die for? I'd been dying to get a pink coat for myself simply because it's super cute and trendy, but I hadn't had the luck to find an ideal one for years. And then I found this



! This coat is incredibly warm and definitely helps me avoid Seattle's piercing chill. It is without a doubt an insanely lovely, stylish, and head-turning piece that is worth paying a little bit estra to own!! You have no idea how happy I was when it was arrived at my home after waiting for more than a month for it to arrive!!

This coat goes with any look from casual to classy. In the past I have paired it with an oversized tee, leather leggings, short boots and a beanie as my casual ensemble. On the other hand, I could wear it with a combo of a shirt, sweater, and midi skirt, finishing the look with a pair of fab heels to make it a more classy vibe.

For today's look, I decided to dress it up with a sophisticated look that features a bit of mens inspiration. Since I wanted to make the coat pop more, I kept my other colors muted  from head to toe. I really like the mix of mens-inspired items such as this

Free People

vintage-looking newsboy cap and the


oversized black blazer. These


tweed shorts



khaki tote bag add an extra-sophisticated vibe to the look. I was really debating whether I should choose a pair of loafers to complete the mens-inspired ensemble or wear these platform heels. But I believe I made a right choice in the end.

I am also pleased with my decision to hung the fur collar scarf from the bag instead of actually wrapping it around my neck. It turned out to add a little twist and become a stunning winter accessory for the bag!

Hope you like/love how I styled my pink coat!!!

 I'd like to know how you would/did wear your pink or colored coat during this winter! 

Please check my latest feature on

You Next Dress


Have a warm and fashionable weekend ♥


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Thank you for reading!!!!


V-Day Pink Passion

FUR COAT & BELT: Japan  |  JACKET, BRACELET and Earrings: H&M  |  BUSTIER and SKIRT: Forever 21  |  WATCH: ALDO  |  RINGS: ASOS  |  CLUTCH BAG: Express  |  PINK BLAIR PUMPS: Dolce Vita 

Hi my lovely readers!!! Hope your week has treated you well so far!!!! 

As you all know there will be an exciting and sweet holiday coming in a few days!! That's riiight!!!! 

It's Valentine's Day!!!!

 Are you guys reading this excited yet? or are you feeling a little stressed? After I came to the States, I learned to love this holiday just because in America I don't have to worry so much about what presents I have to give. You see, in Japan, Valentine's Day is about girls giving to guys, and so all the pressure is on the ladies! This made my Valentin's Days in Japan were always either really busy or very nerve-racking! Haha

Now, since I don't have a bf right currently, I don't have any plans to go out on V-day, but I couldn't resist the chance to style up two different kinds of looks for Valentine's Day to give you some inspiration, and today's post is the first of those two looks!

Since V-day is full of sweets, I wanted my look to be sweet as well. That's why this look is just oozing of cuteness and girly taste! I tried to keep it simple this time, but I am pleased with how my new hound's-tooth skirt from F21 sill manages to catch your eye.  Plus, wearing Dolce Vita Pink Blair Pumps definitely makes a great valentine's statement while keeping the look fun and flattering. Heart shapes are of course a symbol of Valentine's Day, right? So I wear heart-shape earrings and necklace. I went with a distressed hairstyle to balance it out, because i didn't want things to look too formal.

Overall, I think on V-day you want to show off your sense of style, but keep a little flair and not be afraid to let your hair down when things warm up! 

Hope I was able to give you some ideas of what you might want to wear on V-day and hope you enjoy/like/love my first V-day inspired look!!!!!

I will post another different look tomorrow so stay tuned :) 


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Thank you for reading!!!!


Feeling girly...

HEAD BAND: American Apparel  |  TOP, CHAINED NECKLACE, SQUARE BRACELET: Forever 21  |  BROWN LEATHER SKIRT: Abercrombie & Fittch  |  DOTTED SOCKS: ASOS  |  NEON PINK WEDGES: UrbanOG  |  WATCH: Gifted  |  EARRINGS, BRACELETS: Charlotte Russe  |  BAG: IORI (Japanese Brand)  |  SUNNIES: Free People

Since I've been wearing pants and shorts quite a lot lately, I was in a strong mood for wearing a skit. So I pull my favorite leather skirt off from the closet because I am aware that LEATHER pieces are in vogue this season!! As well as the feeling of wearing the skirt, I wanted to make a girly look, so I put on the dotted socks and the neon pink wedges to style up the look, adding an extra girly taste with the burgundy head band. 
However, I really love how the outfit doesn't look TOO girly because of the silver chained necklace and  the black inverted triangle earrings. When you are in a girly mood, How do you dress up? :D

Let me speak of the wedges a bit. Ever since I've worn those lovely pair of shoes, I've got tons of compliments just as I was walking and have asked where I got them from. I bought them at UrbanOG and they have really affordable and stylish fashion items. I just checked if the wedges are still available and guess what? They ARE!!! and even discounted which is only $15!!!! Unfortunately they have only 6.5 in pink and 6 & 6.5 in lime/yellow... :(  BUT!!! if you can fit in those sizes, don't miss this out because I know you will like them as much as I do!!!!!

♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆ ♥   STAY FASHIONABLE!!!! ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ 

Thank you for reading!!!!


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Pink Girly Outfit

PINK SUMMER CARDIGAN: Free People  |  DENIM ZIP BRALET: Topshop  |  SKIRT: Crossroads Trading Co.  |  BELT & LEGGINGS: Thrifted  |  PINK WEDGE HEELS (Three Colors Available) : Urbanog.  |  EARRINGS: ALDO  |  NECKLACE: Express  |  SUNGLASSES: H&M

Lately I am apt to pick pink items for my outfit and this look is one of my favorites of "Pink Outfit."  I love wearing pink color; it gives me extra feeling of being a girl....

I have a lot of cardigans in my closet and the one I am wearing is my best one. I got it last year and ever since it's been mine, I am totally obsessed with it. Not only are there many ways to wear it, like backward or using the buttons,  it also provides "sexiness" because of lace cuts style.

I am also in love with the new TOPSHOP bralet ( you can still get yours! All you need to do is just to click the link above) I had wanted a cropped top so bad and this is a perfect item for it!!!!! I just found out that there is a magic! When I wear it, it helps me look my boobs bigger lol 

As far as my hair style, I kinda get tired of regular braided hair styles so I made two braids and crossed over my head. It's easy, like you only need 5 to 7 mins to achieve this hair style. Now I have blue dip dye and can't wait to do this again with a different color of braids!!
♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆    STAY FASHIONABLE!!!! ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ 
Thank you for reading!!!!

Baby Pink Summer Knitted Sweater

KHAKI PARKA: Purchased in Japan  |  KNIT : Free People  |  BELT & SKIRF : Thrifted  |  DOTTED SOCKS: ASOS  |  RED BOOTS: Nasty Gal (Qupid)  |  NECKLACES: EXPRESS & H&M  |  WATCH: Nordstrom  |  BRACELETS: F21, Charlotte Russe, ALDO  |  GLASSES: Urban Outfitters 

While knitted swears are considered as one of the ultimate winter clothing items, I've seen a lot of fashionistas actually use them as their statement piece of outfits during this spring/summer. I know you would say... "Really? Knitted Sweaters for summer?" yet they are definitely becoming the new hottest  spring/summer trend, I believe.
 You can rock your summer outfits just by adding a stylish summer knitted sweater with hot pants & summer heels/wedges OR with soft/comfy light silky pants.

I found some cool photos that you could follow the styles regarding summer knitted sweaters!

♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆    STAY FASHIONABLE!!!! ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ 
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