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Photographed by Jesse Rogers 

DRESS: c/o Tracyeinny (old, adore these three dresses 1 | 2
 3  //  
CARDIGAN: BB Dakota   //  BELT:  H&M (old, similar here)  // SOCKS: Urban Outfitters  //  SHOES: Charlotte Russe (old, adore these and these)


Hi LOVEs!!!!
You noticed from the pictures that they are quite old ones. But, I am so happy I finally found sets of images that were taken back in 2012 as I was preparing for moving out! Moving is seriously such a pain in the butt!!! However, one thing I love the most about it is I always find something that I've been looking for yet there was no clue where I should look for. haha Does that happen to you??

If you have been reading my blog back in 2012, you might remember I did 'style challenge,' which I created 5 different looks with totally different vibes by using a lace detailed dress from Tracyeinny, a Singapore clothing line. I did this because I wanted to share with you how styling will help you grow your wardrobe without buying any item. Every girl has a night dress in her closet and everyone can definitely transform it into daily looks with just a little styling skills.
You can check the first and second look from here and here, and the picture below is a lineup of the 5 looks. I am going to show you the remained 2 looks in the next few weeks along with my current daily ensembles!!


As for the third look, I really wanted to achieve a cute & classy yet casual style, and my inspiration was from Japan. So I picked three inspired items to go for the look: Obi belt, kimono cardigan, and over-the-knee socks, and I added a pair of black platform pumps to merge the color of the sock so that it crates the magic of  having longer legs.  I styled my hair softly curled the bottom for an extra feminine touch and parted my bang in the middle and pinned it on the side. I will say this could be a cute Friday-night- happy- hour look with besties or you call it whatever you want!

Happy Hump day angels!! 


Thank you for reading!!!!

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Slim Lines, Statement Pumps

I was given this "Mandie Lace Dress" from a Singapore clothing line brand "Tracyeinny" back in December, and I decided to create 5 different looks using this dress. I promised to tell more about the inspiration behind each look, so I am posting about look #2!! By the way, the picture below is the 5 different looks if  interested...

DRESS: Tracyeinny  |  FEATHER EARRINGS: Urban Outfitters  |  BELT: FOREVER 21  |  PASTEL PURPLE PUMPS: JustFabulous 

Compared to the first look, look #2 is going for more of seductive feeling because I wanted it to fit for hitting the clubs or going to a party. I like this dress since it accents sleek lines when looked at the side, but has an mixed-up grace when viewed from the front and back. 

I put up my hair and teased my bangs, to keep things mysterious. Wearing the black belt balances the whole look and the feather dangling earrings also balances top and bottom to frame my face. I chose those pastel purple platform pumps to draw your eyes down from the dress and toward my feet, which showcases my legs while not being too colorful to distract from the dress. 

Overall, with the sleek lines of the dress, the pastel purple heels, and my bare shoulders and arms, the effects make you forget that I am 'petite'!!!!

So how about my look #2? Are you read to try it out when you go to the club? I am sure you will be a hit!!!! 

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Thank you for reading!!!!


Red Hot Valentine


Helllllllllo my lovely readers!
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!!!!!! Have you decided what you are gonna wear on your special day? :) 

Yesterday I gave you an idea for a V-day look (you can click HERE to check out the outfit!) and as promised, here is another V-day inspired look. 

To start with, can I tell you something first?
 I would pick this look as my Valentine's Day outfit over the first one, even though I love them both!

 I really love how the leopard coat gives this outfit a sweet and soft feeling, and then once I take off the coat, the look amazingly adopts an edgy and sophisticated feel. Since I am so in love with RED as color, I have many pairs of RED shoes and was having a hard time choosing the best shoes to complement this look. And guess what? I have to say that the choice of these stunning wedges from EMODA (a Japanese Brand) was completely right-on. On top of that, you have no idea how crazy I am for HATS!!!!! Especially during the winter time, my outfits aren't complete without a hat. So I styled it up with this burgundy hat as usual to add some more Valentine's feeling. I also love how these red shoes perfectly match with my red lips!!!!

Sooooo how did you like both of my Valentine's Day inspired look? Yay or Nay?
Hopefully I gave you some ideas through both of these looks and I wish you a wonderful and lovely Valentine's Day!!!!!!! 

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Thank you for reading!!!!


V-Day Pink Passion

FUR COAT & BELT: Japan  |  JACKET, BRACELET and Earrings: H&M  |  BUSTIER and SKIRT: Forever 21  |  WATCH: ALDO  |  RINGS: ASOS  |  CLUTCH BAG: Express  |  PINK BLAIR PUMPS: Dolce Vita 

Hi my lovely readers!!! Hope your week has treated you well so far!!!! 

As you all know there will be an exciting and sweet holiday coming in a few days!! That's riiight!!!! 

It's Valentine's Day!!!!

 Are you guys reading this excited yet? or are you feeling a little stressed? After I came to the States, I learned to love this holiday just because in America I don't have to worry so much about what presents I have to give. You see, in Japan, Valentine's Day is about girls giving to guys, and so all the pressure is on the ladies! This made my Valentin's Days in Japan were always either really busy or very nerve-racking! Haha

Now, since I don't have a bf right currently, I don't have any plans to go out on V-day, but I couldn't resist the chance to style up two different kinds of looks for Valentine's Day to give you some inspiration, and today's post is the first of those two looks!

Since V-day is full of sweets, I wanted my look to be sweet as well. That's why this look is just oozing of cuteness and girly taste! I tried to keep it simple this time, but I am pleased with how my new hound's-tooth skirt from F21 sill manages to catch your eye.  Plus, wearing Dolce Vita Pink Blair Pumps definitely makes a great valentine's statement while keeping the look fun and flattering. Heart shapes are of course a symbol of Valentine's Day, right? So I wear heart-shape earrings and necklace. I went with a distressed hairstyle to balance it out, because i didn't want things to look too formal.

Overall, I think on V-day you want to show off your sense of style, but keep a little flair and not be afraid to let your hair down when things warm up! 

Hope I was able to give you some ideas of what you might want to wear on V-day and hope you enjoy/like/love my first V-day inspired look!!!!!

I will post another different look tomorrow so stay tuned :) 


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Thank you for reading!!!!


5 Ways To Rock A Stunning Dress: JUST PLAIN 'HOT'

2 weeks ago I got a package from a Singapore clothing line "Tracyeinny", and I was gifted two fabulous products in their line. Here you can see me wearing one of them -- the Mandie Lace Dress.
This dress is flattering even for a petite person like myself, as it is very stunning with its design and details.  As I was trying the dress on in front of the mirror, an awesome idea suddenly popped up: "Why don't I style up some different looks using the dress? It would be fun, wouldn't it?"
So I began poring through all the clothes I have in my closet while picturing  possible looks that would nicely match the dress. As I was thinking of the outfits, my focus was to create a different feeling and taste for each.

As you can see in the pictures above, I must say I successfully created 5 contrasting looks that are equally wearable in daily life. And for the next few weeks until my future new outfit posts, I will be blogging about how I imagined and interpreted each look.
I have summarized each of the styles below and will post updates to the blog to expain how I came up with each of them, so STAY TUNED~!!!!

1. Just Plain 'HOT'
2. Slim Lines, Statement Pumps
3. Japanese Inspiration, Hey cutie!
4. Preppy Chic
5. New Orleans Night life Lady 

OKAY! Here we go! Let's begin with the first look!  

For this first look, I simply put the dress on with sequined open-toe platform heels. I wanted this look to emphasize elegance.  To achieve that, I softly curled my hair and brought it to the side, pulling my bangs back. I wanted to showcase the dress' amazing collar details, so I didn't want hair or a fab necklace to obscure it. Still, I didn't want things to be boring; I wore some gold dangling earrings as an accent.

Did you like the first look? Hope you did!
I will be announcing when I am going to post about the second look, so be sure not to miss it!!!

Oh just a little note that Tracyeinny is now doing 50% storewide sale till Xmas!!!"Save money, buy more!!" Enjoy your Xmas shopping!

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Thank you for reading!!!!