Back To Black

A little mermaid gets covered in #allblackeverything. 

Photographed by

Stephen Klise 

 //  Downtown Seattle

DRESS: Forever 21 (or similar Lulu*s, Nordstrom )

SHOES: Steve Madden (old, adore HERE, HERE, HERE

BAG: Rebecca Minkoff

NECKLACE & WATCH: c/o Charlotte Russe

SUNNIES: c/o Polette

LIPSTICK: The Body Shop - 240 Damson in Destress

RINGS: Forever 21, c/o IO Collective 


Hi LOVEs! How's your week been so far? I hope it's been a wonderful and productive one!

Today's post is all about BLACK (and edgy)!!!!! Ever since I finally turned into a "little mermaid" thanks to the talented Miguel at

Foxy Cut

, I've been so into a minimal, classic, monotone colored pieces. When I went to Portland a few weeks ago, of course I had to take advantage of "no-tax" shopping. Then, I snuggled this super soft

ribbed knit midi number at

Forever 21

! It's a little challenging to rock the dress with this length for a petite girl like myself, but its comfiness totally got me buying this number. It's literally like a pajama! haha

I loooove #allblackeveything and #whiteout themed looks especially during the summer just because I don't have to use a lot of brain power to think of what to wear in hot HOT weather! So I decided to style the look centered on the dress with black items: black strappy sandals, and a black mini bag. Yet, I spiced it up by adding a

purple lipstick

( a killer match for my hair, right?!) and

these awesome mirrored sunnies from


, which is a must item for summer! Needless to say, my hair is doing a freaking great job at adding a perfect spice on the look!

How do you like wearing all black during the summer? Yay or Nay?

Hang in there, babes! It's almost Friday!!!! 

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Thank you for reading!!!!


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Blow Your Mind

Photographed by

Marcus Annable

// Downtown Seattle 

TOP: ZARA (similar)  //  JACKET: H&M  //  SKIRT:ZARA  //  LEGGINGS:Forever 21  //  SHOES: ASOS  //  BAG: H&M (old, similar here or here)  //  ACCESSORIES: Forever 21 scarf, ASOS sunglasses (similar), Charlotte Russe necklace, AVEDA lip gross, ALDO earrings


Hi LOVEs! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Today's look is all about layering and edginess, and this is definitely one of my favorite ensembles in all-black with a touch of color. People tend to wear dark colors during winter, and so do I. However, I love playing with some hues and making the look both edgy and fun. That way, I don't feel dull and sad. This is especially when you live in a gloomy and rainy city like I do!

I'd been on the look-out for a chunky v-neck pastel sweater for the longest time, and I finally found it on sale at


 a while ago. I normally wear  a small size, but decided to go with one size up for an extra bulky silhouette. At the same time, I scored this

light maxi wrap skirt on sale

as well. It's impressive that I can rotate the slit to whatever position I want to! I can put it on the side, front, or back. I adore the combination of an oversized knit with a maxi skirt. Since I had scored the perfect pieces, I figured I should try it on right away, yet it's way too cold right now to wear the skirt by itself, so I paired it with leggings underneath. I love the contrast of their different textures. Whenever I wear a maxi skirt/dress, I always style it with a pair of platform shoes to add some extra height. I picked my all time favorite booties for the added slimming effect.

You can never go wrong with a

biker jacket

to create an edgy vibe. And if you have a printed black and white scarf, that's even better to emphasize the vibe. These items aldo help you beat the cold. To complete this edgy look,  I opted for a

dark red lip stick

, and of course my awesome hair is doing such an awesome job!



is still running, so don't forget to enter!

Stay warm dolls! ♥


Thank you for reading!!!!


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Edgy Black + Red Spikes


ROLLING STONES CAP: Japan  |  BIKER JK: Flying Tomato    |  BLACK SHEER SHIRT: Thrifted via Buffalo Exchange  |  LONG CARDI: JEANASIS (Japanese Brand)  |  PANTS: OLD NAVY  |  SHOES: JC SPIKE LITAS  |  BAG: GAP  |  EARRINGS & ZEBRA BRACELET(Shop Similar here at ASOS): Urban Outfitters  |  NECKLACES: F21 |  WATCH: Japan 

Hello lovely readers~!!!!! 
Can you believe it's been almost two months since the last post?! 
I am very sorry for not being able to update my blog till now. Life has been hella busy. As time goes on life seems tougher and more unforgiving, especially if you live in a different country. But I am keeping my spirits up and I really hope things will be improving as much as I anticipate! But that is a story for another time...
Hopefully you've been doing well, and now you can look forward to reading my posts more often!!! 

My life is all about fashion, and I've decided to follow my dream in America no matter what happens. So no more excuses! I will definitely push myself harder to keep updating my blog more often so that I can share my styles with other people all over the world!!!!!

Now that we are talking about fashion these photos were actually taken a few months ago, and I should clarify that  this really isn't for a spring look. Still, I really love this look and the photos came out just how I wanted them to, so even if they are a little out of season I really wanted to share them. More recently, Seattle's weather has been quite pleasant, and I am really happy about it. Of course, I took advantage of the bright weather to shoot some nice spring shots of my outfits so stay tunes!!

This look is one of my favorite all-black outfits, although I am more of a person who really adores colors no matter what season it is. I really love how the long cardi and the biker jacket actually rock well together. I had never tried to combine those two items so I was very surprised at how it turned out. Like I said, I love colors so I added a splash of color to this look. The Jeffrey Campbell Spike Litas did a great job for adding edgy taste to the look. To top if off, my Rolling Stones mesh cap is definitely the eye-catchy item of this look!

Hope you liked my all black look!

P.S. I chopped my hair so I don't have my lovely purple ombre hair anymore, yet I will soon change my hair color! I am super duper thrilled with my new hairrrrrr! 

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Thank you for reading!!!!


Red Hot Valentine


Helllllllllo my lovely readers!
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!!!!!! Have you decided what you are gonna wear on your special day? :) 

Yesterday I gave you an idea for a V-day look (you can click HERE to check out the outfit!) and as promised, here is another V-day inspired look. 

To start with, can I tell you something first?
 I would pick this look as my Valentine's Day outfit over the first one, even though I love them both!

 I really love how the leopard coat gives this outfit a sweet and soft feeling, and then once I take off the coat, the look amazingly adopts an edgy and sophisticated feel. Since I am so in love with RED as color, I have many pairs of RED shoes and was having a hard time choosing the best shoes to complement this look. And guess what? I have to say that the choice of these stunning wedges from EMODA (a Japanese Brand) was completely right-on. On top of that, you have no idea how crazy I am for HATS!!!!! Especially during the winter time, my outfits aren't complete without a hat. So I styled it up with this burgundy hat as usual to add some more Valentine's feeling. I also love how these red shoes perfectly match with my red lips!!!!

Sooooo how did you like both of my Valentine's Day inspired look? Yay or Nay?
Hopefully I gave you some ideas through both of these looks and I wish you a wonderful and lovely Valentine's Day!!!!!!! 

♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆ ♥   STAY  FASHIONABLE, STAY UNIQUE  ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ 

Thank you for reading!!!!