Burgundy Love // 5 Ways To Style A Lace Dress - Final Look

Styling is FUN.  This is how I rocked my lace dress in 5 different ways.

Photographed by

Jesse Rogers

TOP:MANGO  //  DRESS: c/o Tracyeinny (old, adore these dressed 1 | 2  )  //  BOOTS: JustFab (old)  //  HAT: Forever 21 (old, similar here or here)  //  NECKLACE:Charlotte Russe  //  BELT: Thrifted  //  TIGHTS:Nordstrom Rack


Hi LOVEs! Happy Humpday!

Ever since I started my love affair with fashion, styling has been my biggest interest. This is especially important for me, since my body type makes it challenging to make the looks stunning due to my body structure (big face, long torso, and short legs). So how I put everything together is super crucial. Eekk, Being short can be a struggle! Plus, I was raised in a very strict family and was the oldest child, which meant I didn't get much allowance to shop for clothes when I was in teenager. Still, I didn't want to wear the same outfits over and over, so re-styling the same pieces and building a completely different look using what I had in my closet was my only solution.  I was truly fascinated with how styling could double my outfit options! Possibly more?

Over the last few weeks, I have been sharing how to style a body-con dress ( Isn't the lace detail amazing?!) This is the final installment! You can check

the first



, and

third look

if interested.

For the

4th look

, I went for preppy chic, using the dress as a skirt. This time, I opted for more grown-up and sophisticated look. I paired the dress with my seasonal all-time favorite piece: a

turtleneck sweater.

 It is one of the perfect winter pieces and must-haves because of its versatility and you can effortlessly bundle up! I literally wear it every other day! haha

 I love wearing anything with burgundy color in winter. It's not as bright as red, yet the wine color gives a nice ladylike flair. Also, the hue polishes off any look very nicely and sleekly, so I wore the burgundy fedora and OTK boots to complete the ensemble. Since I couldn't tuck the turtleneck in, I decided to tie a belt around my waist for more flattering effect.

Topping it off with a statement necklace is always a great idea!

 I hope you like how I styled the dress, and hopefully you've got some inspiration of how you can style your own dress by switching out other pieces from your wardrobe! Pick up some oldies to put together! They will appreciate you for bringing their life back again! :)

Comment below to share which one is your favorite!

Wishing you all a wonderful and productive day!  


Thank you for reading!!!!


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Preppy Chic

Photographed by Jesse Rogers 

DRESS: c/o Tracyeinny (old, adore these  1 | 2 | 3 )   //  SHIRT: Thrifted (similar here or here in black or white)  //  SWEATER: H&M (similar) //  BOOTIES: Qupid via Lulu's   //  HAT: ALDO (old, similar)  //  ACCESSORIES: Nordstrom Rack tights, H&M necklace, Urban Outfitter earrings 


Hi LOVEs!!! Happy Monday!
 I've been feeling super fresh and inspired lately because Seattle's weather has been soooooo lovely for the last several days! I didn't even need a jacket yesterday! It's kinda sad to know that the weather has such a profound effect on your mood... I should have considered that before I decided to move seattle, huh? haha
Anyway, I am REALLY excited to welcome spring soon and to enjoy these fabulous warm and sunny days!

So today's look is another oldie! But bear with me, I have a reason, of course! I hope you remember that I did a style challenge back in 2012, styling a night-out dress from Tracyeinny in 5 ways, and I am sharing the 4th look! 

Unlike the first, second and third look, I decided to wear the dress as a skirt under some simple layers. Since the dress has a collar accent, I chose a sheer shirt to cover it and layered a sweater on top. I love how this transformation of a dress worked out for a totally different ensemble.  I actually try this styling method quite often and I am always fascinated by the outcome.  I always enjoy adding a good hat, and a bowler hat is the perfect touch to create a preppy chic vibe. I wanted to be weather appropriate, and wearing sheer tights is the best to do it when you don't wanna show a lot of skin. I stock 5 pair of them because it's must for the winter season, and they are very thin and never strong enough to wear more than 4 times due to my long nails and because I always sport a bunch of lovely rings on my fingers :p

I will be sharing the last look later this week or early next week! Stay tuned :)
By the way, this #NYFW atmosphere is personally happening for me right now here in Seattle. Though I can only be there in spirit, I am still hugely influenced to wear fashion week inspired looks lately. So the next outfit will be all about how I would be rocking it if I were there now!

Have a wonderful new week, loves! ♥


Thank you for reading!!!!

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Call It What You Want

Photographed by Jesse Rogers 

DRESS: c/o Tracyeinny (old, adore these three dresses 1 | 2
 3  //  
CARDIGAN: BB Dakota   //  BELT:  H&M (old, similar here)  // SOCKS: Urban Outfitters  //  SHOES: Charlotte Russe (old, adore these and these)


Hi LOVEs!!!!
You noticed from the pictures that they are quite old ones. But, I am so happy I finally found sets of images that were taken back in 2012 as I was preparing for moving out! Moving is seriously such a pain in the butt!!! However, one thing I love the most about it is I always find something that I've been looking for yet there was no clue where I should look for. haha Does that happen to you??

If you have been reading my blog back in 2012, you might remember I did 'style challenge,' which I created 5 different looks with totally different vibes by using a lace detailed dress from Tracyeinny, a Singapore clothing line. I did this because I wanted to share with you how styling will help you grow your wardrobe without buying any item. Every girl has a night dress in her closet and everyone can definitely transform it into daily looks with just a little styling skills.
You can check the first and second look from here and here, and the picture below is a lineup of the 5 looks. I am going to show you the remained 2 looks in the next few weeks along with my current daily ensembles!!


As for the third look, I really wanted to achieve a cute & classy yet casual style, and my inspiration was from Japan. So I picked three inspired items to go for the look: Obi belt, kimono cardigan, and over-the-knee socks, and I added a pair of black platform pumps to merge the color of the sock so that it crates the magic of  having longer legs.  I styled my hair softly curled the bottom for an extra feminine touch and parted my bang in the middle and pinned it on the side. I will say this could be a cute Friday-night- happy- hour look with besties or you call it whatever you want!

Happy Hump day angels!! 


Thank you for reading!!!!

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Exciting Moments As A Stylist

Hi LOVEs! 

Today, I will share with you my first time styling job I did a while ago with my another talented photographer friend, Felix Hidajat!

Photographer: Felix Hidajat

MUA: Lis Krebs of Lis Krebs Makeup Artistry

Hairstylist: May Tran

Stylist: Me

Jewelry: Me & Hitchcock Madrona

With as much as I enjoy styling, I always have been enthusiastic about polishing and expanding my styling skill further, like helping other people look better by my styling. Felix and I worked together once in a while doing photoshoots for my blog, and he asked me to be a stylist for his editorial studio photoshoots back in March. This was a great opportunity to test my skill! 

I had done some make over consultations for my friends, and I L O V E it!!! Yet, I had never experienced an editorial one. To be honest with you, I didn't know where to start. So, Felix and I met up a few days before the shoot and talked about the theme he wanted to achieve. I had him come over to my place so that we both could look through my wardrobe together to pick up anything that could work for the theme, form hats to jackets. My concern was my clothes would be too small for the model because I am super petite (Do you know any model who's 5' tall?), even though I had her information. So we chose around 10 different outfits for three themed looks.

On the day of the shoot, I decided to lay out all the items we picked, categorizing them according to their similarity. It really helped me visualize everything and made it easy to picture an outfit in my head. While Felix was pressing the shutter, I paid attention to how the clothes looked, straightening parts that had become folded or wrinkled. I also adjusted any accessories to make sure they were displayed properly.

You know, I am always the one who is photographed, and observing everything off the lens was quite interesting and learning. It's also fascinating that creating one art of picture involve with other people's talents, a makeup artist, hair stylist, and even some assistance to help us out. I hope this will be a nice begin for me to kick off as a stylist, and hopefully I can frame as many beautiful magic as possible with talented people down the road.

Here are a few behind-the-scene photos during the shoot! By the way, of all three looks, which one is your favorite? 

Have a lovely gloomy day everyone 

 (at least in Seattle!)


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Timeless Checkered

 Photographed by Marissa Alves

CHECK DRESS: Thrifted via Buffalo Exchange


This set was shot a while ago, but I didn't have a chance to share. I was asked to model for a school project of my photographer friend Merissa. The main purpose was to create an editorial photoshoot with a concept emphasizing dark theme and lots of action. We went with dark make up with red lips and wearing heels to create a sense of being "tall and powerful". 
We shot a couple of outfits, and this is the first set of them. Although it was my first time working with her, I super-enjoyed her photographing me -- an amazing photographer, I have to say!

My styling for the first outfit is to achieve the combination of past, modern and future.  The checkerboard dress emphasizes the 60's vibe and is paired with knee high socks and platform heels to embrace the modern. I finalized this look with hair ponytailed on the top hanging down over my face which worked well as I focused on posing. As she pressed the shutter, I tried to embody a sense action and movement, bringing in some unnatural, awkward poses to give a surreal, modern tension.

I hope you enjoyed the first editorial photos and stay tuned for the others which are totally different  and just as exciting!

Have a nice day ;) 


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Slim Lines, Statement Pumps

I was given this "Mandie Lace Dress" from a Singapore clothing line brand "Tracyeinny" back in December, and I decided to create 5 different looks using this dress. I promised to tell more about the inspiration behind each look, so I am posting about look #2!! By the way, the picture below is the 5 different looks if  interested...

DRESS: Tracyeinny  |  FEATHER EARRINGS: Urban Outfitters  |  BELT: FOREVER 21  |  PASTEL PURPLE PUMPS: JustFabulous 

Compared to the first look, look #2 is going for more of seductive feeling because I wanted it to fit for hitting the clubs or going to a party. I like this dress since it accents sleek lines when looked at the side, but has an mixed-up grace when viewed from the front and back. 

I put up my hair and teased my bangs, to keep things mysterious. Wearing the black belt balances the whole look and the feather dangling earrings also balances top and bottom to frame my face. I chose those pastel purple platform pumps to draw your eyes down from the dress and toward my feet, which showcases my legs while not being too colorful to distract from the dress. 

Overall, with the sleek lines of the dress, the pastel purple heels, and my bare shoulders and arms, the effects make you forget that I am 'petite'!!!!

So how about my look #2? Are you read to try it out when you go to the club? I am sure you will be a hit!!!! 

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5 Ways To Rock A Stunning Dress: JUST PLAIN 'HOT'

2 weeks ago I got a package from a Singapore clothing line "Tracyeinny", and I was gifted two fabulous products in their line. Here you can see me wearing one of them -- the Mandie Lace Dress.
This dress is flattering even for a petite person like myself, as it is very stunning with its design and details.  As I was trying the dress on in front of the mirror, an awesome idea suddenly popped up: "Why don't I style up some different looks using the dress? It would be fun, wouldn't it?"
So I began poring through all the clothes I have in my closet while picturing  possible looks that would nicely match the dress. As I was thinking of the outfits, my focus was to create a different feeling and taste for each.

As you can see in the pictures above, I must say I successfully created 5 contrasting looks that are equally wearable in daily life. And for the next few weeks until my future new outfit posts, I will be blogging about how I imagined and interpreted each look.
I have summarized each of the styles below and will post updates to the blog to expain how I came up with each of them, so STAY TUNED~!!!!

1. Just Plain 'HOT'
2. Slim Lines, Statement Pumps
3. Japanese Inspiration, Hey cutie!
4. Preppy Chic
5. New Orleans Night life Lady 

OKAY! Here we go! Let's begin with the first look!  

For this first look, I simply put the dress on with sequined open-toe platform heels. I wanted this look to emphasize elegance.  To achieve that, I softly curled my hair and brought it to the side, pulling my bangs back. I wanted to showcase the dress' amazing collar details, so I didn't want hair or a fab necklace to obscure it. Still, I didn't want things to be boring; I wore some gold dangling earrings as an accent.

Did you like the first look? Hope you did!
I will be announcing when I am going to post about the second look, so be sure not to miss it!!!

Oh just a little note that Tracyeinny is now doing 50% storewide sale till Xmas!!!"Save money, buy more!!" Enjoy your Xmas shopping!

♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆ ♥   STAY FAB & STAY FASHIONABLE!!!! ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ 

Thank you for reading!!!!