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Some People Feel The Rain, Others Just Get Wet

Some People Feel The Rain, Others Just Get Wet

Happy Friday! Today, I am taking a little break from a regular style post and decided to share with you something different -something bold, mysterious yet alluring. And little personal thoughts. 

I Design Dreams

Do you design your dreams?
Photographed by Teban S. of Asian ImpressionsNoir Impressions   //  Swann House in D.C.

BLAZER: H&M (old, similar at SHOPBOB & Chico's)
SHORTS: Nasty Gal (old, similar at Nasty Gal & ASOS)
SHOES: Steve Madden 


Here is the second set of photoshoot I did with my friend Teban during my DC trip! (Here is the first set!) I'd been dying to try something high-end magazine inspired and editorial shoot for a long time, so I couldn't be more pleased with how this set came out. I know it's seductive, but that's my intention--appealing, feminine yet fashion forward. 
I know I am far from those models appeared in Vogue, yet it's all about challenging myself and trying to reach my goals!
To be really honest with you, I used to want to be a model when I was young. Actually.... I was once a kid model for a catalog. But that's all. As I was growing, I realized that I wasn't qualified enough mostly because of my height and my body proportion. However, since I started my blog and learned how to show my best side by styling, posing, and angles, I've been convinced that maybe I should keep my childhood dream alive and make it happen one day. Then, show anyone who is in the same shoes that their goals definitely would be fulfilled as long as you have the courage and effort to pursue them. So even though I call myself a style/fashion blogger, I've been pushing myself harder and will continue to strive for my dreams. 

There is a famous quote by Ralph Lauren that Teban shared with me - "I don't design clothes, I design dreams"
This quote is very inspiring to me because it gives me absolute hope that everyone can create their own dreams. Dreams are not what you see, they are something you can make come true.

Hope you enjoyed this set, and stay tuned for the third one! 
Have a good one, cutie pies


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Discover Yourself

Photographed by Mike Diep // Discovery Park

TOP: c/o Now I Style turtleneck, H&M shirt  //  COAT: From Japan (similar here)   //  SKIRT: H&M (old, similar here) //  HAT: Forever 21 (old, similar here)  //  BOOTS: Steve Madden (old, adore these & these)  //  SHADES: Celine  //  JEWERLY: c/o Charlotte Russe necklace, Crossroads Trading earrings


Hi Loves!!
Recently, I was featured on's Instagram & Twitter. To me, this was a really big deal and it made my heartbeat so fast!!  You see, being featured by them was one of my goals for 2015. I never imagined I could check it off my list so fast. Being recognized by such an influential fashion platform is so terrifying (in a good way, of course)! Thank you so much again, Lookbook team, for featuring me and making my week!

Over time I've been blessed with so many fans and followers who make me so happy with the comment, "I LOVE YOUR STYLE!" Those 4 words really mean the world to me. After all, I've had times when I doubted myself and wondered if my style was innovative enough or not.  I strive to keep my style diverse, versatile, and unique, and it is influenced by both American and Japanese culture. So I know it's totally different from most of bloggers out there. Being unique is tough, sometimes. It has caused me to struggle on occasion. Even though I may have defined my brand through my style, I am constantly rediscovering and  rethinking, and wondering if I should reinvent my style... 

But the answer is always: No.
You should never compromise who you are. When you believe in your goals and have a strong will, then go for it. Even though it may seem out of reach or your may get down about your apparent lack of progress sometimes, you just need to be patient. SUPER PATIENT. I know it may take all of your energy and effort to keep going. Still, as long as YOU believe that you can make it happen, it WILL happen! That's what I have been doing for the last few years when I re-started my blog in 2013. And this recognition proves that it works and was worth the effort.  Being featured (as well as all the warm and kind comments from the fans) really strengthened my conviction that what I've been doing was right.
Fashion is my own 'unique' way to express who I am. If I doubt my style, it means I doubt myself, too. I hope to keep growing in recognition of my defined style and I hope to encounter more fans who adore "who I am."

I forgot to mention that this is the second set of pics from when I worked with Mike. You can check out the 1st one here. I love how I layered up in a turtleneck top and buttoned down shirt underneath paired with a skirt! Discovering a new way to style oldies is so practical and always fun!    

I am moving into a new place tomorrow, so this weekend will be a full of unpacking and placing my tons of stuff! But the good news is... I'll have a BIGGER closet, BIGGER room, and MUCH MORE sunlight! Can't wait!
Have fun on Sunday everyone! Go hawks!


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Embrace the Little Happiness

Photographed by

Marcus Annable

// Kirkland Waterfront 



POINTY PUMPS (old, Similar Here): GUESS


SUNGLASSES: Buffalo Exchange

NECKLACES: c/o Charlotte Russe & Charming Charlie  



First and foremost, I wanted to give a big thank you to my friend - Marcus - for photographing me lately to help me out. He is my old friend from my collage and I met him 5 years ago. I am so pleased we connected again after not talking for nearly 4 years! He is my main photographer now, and I am quite impressed with his photography skills although he has never done with fashion photoshoot because photography to him is a hobby and his focus is more nature and animals. I am delighted I was a trigger to expanded his photography expertise, and I hope working with me will help him improve that.

You know, if you are a fashion blogger and you have no one to take photos of your looks, that would be a crucial matter. Even if you do have the person, it could be another issue when he or she is seemingly uncomfortable to work with. I had been struggling with those difficulties, but he definitely saved me a lot. And he more impressed me as we work together because of the amazing results he creates!

I was more than happy that we ended up choosing the best location for our first shoot. Look at the insanely spectacular sunset... I've never ran into this amazing golden hour in Seattle. Plus we captured it during the photoshoot. It's double yays! I think you know that feeling like "I am so thankful for everything right now" whenever you witness the sunset. It even strengthens the feeling that "I am so glad I am alive and I can feel it from the bottom of my heart."

My life has been very tough. I believe I am not the only one who says that. However, I really appreciate I've encountered countless moments of little happiness like this. Instead of complaining how hard your life is, it's definitely worth and you can make better life if you try to find anything that makes you happy and smile, and even be appreciative for your pitfalls and struggles. "Pain makes stronger, tears makes you braver, and heartbreaks makes you wiser, so thank the past for a better future." A good thing ALWAYS comes after a bad thing, right?

New autumn season means new knit hunting! I got this

comfiest fuzzy knit last month at


, and I've been seriously in love with it! The comfortableness is just mind blowing.  No lies, I can sleep in this! I love how this knit could be worn in dress up and dress down. When I attended the Seattle's big fashion show, Downtown Seattle Rocks the Runway,

I styled it up with a lace midi skirt and floral sandals, accessorizing in some gold jewelry

. And this time I wanted to go for a laid back style to enjoy the beautiful sunny day so I chose leggings and gold pointy pumps. To me, paying a little attention to add some accessories is a key to polish a look. I can't walk out the door without a single accessory forgotten. I appreciate that mixing in gold jewelry offers the right amount of accent to this simple look, and even looked better with the gold sky.

Happy Tuesday sweet pies! 


Thank you for reading!!!!


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Exciting Moments As A Stylist

Hi LOVEs! 

Today, I will share with you my first time styling job I did a while ago with my another talented photographer friend, Felix Hidajat!

Photographer: Felix Hidajat

MUA: Lis Krebs of Lis Krebs Makeup Artistry

Hairstylist: May Tran

Stylist: Me

Jewelry: Me & Hitchcock Madrona

With as much as I enjoy styling, I always have been enthusiastic about polishing and expanding my styling skill further, like helping other people look better by my styling. Felix and I worked together once in a while doing photoshoots for my blog, and he asked me to be a stylist for his editorial studio photoshoots back in March. This was a great opportunity to test my skill! 

I had done some make over consultations for my friends, and I L O V E it!!! Yet, I had never experienced an editorial one. To be honest with you, I didn't know where to start. So, Felix and I met up a few days before the shoot and talked about the theme he wanted to achieve. I had him come over to my place so that we both could look through my wardrobe together to pick up anything that could work for the theme, form hats to jackets. My concern was my clothes would be too small for the model because I am super petite (Do you know any model who's 5' tall?), even though I had her information. So we chose around 10 different outfits for three themed looks.

On the day of the shoot, I decided to lay out all the items we picked, categorizing them according to their similarity. It really helped me visualize everything and made it easy to picture an outfit in my head. While Felix was pressing the shutter, I paid attention to how the clothes looked, straightening parts that had become folded or wrinkled. I also adjusted any accessories to make sure they were displayed properly.

You know, I am always the one who is photographed, and observing everything off the lens was quite interesting and learning. It's also fascinating that creating one art of picture involve with other people's talents, a makeup artist, hair stylist, and even some assistance to help us out. I hope this will be a nice begin for me to kick off as a stylist, and hopefully I can frame as many beautiful magic as possible with talented people down the road.

Here are a few behind-the-scene photos during the shoot! By the way, of all three looks, which one is your favorite? 

Have a lovely gloomy day everyone 

 (at least in Seattle!)


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