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It was a lot of fun  styling and modeling for my bestie's amazing pieces! <3
Photographed by Daniel Shapiro  //  Studio at Seattle Central Creative Academy 

Styling & Make Up: Yours Truly 
Angelina Furusho 

Hi LOVEs!!!!!
Today's post is a lot of different from usual ones. If you've followed me on my Insta & Snapchat ( @fashionistaika), I believe you remembered that I had a pleasure to do styling and modeling for the beautiful outerwear pieces designed by one of my besties, Angelina.

She was born in Okinawa, Japan, so it didn't take us that long to become best friends...Well maybe I should say, we are more like sisters!! (Insert that two girls are dancing emoji!)  She has been supporting me and my fashion dream with her heart, and I've been watching her great effort in her college and have known her huge passion for design since I met her. So there was no exact word to express how excited and honored I was to create something with her together and to do styling and modeling her amazing works.

Let me introduce a little bit of her as a designer:
She draw inspiration from her home of Okinawa and its culture. She has a passion for working with leather, fabric manipulations, and dyeing, and she also have a fondness for meticulous needlework. With those things in mind, she hopes to someday venture into the world of costuming, though she is eager to gain experience in every aspect of apparel design. 

I am totally in love with her design and of course a big fan! I wish you could try them out in person because you will be stunned by her keen craftsmanship, and each garment is incredibly well-designed! What I love about her design the most is she really cares about the details, especially where it's not being seen, such as inside pockets and such. You have no idea how many times I said 'WOW' while wearing her piece! I wanted to steal the black blazer so badly, to be honest with you.. lol
Now that she graduated from her apparel design degree. And she is already on her next journey as a designer, which she is moving to LA soon to expand and polish her expertise. I will certainly miss her a lot, but I am so happy for her next step! I am your biggest cheerleader, Angie! GO GIRL!!!! <3
Special thanks to Daniel for this amazing work of photography! 

Please visit her website for more of her works and who she is, and if you have any interest in purchasing a piece or having custom work done, contact her through the website! 

I hope you enjoyed all the images as much as I do! 
Happy hump day everyone! ♥


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Exciting Moments As A Stylist

Hi LOVEs! 

Today, I will share with you my first time styling job I did a while ago with my another talented photographer friend, Felix Hidajat!

Photographer: Felix Hidajat

MUA: Lis Krebs of Lis Krebs Makeup Artistry

Hairstylist: May Tran

Stylist: Me

Jewelry: Me & Hitchcock Madrona

With as much as I enjoy styling, I always have been enthusiastic about polishing and expanding my styling skill further, like helping other people look better by my styling. Felix and I worked together once in a while doing photoshoots for my blog, and he asked me to be a stylist for his editorial studio photoshoots back in March. This was a great opportunity to test my skill! 

I had done some make over consultations for my friends, and I L O V E it!!! Yet, I had never experienced an editorial one. To be honest with you, I didn't know where to start. So, Felix and I met up a few days before the shoot and talked about the theme he wanted to achieve. I had him come over to my place so that we both could look through my wardrobe together to pick up anything that could work for the theme, form hats to jackets. My concern was my clothes would be too small for the model because I am super petite (Do you know any model who's 5' tall?), even though I had her information. So we chose around 10 different outfits for three themed looks.

On the day of the shoot, I decided to lay out all the items we picked, categorizing them according to their similarity. It really helped me visualize everything and made it easy to picture an outfit in my head. While Felix was pressing the shutter, I paid attention to how the clothes looked, straightening parts that had become folded or wrinkled. I also adjusted any accessories to make sure they were displayed properly.

You know, I am always the one who is photographed, and observing everything off the lens was quite interesting and learning. It's also fascinating that creating one art of picture involve with other people's talents, a makeup artist, hair stylist, and even some assistance to help us out. I hope this will be a nice begin for me to kick off as a stylist, and hopefully I can frame as many beautiful magic as possible with talented people down the road.

Here are a few behind-the-scene photos during the shoot! By the way, of all three looks, which one is your favorite? 

Have a lovely gloomy day everyone 

 (at least in Seattle!)


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TRIANGL Lucie Candy Pink

Photographed by Eric Paguio of TypeNameHere // His Studio 

HOODIE: Gilly Hicks
FAKE GLASSES: Urban Outfitters 


Hi LOVEs! Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend is treating you well <3
If not, hopefully I can bring you some fun and a pleasurable moment with today's post!!

If you have followed my INSTA for a while, you will know that I recently  received a lovely and effortlessly cool underwear set from TRIANGL. I'd seen their swimwear and other underwear on many Insta posts of the people I follow, so I was really happy when they mailed me a top and bottom set! When I opened the box, I was impressed with how cute it was, and I was so happy to see how flattering it was when I put it on. Even the case they used to pack the underwear in is so stylish. I decided to recycle it as my perfect room decoration! Their underwear is simple yet attractive with a very eye-catchy design and the pop of neon colors! It's made of micro-mesh fabrics, no wonder it is super comfy to wear! I was having a hard time choosing the color since all colors are so tempting! But, I made the right choice. I can't get enough of how the color matches my pink hair <3
If I could choose one thing to improve about the set, I would ask that the bra be offered with pads. My bust is not so big and it can be a source of dissatisfaction for me (Double sad face emoji), so I always choose a padded bra. Honestly, I am most comfortable that way...

That said, don't you think Eric did an AMAZING job making both me and the underwear look both charming yet seductive?? I played around with it, styling it up in different ways: wearing fake glasses or some little gold jewelry and changing the lip colors...  Underwear is cute by itself, but I like it also paired with a hoodie and/or with room wear clothing such as lounge shorts. The bra turned out looking like a cool sporty bra and the neon color stands out vividly!
Wearing pretty or elegant underwear is something I've come to care about in the last few years as I  have grow into a woman. Even though it's not visible like a regular outfit, it absolutely helps you boost your inner femininity and built self-confidence. It makes you feel even sexier and more powerful. I don't have a perfect body like a Victoria's Secret model, but wearing a lovely set of underwear allows me to embrace my body. After all, wound't you agree that if you wear old crusty underwear you might feel frumpy, but when you put on a pair of alluring colored underwear you can feel happier and more excited? The fashion makes the woman who she is, and that includes lingerie!

You can get their underwear shipped to any country because TRIANGL ships internationally! Don't forget to check out their stunning bikini line as well! Hot summer days are still with us for a bit longer!

Have a wonderful sunday 


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2 Bobs Better Than 1

 Photographed by Eric Paguio



Today's post is a little bit different from my regular posts!!

I have a question to ask you... What's your favorite hair style?
Me? I've always had a big desire to have a bob haircut. I had one a long long time ago, but I don't even remember when it was. A bob is super cute and romantic... It's always been on my top 5 list of hair styles I want to try. In addition to that, one of my fashion divas, Rihanna, is rocking a black bob right now!!! She looks super amazing in that hairstyle! Still, I really love having my hair long and am enjoying coloring it in ombre. One day, as I was doing a photoshoot with my photographer friend, Eric, I found that he has this lovely black bob wig at his live-in studio! I immediately asked him if I could try it on. As I was checking myself out in the wall mirror, he grabbed his camera and he said "Hey, Aika! Let's shoot!"
That's the story behind these pictures!!

Talking about a little bit about the outfit.... I looooove this Bob Dylan oversized tee I found in the H&M mens section. It's big enough for me to wear alone with nothing underneath, or I can knot the hems to make it into a crop top, or it totally goes with leggings or jeans! So funny that I happened to sport 'two bobs' in one outfit - BOB hair and BOB Dylan! lol That's why I titled this post '2 Bobs Better Than 1'   

I am now totally obsessed with a bob hair wig, and I really need to get one for myself!!  I won't need to chop my long hair off --  I just need to save up the money to get a wig! I wish I had pre-planned to style my outfit for the black bob wig, yet I am pleased with how the pictures came out!

Hope you liked me with the black bob hair! :)
Do you dare to try it out for yourself?

TGIF my sweethearts! ♥


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Timeless Checkered

 Photographed by Marissa Alves

CHECK DRESS: Thrifted via Buffalo Exchange


This set was shot a while ago, but I didn't have a chance to share. I was asked to model for a school project of my photographer friend Merissa. The main purpose was to create an editorial photoshoot with a concept emphasizing dark theme and lots of action. We went with dark make up with red lips and wearing heels to create a sense of being "tall and powerful". 
We shot a couple of outfits, and this is the first set of them. Although it was my first time working with her, I super-enjoyed her photographing me -- an amazing photographer, I have to say!

My styling for the first outfit is to achieve the combination of past, modern and future.  The checkerboard dress emphasizes the 60's vibe and is paired with knee high socks and platform heels to embrace the modern. I finalized this look with hair ponytailed on the top hanging down over my face which worked well as I focused on posing. As she pressed the shutter, I tried to embody a sense action and movement, bringing in some unnatural, awkward poses to give a surreal, modern tension.

I hope you enjoyed the first editorial photos and stay tuned for the others which are totally different  and just as exciting!

Have a nice day ;) 


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