Fall Uniform: Turtle Neck & Trench Vest

Fall Uniform: Turtle Neck & Trench Vest

When you feel that your outfit needs a little “spice-up” but a coat is a bit too warm, trench vests are one of the perfect transitional pieces to elevate your basic outfit. Not to mention, a trench vest is such a perfect chemistry with turtlenecks! 

Favorites All In One

Happy 1st of December everyone!!

Photographed by Michelle Lock  //  First Hill 

TOP :: H&M ( other option HERE, HERE )
VEST :: c/o TOBI (affordable ver. HERE, HERE)
BOOTS :: JustFab (old, similar HERE, HERE, or other option down below )
HAT :: Forever 21 ( love THIS, THIS )  


It kind of feels like a relief that the shopping madness is finally overrrr! I think this year I shopped more than usual, but it's okay I have no regrets. I would rather feel happy to score most of the things I wanted to get my hands on from my wishlist! My wallet is so light, though! How did your shopping go??
Now that this year only has one month left, isn't it crazy how fast time flies? Although I am still not getting used to this crisp air yet, I love the feeling of bundling all up in a cozy knit and chunky scarf! In addition to that, fur vests and OTK boots are one of my favorite winter items to wear! Fur vests are super versatile and are easy to layer with almost everything even outerwear like a biker jacket and duster coat. OTK boots are definitely seasonal must-haves because they can make your look effortlessly chic and fun, plus the layering options are endless! Don't forget that they are also great pieces for perfect holiday & party looks!
So I styled them to create a chic and feminine ensemble by putting together with some of my other favorites - ruffle sleeve blouse, leopard mini skirt, and beret.
In Japan wearing berets is so popular, and I have at least 6 of them already!!! I can't be more excited that  instead of the ultimate winter headwear like fedoras and beanies, berets are having their moment to shine this winter for sure!  
Stay warm, dolls!! ♥


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Burgundy Love // 5 Ways To Style A Lace Dress - Final Look

Styling is FUN.  This is how I rocked my lace dress in 5 different ways.

Photographed by

Jesse Rogers

TOP:MANGO  //  DRESS: c/o Tracyeinny (old, adore these dressed 1 | 2  )  //  BOOTS: JustFab (old)  //  HAT: Forever 21 (old, similar here or here)  //  NECKLACE:Charlotte Russe  //  BELT: Thrifted  //  TIGHTS:Nordstrom Rack


Hi LOVEs! Happy Humpday!

Ever since I started my love affair with fashion, styling has been my biggest interest. This is especially important for me, since my body type makes it challenging to make the looks stunning due to my body structure (big face, long torso, and short legs). So how I put everything together is super crucial. Eekk, Being short can be a struggle! Plus, I was raised in a very strict family and was the oldest child, which meant I didn't get much allowance to shop for clothes when I was in teenager. Still, I didn't want to wear the same outfits over and over, so re-styling the same pieces and building a completely different look using what I had in my closet was my only solution.  I was truly fascinated with how styling could double my outfit options! Possibly more?

Over the last few weeks, I have been sharing how to style a body-con dress ( Isn't the lace detail amazing?!) This is the final installment! You can check

the first



, and

third look

if interested.

For the

4th look

, I went for preppy chic, using the dress as a skirt. This time, I opted for more grown-up and sophisticated look. I paired the dress with my seasonal all-time favorite piece: a

turtleneck sweater.

 It is one of the perfect winter pieces and must-haves because of its versatility and you can effortlessly bundle up! I literally wear it every other day! haha

 I love wearing anything with burgundy color in winter. It's not as bright as red, yet the wine color gives a nice ladylike flair. Also, the hue polishes off any look very nicely and sleekly, so I wore the burgundy fedora and OTK boots to complete the ensemble. Since I couldn't tuck the turtleneck in, I decided to tie a belt around my waist for more flattering effect.

Topping it off with a statement necklace is always a great idea!

 I hope you like how I styled the dress, and hopefully you've got some inspiration of how you can style your own dress by switching out other pieces from your wardrobe! Pick up some oldies to put together! They will appreciate you for bringing their life back again! :)

Comment below to share which one is your favorite!

Wishing you all a wonderful and productive day!  


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Sweetheart Print Bow Blouse & HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Photographed by Marcus Annable // Fauntleroy Park


SKIRT (Similar Here or Here): H&M

BEANIE: Target

GLASSES (old, Similar Here): Urban Outfitters




RINGS: Forever 21, Fashionsita Problems, ALDO & ASOS



A couple of posts ago, I wore a lovely heart printed sweater that my mom gave me as a surprise gift while she was visiting me in September. Now, do you remember I mentioned then that I was going to show you another cute heart print top that she gifted me? I am very excited to finally share it with you in today's post!!

I am the type of girl who easily becomes obsessed with anything that is super adorable and eye-catching, and this heart print blouse is no exception. The texture is very soft and silky, the cut is easy-fitting, and the burgundy color makes this blouse look oh so elegant -- it is surely a perfect piece for the season. It's always good to have a blouse in your wardrobe that can be worn for both work and play, and this one is so versatile, as it can easily be dressed up or down.

For today's look, I went with a slightly dressed up ensemble by pairing it with my favorite skirt and a combination of ankle socks and pointy pumps. Still, I wanted to keep it as an any-day look, so I added two pieces to tone things down: a beanie and a pair of fake glasses. Although curled hair with a beanie and fake glasses are really easy to achieve, the results are very pretty! I have so many beanies and glasses in my closet. I guess I will do this combo over and over by switching them around!

I would love to make an outfit in the future to layer with this blouse! Hope I can come up with another cutesy autumn look! Any suggestions??

Now on to the special celebration! As I stated in the previous post, today is my BIRTHDAY~!


I can' believe that I turned into 28 today, which means only 2 more years until I hit 30! I feel as if I am still 22, though! I am not like a kid who wishes to grow up faster, but I am not afraid of aging any more. Some people complain how old they are or will become, but as long as you love yourself, age doesn't matter, and it's never too late to start new things no matter how old you are! Yes, there are more things to watch out for as you age, such as paying attention to eat healthier food, providing deep care for your skin, or getting adequate sleep to keep your energy levels high. But each day is an opportunity to make yourself better!  I personally think that after I passed 25 years, I feel happier inside even though I have to face many obstacles. I can think in a more mature way, I know what I want and don't want in my life, and most importantly I am now aware of how to make myself happy and smile! My 27th year was all about new beginnings, especially because I started to take my fashion more seriously and that has introduced me to a whole new world! Thank you all so much for the endless love and support you've given to me. You guys are my precious support to push me to go further! I hope my new year will be filled with lots of new adventures, new experiences and exciting news, and will keep smiling no matter what! 


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Burgundy n' Navy

Photographed by Teban S. of Asian Impressions // Downtown Seattle

FISHERMAN'S CAP (Similar here or here): Isabel Marant pour H&M
MINI SATCHEL BAG (Similar here or here): 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target
LIPSTICK: Audacious Lipstick - Sandra by NARS 


Hi LOVEs! Happy Friday!
Now I have to admit that burgundy and nave blue, together is one of my ultimate favorite color combos for fall! I love how the colors give a modern, chic and even a richer touch to an outfit. Burgundy is such a gorgeous color thanks to it's deep wine red hue, it's an earthy earthy color that works perfectly for the season, and it's a lovely color for an accent that adds depth to an ensemble with its sophistication. The color can be incorporated with other fall colors like gray, camel and of course black. On top of that, it's effortlessly coordinates with whatever you already own. What's your favorite combination color with burgundy?

My feelings have been complicated these past few weeks because on the one hand  I am kind of brought down by the the gloomy days of late (yes, I definitely miss the bright sun already!), but one the other hand I am more than pleased to rock the defining  colors of autumn and get cozy with layers! Recently Ryan, one of my good friends who I met through Instagram, sent a bunch of amazing fall pieces from Charlotte Russe as a final package while he worked there. (So sad, but I am very happy about his new journey, and now he is working for Betabrand!) When I opened the package, he totally WOWed me and today's ensemble immediately came to mind when I saw them - a burgundy lace crop top, light wash jeans, cascade aztec cardigan sweater, and some killer jewelry!

I modeled  one of the trends this F/W, which is Bright Color, in my previous post, and another seasonal trend I am totally into and definitely want to try is VICTORIANA -- laces, collar necklaces, dark sides/goths, and chunky boots... I think you can see a little bit of that vibe in this look, and I LOVE IT! Since I wanted to achieve more of a casual look, pairing light color denim is the right pick. This cascade cardigan sweater, oh my gosh. How chic and fun is that? Plus, it's amazingly warm! I am very fascinated with the fisherman's cap that totally matches with the cardigan as my finishing touch.

 I am mainly a very enthusiastic and lively person, yet it's definitely fun to reveal my dark side through fashion. Fall is the perfect season to do that, and wearing dark lips really conveys that vibe. That's why I love fashion so much and like to keep my style versatile because I can be anything I want to be!
 I recently found the perfect dark lipstick called  SANDRA from NARS, and their new lip collection - Audacious Collection - is something you don't wanna miss out on. The collection is mind blowing, especially with the vast amount of beautiful colors that literally makes me want to try each one! Personally I really love how my lips feel with their lipstick, it's smoother than any other lipstick I have. If interested, click HERE to read my article about the collection.

I hope you enjoy today's burgundy and my first look with a Victorian vibe! I am about to go get some brunch with my friend at a shabu shabu restaurant -- yummy huh? Then, off to my second round of shopping for tomorrow's Downtown Seattle Rock the Runway
Wishing you a very fun weekend, cuties!           


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Leo, White & Burgandy

 Photographed by Justin Swain

TOTE MINI BAG: Rebecca Minkoff
BRACELETS & WATCH: Charming Charlie


After I shaved the side of my hair (which has been a liberating fashion adventure for me!! ), I've shown a tendency to wear more 'cool' and 'edgy' clothes that complement my hair style. But when I came across this so girly-inspired quilted skirt at Forever 21, my inner feminine spirit just had to be appeased, and I bought it without hesitation. Since I went with the skirt, then how about a nice sweater? This one from NOWiSTYLE is just right, since fuzzy knits are very on right now. They are so cozy and warm. But most importantly, they are strikingly eye-catching! And this white sweet knit with its super lovely details around the shoulder is such an irresistible piece. While it keeps you warm, that details add a touch of sex appeal without having to actually cover your neck during the frigid weather!!!  

To elevate the girly vibe, I paired these burgundy velvet knee-high boots to the skirt's red rose prints, which really ties the look together. These boots actually could be worn in another way by folding the top hems. However, for this look the folded hem just didn't work, so I went with the straight boots and for a touch of cuteness I did DIY which I added the little lace-up details on the back. I am truly glad with the result because they look cuter from both front and back!

I believe that this outfit is adequately cute without a coat. But if you need a coat, I also am very fond of this leopard coat and fur collar scarf. Red (boots) and leopard prints are definitely one of my favorite combos. The Rebecca Minkoff Tote Mini is a simple but wonderful accessory, especially the way I slung it across my body, for a sophisticated finish.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day 


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Before Summer Expires

FEDORA HAT: F21  |  WHITE TOP: Heather (Japanese Brand)  |  LEATHER PANTS: Purchased at Buffalo Excahnge  |  FLORAL KIMONO TOP: H&M  |  WEDGE BOOTIES: Lulu.com  |  BAG: STEVE MADDEN  |  NECKLACE: GUESS 

Lately I am so happy that the weather in Seattle is stunningly beautiful and awesome. It makes me feel as if summer is still going on, which is good esp for Seattleite!! So my beloved best friend and I took an advantage of it to walk around her house in the Capital Hill area. We didn't nothing special, just walking and chilling, enjoying the view. Yet it was really refreshing, and everything there produces very modernistic and historical atmosphere that I totally LOVE in spite of  my first time visiting. I was very impressed by how wonderful and cute all the buildings and houses look on the outside.  I shoulda taken more pics so I could have shown you the beautiful view of Capital Hill. Right now I am planning to move out from my current place and am now REALLY thinking about moving in around this area lol

Talking about my look I am wearing the floral kimono top is one of my favorite pieces I've got this summer, and to be honest this was my second time to wear it. haha I know I have TONS of clothes! That's why I wanted to rock the top before summer ends! Also 'DUO-TONE' is one of the coolest trends this autumn/winter  , so I put it together with my DUO-TONE look, adding up BURGUNDY (also one of the trends!) fedora. I can't wait to wear more of the fall looks and to share them with my lovely readers!!! 

Hope you guys will enjoy your weekends!! :) 

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