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Get Cozy in a Pink Coat

Photographed by

Marcus Annable

// Kirkland Water Front

TOP :: c/o Now I Style (similar here or here)


COAT :: TOPSHOP (similar here, here, or here)


BAG :: from Japan (similar here)

TIGHTS :: Nordstrom Rack

ACCESSORIES :: H&M necklace, Nasty Gal earrings, Forever 21/H&M/ALDO rings


Hi LOVEs!!

Today's post is all about winter coats. Have you invested in a new coat recently?  In contrast with summer, during winter you can wear eye-catching outerwear that draws attention while still saving you from the freezing winter chill.  Winter is my favorite season, but I refuse to sacrifice good style just to keep warm. There was a time when I believe in "Fashion is torture," but that was the folly of  my early 20s!  Now that I dress up smart, it was totally the perfect decision to pay extra money to get my hands on this lovely yet extraordinarily cozy pink coat from


last year! (Similar




, or


!!!) Colored coats are one of the must-haves during this season, and I believe you won't regret having a statement coat in your closet. Even if you are inclined to wear dark colors, consider that you can add considerable impact to your outfit just by putting on a bright coat!! Of course, it's also fun to play around with it to create winter color-blocking looks! If you layer up with a chunky knit or turtleneck, you need not fear the severe temperature! 

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I am now attracted more to gray-hued looks. So, as I imagined combining something gray with pink, I wondered if it would turn out be an unexpectedly interesting and chic look... My intuition about this color combination proved right because I love this look, and I am pleased that pairing a long coat with a midi skirt actually works for a petite girl like myself! Wearing a pair of pointed toe pumps always adds a touch of elegance, and throwing a bag with shortened straps across the body gives the illusion of looking taller!

I can't wait to show you guys a few of my recent investments in amazing coats soon! Maybe you could find what they look like on my




Thank you for reading!!!!


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Suit It Up Oceanic Blue & White

 Photographed by Teban S, of Asian Impressions Photography

TWO-TONE BAG: Kate Spade
BLUE CRYSTAL BRACELET (similar HERE): Charming Charlie
WRAP BRACELET: Sea Samdar Eliasaf
SUNGLASSES: Crossroads Trading Co. 


Hi LOVEs! Happy Friday <3

How's your week been going? :) Today, we have gloomy and cold weather in Seattle. Sad, right? How about in your area? If the weather is sunny unlike here, I am so jealous, but if it is just as bad as here, I hope I can bring some brightness from today's post!

If you follow my blog and my Insta (@aikaslovecloset, if not please follow me for the daily updates!), you may remember that I hosted a trunk show at SEE Eyewear in Downtown about a month ago. It was very fun and I was very happy it was successful, considering it was my first EVER event! So I decided to treat myself a little bit and went for shopping with one of my besties! On our last destination, we stopped by ZARA, and we hunted a few great pieces, which I am wearing on today's post! He found these gorgeous and super fashion-forward matching set (get yours! TOP & SKIRT) while I was trying others on. He has a quite good eye, doesn't he? :)
It didn't take even a few second to fall in love with them! My love of matching sets is definitely growing, and they are just so fa-bu-lous!!!!! The crisp and fresh color of blue and white totally wowed me, and they're STRIPES! The print is so playful and never goes out of fashion! What I love the most about these pieces is how the top is simple in front but the back has an interesting yet lovely look because of the zip and twin folds. On top of that, the skirt blew me away with the overlaid design, having a different style in front and back! What a fun matching set! They of course will look good separately in other looks! I can't wait to try them in a different ensemble!

I styled them with white pointy heels to keep with the same hues and to add extra crispness. The colors blue and white represent the wide blue sky, unfurled white sails, and the azure sea, and I already have a breathtaking statement necklace that rides the oceanic theme. Then, I like the earrings give a touch of antique-look.
At the first attempt assembling this look, I paired with a black bag. However, we have to change ourselves to ditch a dark color and incorporate more brighter shades into our outfits! I decided to switch the black bag to the two-tone bag with a vivid green! Challenge succeeded! :)

Do you like these lovely striped matching set as much as I do? How would you style them?
I hope your Friday finishes amazingly and launches you into a fabulous weekend! 


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Thank you for reading!!!!