Coquettish Rose

Photographed by

Jeremy Kwong


OPEN-TOE PUMPS: Crossroads Trading Co.


GOLD CLUTCH (similar HERE or HERE): ShopRoxx



Red is always my favorite color and forever will be. To me, since my name consists of the meaning of "love" in Japanese (Ai = Love), red seems to be a perfect color, representing who I am. Whenever I wear clothes with red, I feel like I truly become myself.  I believe that everyone also must have a particular color that is very symbolic to you :)

This red scuba knit fabric dress courtesy from

Charlotte Russe

is one of the bodycon dresses I am very fond of. Talking a little personal, I don't feel good about my breast size because they are not sexily big and wish to have a bit bigger ones :P That's why, I am quite uncomfortable wearing a dress that has a wide open-cut in the middle of chest, although I REALLY want to try out those dresses just because I personally consider them sexier and more attractive. However, this dress can magically cover my inferiority while still helping me pull of the sexiness. Generally, red dresses are much bolder than black dresses thanks to the bright color, so it's awesome to have one in your closet when you wanna go for a more conspicuous look.

I love the notched neckline

that shows off the right amount of shoulders, creating a sassy silhouette. The mesh cut-outs around my thighs add a flirty peek-a-boo and a can't-miss twist. Plus, they create the magic of elongating my legs and making me look slimmer.

When I came to select the shoes, I couldn't make a quick decision (in a good way, though!) because I have too many shoes to choose from! But soon my eyes settled on the right pair! I scored these amazing open-toe pumps with interesting details on the heels and soles at

Crossroads Trading Co

., and they perfectly compliment the look. Also, they integrate very well with the black and gold accessories! And of course adding red lips is always a great way to complete evening and dressy looks for the finishing touch!

I should have published this post on either Friday night or weekend, not in the middle of the week because I feel that is more appropriate. Hopefully you like this look, though, and I can give you some inspiration to your night-out look for the upcoming weekend!

Happy Thursday! 


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Take Me To France

 Photographed by Eric Paguio 

MILITARY CAP: Isabel Marant pour H&M
BELT: Thrifted
KNEE-HIGH BOOTS: From my mom
PLAID LONG COAT (similar HERE): Topshop
CHAIN & STUD WRAP WATCH: Charming Charlie
RINGS: ALDO, H&M, & Urban Outfitters 


Hi LOVEs! Happy Friday <3

If you are a lover of fashion, you don't wanna miss the BIG fashion events that are going on right now.
YES! Fashion Week Winter/Fall 2014!
New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week have just finished, and we are now switching to Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. It sucks that I am here in Seattle when I want to be there in the middle of the fashion! Still, one of my favorite things to do during this time is to go through the heaps of street fashionistas' photos!!! They are insanely fashionable and give me tremendous inspiration. I literally spent a few hours looking through them in a single day recently. I just couldn't stop! All the outfits are incredibly fashion-forward and are beyond on point! You can check on them via my Pinterest if you'd like!
As a fashion blogger who aims to be active worldwide, it is one of my biggest dreams to become one of them. On top of that, if the street photographers captured me in one of my outfits during my visit, omg... it would mean the world to me! I know I can't make the dream come true right away, but I will realize my dream one day for sure. Who said that I can't DREAM BIG??
Although I am not physically able to attend the Fashion Weeks, it doesn't meant that I can't dress up as if I am there, does it?

Today's outfit would be one of the ensembles I would wear at a Fashion Week. It is fully inspired by the french style... And I tried to create an inspired look by putting my favorite pieces all together. A turtleneck top is definitely a winter essential, and I paired it with an A-line camel leather skirt and a wide belt. I can't stay away from knee-high boots. They are not only cute but are also super practical to protect you from the winter cold. And I've worn these brown ones from my mom countless times! I accessorized with gold and black jewelry for a high-end touch. Thanks to the military cap, it elevates the french vibe even more. Anything in plaid is so trendy and this TOPSHOP plaid long coat is way too fabulous piece to resist... It wowed me when I saw it online, and my sweet best friend gifted it to me as a Christmas present! :) It IS a bit big on me, but I don't care. It's such a great piece to bundle up and is definitely stylish and a head-turner.
If you were going to a Fashion Week, how would you dress up?
Hope you have a fun and lovely Friday!    


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Side Draped in Black

Photographed by

Aiyana Yuki




BELT: Isabel Marant x H&M



Happy Monday LOVEs! How was your weekend?

Mine was great! It finally snowed in Seattle; it was very lovely and always love to see the view where everything is covered by snow. Even though I am getting older, seeing snow somehow makes me feel young just by thinking that I want to play so badly in the snow, like making a HUGE snowman or having a snowball fight! haha Have you ever felt the same way?

I also finished my last-minute Christmas shopping for my family in Japan during my weekend. The mall was crazily packed but I got a lot of nice gifts at such a great deal! I haven't gotten them anything for the last few years, so I can't wait to ship them to Japan and hopefully my family will love what I got for them! Another fun note from my weekend is that I watched

Captain Phillips

last night. The movie caught me from the beginning to the end, and I was really thrilled during the entire drama. There is no doubt that Tom Hanks is an amazing actor and I am so glad to watch the movie before it's done playing! If you haven't watched it yet, you should!


Christmas is now within two days... Have you decided what to wear?

If yes, that's terrific! But if not, I hope today's post will help give you some idea for that!

This is the last look I styled with

the dress c/o


. I really enjoyed styling it up in different ways and showing you how a simple dress can be changed into several outfits with totally different vibes just by the styling! I decided to wear the dress as it is. Then I simply put on some glam accessories, even using the same belt from the previous look, opted for a pair of fabulous sandals, and topped it off with the light camel fur coat to keep me warm. That's all. Easy but it's fantastic enough to become gorgeously dressed up!

The back cutout really elevates the sex appeal as well as the side draped details. I slipped down the shoulder to boost the appeal even more.  Don't forget to glam up yourself adding red lips. It's an all-time essential for party attire.  I intentionally chose this iridescent, shimmering beaded necklace to create not-too-literal Christmasy feeling to go with my red lips.

The gold clutch -

The Gatsby Clutch

 is also from


and I love it so much! The geometric design is pretty cool and is a great size to store the girl's essentials in. The chain straps are removable so you can use it differently. 

I am so happy to have this versatile, amazing dress!!! 

Please check out


for more great and awesome stuff!!! I hope you like, love and have enjoyed the whole set of three looks! In case you missed the first and second look, just click the following link:

Holiday Color Blocking


Winter Check and Polkadot

Sending you warm wishes to you and your loved ones. May your Christmas be filled with love, happiness, and of course, lots of presents!!!!!!


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Winter Check and Polkadot

CHECK JACKET: Anthropologie


POLKA DOT CARDIGAN (old but similar HERE): Forever 21



ANKLE BOOTS (old) : NastyGal

BELT: Isabel Marant x H&M

RINGS: H&M, Charlotte Russe


I mentioned

on the previous post

that since it's the holiday season, I'd love to give you some inspiration for holiday ensembles while wearing

this amazing asymmetrical dress c/o


. And here is my second look!

Unlike the first look, the second look is very elegant, feminine and classic. Honestly, I can't decide which outfit I like more since both looks are totally different, but I am very pleased that I was able to really manage to elevate my femininity with this look. I tried to keep the sophistication from head to toe. I styled my hair with an up-do curling my bangs, threw on a polished check coat, and chose a pair of red ankle boots and red mini satchel to give the look a little bit of pop!!

 I could have simply worn the dress without layering up. But it's winter--I don't want to freeze!!! Well to be honest with you, depending on the look sometimes, I sacrifice comfort and dress with less layers.

I chose this really cute polka dot cardigan as a bundling-up item. I love how different the vibe comes out once the jacket is taken off. It instantly changes into a more playful look, doesn't it?

When it came to jewelry to finish the look, I picked

this statement bib necklace c/o

Kivi Meri

. They are a design boutique and offer hand-made jewelry combined with high quality natural and modern materials from Finland and all over the world with high technologies to create unique items. I am such a big lover of necklaces and I picked this snake print necklace because my favorite things are all in the necklace: animal prints and chains. You can effortlessly add this necklace to any outfit and it is great enough to upgrade your look with. Since the necklace is silver, I kept all other accessories within the same color hues, including this versatile killer belt from

Isabel Marant x H&M collection

So which look is your favorite so far, casual or classic?

Have a great Sunday!!!


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Holiday Color-Blocking


CROPPED SWEATER (similar HERE): Forever 21




GOLD NECKLACES: Charming Charlie



 Hi LOVEs! I am deeply sorry for not updating anything for a week!

Christmas is finally coming very soon!!! I know you are all so excited with this holiday!!

Did you know that Christmas in Japan is for couples unlike in America? So when I was in Japan most of my friends who DID NOT have a partner whined a lot about Christmas because of that! Me as a single living here, I don't have to experience THAT; I can just enjoy the feeling of the holidays!

 I hope you have a special plan for your Christmas :)

Since it's the holiday season, I'd love to give you some inspiration for holiday ensembles!

Just in time, I recently received this lovely

asymmetrical hem dress from ShopRoxx

and it has been my current obsession! Whenever I see a dress, I always love thinking of how I can transform it to several looks because I don't wanna wear it only once or don't want to get bored wearing it in the same way over and over. So I decided to create three different outfits styling up with this dress to show you how you can style a dress in completely contrasting ways. 

I was eager to achieve casual with my first look because this dress itself is really ladylike. I paired it with a Forever 21 bright blue cropped top (similar


)  and

PUMA knit beanie

. Blue is such a big, hit color for me this F/W as well as one of the trendy colors. I finally found a sporty beanie at the PUMA store in Bellevue Square when I was shopping on Black Friday! I love it because it's a great item to casual down.  The dress actually has long sleeves, yet I am fascinated with how the dress changed into a skirt by covering the top while you can also layer up. During the winter, you want to bundle up without looking so fat, right? lol I accentuated the look with all gold accessories, especially I really like

the heart shaped earrings from JustFab

!!!!  I opted for a pair of leopard boots to give the look a bit of a boost.

How did you like my first look?

If you like the dress, I highly recommend to get it for one of your holiday pieces because you will see how versatile it is after you see my next two blog posts!



for the direct link!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone :) & stay warm


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