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Flair Colorblocking (...and NEW HAIR!!!)

Hollaaaa~!!! FINALLY I can get to show you guys my new hair!!!! 

Photographed by Marcus Annable //  Pike Place Market 

TOP: EXPRESS (old, adore this or Macy's, Shopbob )

PANTS: ZARA ( options Romwe, ASOS and Farfetch )

SHOES: ASOS ( old, adore these TOPSHOP & Nordstrom )
BAG: Kate Spade

SUNNIES: Celine 

BRACELETS: c/o Bourbon & Boweties  


Hi LOVEs!!! Hope your week has been going lovely so far!
GUYS! I have constantly been so thrilled over the last two weeks and have been feeling surreal, even now! This mermaid hair, how dreamy and cute it is! Any words can't describe how freaking happy I am to finally have THE dream color!!!!!! Since I have super *BLACK* asian hair, I would have never thought that I could have done this color EVER. I love how all three colors are so beautifully blended with each other, and it's way too cool that depending on where you look from, the colors are changed! It's like a too-go-to-be-true feeling, but it's all mine! I can't wait to share with you guys more looks and hair styles with this new hair color!
In case you wonder, I got my hair color done at Foxy Cut in downtown Seattle with Miguel. If you are interested in coloring in a sick color, I fully recommend my friend's salon! He is so talented! (obviously!!!) It's summer, let's play with colors~!!!!!

I wore this ensemble a few weeks ago at #ShoedazzleSaturday, a blogger brunch with my fellow bloggers. (I love blogger brunch! <3 <3 ) It's my kind of dressing up in a pair of pants. I first chose these awesome blush printed pants. Then, I thought it could be fun to style them with a color-blocking outfit, so I picked metallic sandals and vivid green bag to create the look while I kept the rest of it in basic colors since my hair color adds a few tons already.
I am all about details. As the summer approaches, I enjoying dressing my arms up by stacking up cute bracelets. So when Carley, the founder of Bourbon and Bowties reached out to me and said she loves my style and wanted to send her pieces, I was more than pleased! Their jewelry are so unique yet very adorable and eye candy, and they are also handmade by local men and women. You can check more about them here. They handpicked me three lovely bracelets which are Turquoise Slab Bangle, Zebra Bangle, and Fossil Quartz. I've been in love with them so much since the day I received. If you are a jewelry lover like myself, you surely adore their pieces!

Hope you love my new hair color as well as today's color-blocking look!
Have a nice one, sweeties 


Thank you for reading!!!!

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70's Jumpsuit

Feeling awesome to finally get back to the grind and writing a new post in my new room! 

Photographed by

Marcus Annable

 //  Alki Beach 

JUMPSUIT: Forever 21 (sold out, adore this, this or this)  //  CARDIGAN: BB Dakota  //  HAT: ASOS  //  CLUTCH: Gifted (similar here or here)  //  NECKLACE: Rebecca Minkoff  //  EARRINGS: JJ Caprices  (use AIKASLOVECLOSET for 15% off of your order)  //  RINGS: Forever 21, Fresh Tangerine



I have no idea where to start, but I am feeling freaking amazing to fully recover from

the incident

and settle in to a new place!! My room wasn't furnished so I went to furniture shopping at IKEA last Friday and got my hands on a lot of stuff.  A bunch of lights (because my room is in the basement), candles, clocks, storage goodies, and.... BED! When I first moved in here, I was bedless. I had no choice to sleep on the floor without a mattress - just a few blankets in place of it. It was kinda of nightmare, and I actually had super weird dreams a few nights in a row! So I am totally excited to sleep in my cute, white fluffy bed now!! Ever since my childhood, I've always dreamed of having a canopy because why not? It's adorable and makes a bed much cuter! And guess what? That dream came true!!! My landlord is so nice that I can decorate however I want to. My new roommate just painted his wall from white to orange. I can't wait to DIY my new house! Hopefully I will have a chance to peek my new room/house for you guys soon!

When I found this awesome jumpsuit at

Forever 21

online, I once neglected to buy it because I didn't know how good it would look on me. Then, a few days later, when I went to their store with my friend, I found it and she pushed me to try it on. Immediately, I fell in love with it!!! Although I had to tailor the hems, this jumpsuit is perfect to me! I have a long torso and short legs, which always make me hard to find a flattering jumpsuit. So actually this is my first time owning it! I definitely love the 70's inspired print with a blue color accent. I am generally not very comfortable wearing a piece that widely opens around my chest due to small breasts. But this jumpsuit solves the problem and gives me an even better look.

I decided to layer it with an oversized cardigan and my all-time favorite

camel hat

. I tend to glam up by wearing stacking bracelets as the weather gets warmer and the skin is shown. It's fun to mix and match with what you have already and new accessories. Plus, the outfit never looks so plain. I've been in love with my new

"Jewel Box" Y-neckalce from

Rebecca Minkoff

. It's not a bold statement piece, but it's definitely something you can wear on daily basis from day to night.

What's your favorite spring/summer piece lately?

Happy Tuesday 


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Tribal Touch In A Beautiful Sundress

FRINGED BAG (similar HERE or HERE): Forever 21
BEADED NECKLACE (similar HERE): Gifted From My Bestie
RINGS: H&M, ALDO, Urban Outfitters


Hi LOVEs!!!!
I am deeply sorry for being MIA for such a long time... My laptop was suddenly out of control, but I was finally able to upgrade to MacBook Pro with Retina Display! OMG! I love it to death! <3  I am also really happy to be finally back here!!!!

Lately, the Seattle weather has been amazingly beautiful and I can't help but enjoy it! I bet it makes everyone here so happy and smiling! Almost as if I anticipated the shift toward sunny weather, I was  prepared to enjoy it by getting my hands on this fabulous sundress from RVCA!  I am digging the tribal vibes this summer, one of the huge trends. This maxi sundress has marvelous exotic textiles! Since I am petite, I always have a difficult time to find a maxi dress that does not make me look short. So, when I ran into this dress at the ZEBRA Club, I strongly felt a bond with it. The ruffled neckline helps me cover my long torso, and the flowing bottoms give a playful look that makes me dance with the wind :) I also love how it looks from behind. I think this is the best sundress I've ever owned! The only thing I am not pleased about this dress is.... I have to wear platform heels to avoid walking with the dress trailing. But I will definitely wear this dress over the summer, and it will be on heavy rotation! I would like to go on a date with this dress and then want to go to a beach and walk with my date along the sea shore! That would be fun and romantic, wouldn't it?

To keep the tribal theme going, I accessorized myself with tribal-inspired pieces. The beaded strap necklace with a wood pendant gifted from my best friend is nicely harmonized with the dress. The flower hair corsage in my lightly curled hair with a half updo adds an extra feminine touch. Now if your hair style looks a bit lonely for spring and summer, I recommend to wear some cute hair accessories, like I did. A tiny detail sometimes changes the whole look completely.
I always love wearing stacked bracelets. I can do mix and match with whatever I adore but never look 'overdone' or 'over accessorized.' If you don't know how to do it or aren't bold enough to try this awesome 'armparty' method, I found a great article that is worth reading and gets you try it out!!

Happy Friday 


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