Be Fierce in Balmain x H&M

Here is another look ft. Balmain x H&M collection

Photographed by James Chrosniak  //  Bellevue Square 

DRESS :: Balmain x H&M
BELT :: Thrifted (similar HERE, HERE)
SHOES :: ASOS (old, similar HERE, HERE and HERE)
EARRINGS :: Balmain x H&M
SUNGLASSES :: c/o PRADA via DITTO ( use "AIKASLOVECLOSET" for your first month free)


Hi LOVEs!!!! Happy FriYAY!
I think it's great way to end my crazy week and start off the weekend by sharing my favorite look with you guys! There is always such saying "A girl can never have enough stunning dresses in her closet!" I am completely up for that, and this Balmain x H&M dress strikes me and is a rock star of all the dresses I have! To my surprise, the collection was much more popular than last year, and this dress was the last one left on the rack, even my regular size were gone in a few minutes! How crazy, huh? I am extremely happy to get my hands on a dress from the collection and so glad to end up owing this number.
I feel like a super woman in this dress - so bold, so fierce, and so seductive. How the color-block is designed is what makes this dress so one-of-a-kind! I look utterly hot from every angle, check out the gold back zip detail all the way across the dress!!! The shoulder part is in the boxy shape, which is great for someone who has narrow shoulders like me. I added a black belt with the gold accented buckle to help definite my frame and finished it off with a pair of platform booties.

I was able to score this gorgeous statement rhinestone earrings from the collection as well, and they go just so perfectly with the dress! They are really eye-catchy and striking, thus wearing this earrings will give such a memorable accent to all my holiday parties down the road! Shiner, the better! Bigger, the better!! I decided to style my hair in high ponytail so that I could stylishly showcase the amazing detail of the dress as well as how superb the earrings are!
By the way, I am kind of a girl who always carries a pair of sunglasses wherever I go. My current favorite ones are Prada Cinema via DITTO where you can rent designers sunglasses for only $24/month until whenever you want to. Here is a special code that you can get your first month for free : AIKASLOVECLOSET!!! I hope you can find the pair you have kept your eyes on there! ;)

Cheers to the amazing weekend, my sweeties! 


Thank you for reading!!!!

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Flair Colorblocking (...and NEW HAIR!!!)

Hollaaaa~!!! FINALLY I can get to show you guys my new hair!!!! 

Photographed by Marcus Annable //  Pike Place Market 

TOP: EXPRESS (old, adore this or Macy's, Shopbob )

PANTS: ZARA ( options Romwe, ASOS and Farfetch )

SHOES: ASOS ( old, adore these TOPSHOP & Nordstrom )
BAG: Kate Spade

SUNNIES: Celine 

BRACELETS: c/o Bourbon & Boweties  


Hi LOVEs!!! Hope your week has been going lovely so far!
GUYS! I have constantly been so thrilled over the last two weeks and have been feeling surreal, even now! This mermaid hair, how dreamy and cute it is! Any words can't describe how freaking happy I am to finally have THE dream color!!!!!! Since I have super *BLACK* asian hair, I would have never thought that I could have done this color EVER. I love how all three colors are so beautifully blended with each other, and it's way too cool that depending on where you look from, the colors are changed! It's like a too-go-to-be-true feeling, but it's all mine! I can't wait to share with you guys more looks and hair styles with this new hair color!
In case you wonder, I got my hair color done at Foxy Cut in downtown Seattle with Miguel. If you are interested in coloring in a sick color, I fully recommend my friend's salon! He is so talented! (obviously!!!) It's summer, let's play with colors~!!!!!

I wore this ensemble a few weeks ago at #ShoedazzleSaturday, a blogger brunch with my fellow bloggers. (I love blogger brunch! <3 <3 ) It's my kind of dressing up in a pair of pants. I first chose these awesome blush printed pants. Then, I thought it could be fun to style them with a color-blocking outfit, so I picked metallic sandals and vivid green bag to create the look while I kept the rest of it in basic colors since my hair color adds a few tons already.
I am all about details. As the summer approaches, I enjoying dressing my arms up by stacking up cute bracelets. So when Carley, the founder of Bourbon and Bowties reached out to me and said she loves my style and wanted to send her pieces, I was more than pleased! Their jewelry are so unique yet very adorable and eye candy, and they are also handmade by local men and women. You can check more about them here. They handpicked me three lovely bracelets which are Turquoise Slab Bangle, Zebra Bangle, and Fossil Quartz. I've been in love with them so much since the day I received. If you are a jewelry lover like myself, you surely adore their pieces!

Hope you love my new hair color as well as today's color-blocking look!
Have a nice one, sweeties 


Thank you for reading!!!!

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Floral in Spring Colors

 Photographed by Justin Swain

BRACELET: Charming Charlie
RINGS: ALDO, Urban Outfitters, H&M


Hi LOVEs!!! Happy weekends! :)

Here in Seattle, we finally have amazingly beautiful weather that makes us feel like "spring is just around the corner!!" While I love winter's snow, bundling up with layers and layers, and wrapping in blankets,  I also love the colors of spring, feeling the summer sunshine, and waking up with the beautiful sunlight. Compared to Japanese weather during spring and summer, Seattle is just insanely AMAZING... To me it's breathtaking.... The clear blue sky continuously spreads out so beautifully, the winds are so fresh and clear, and I can literally "smell' the summer breeze... Ummmmm picturing them in my head is just as thrilling, and I can't wait for that!!!

Today's outfit is all about the spring colors! How lovely are these floral purple pants? They are from ZAMRIE, who has launched a brand new website along with a brand new collection for 2014! I teamed up with them to showcase their collection and I picked these fabulous pants! Not only are the colors are great for spring, they are also really comfortable fitting. Because of my height, I am not a big fan of a wide-length pant, yet these are surprisingly good for petite people with platform shoes! So if you have been looking for perfect wide pants for spring and summer and haven't spotted them yet, these are what you should go for! It's also available in two different colors: Peach & Blue.
The brand creator, Ashley Zygmunt, decided to introduce a season-less approach to design and abandon the status quo "SS/FW" norm. She wants women to experiment with new fashion finds without discarding staid classics and have the flexibility to wear them year round.
I really appreciate her will because these pants are definitely wearable for girls of  any height, like I mentioned earlier and proved by how I styled them as a petite. They absolutely could be worn during the fall and winter time with knits and layers for outerwear!!

Besides the spring colors, floral prints are also big trend for SS. So I wanted to mix up more floral items to nicely go with the pants. I decided to team with a bright pink top and flower print shirt underneath. Then I picked my new statement crystal flower motif necklace that I got from Buffalo Exchange and a pair of pretty flower earrings as if they are matching pieces. It was still chilly without a jacket or coat so I threw on a brilliant red colored coat (It was only$4 at a thrift store, btw! What a score!) to add extra color hues. I haven't worn color-blocking outfits in a long time, and I really love how I achieved it with my spring-inspired look. This black cross-body bag is my current favorite of all my bag collections. I found it at, and it's perfect for any occasion. Plus, you can use it in multiple ways - obviously as a cross-body bag, a shoulder bag, a handbag by taking off the strap, and a clutch. I love a bag with an affordable price, that doesn't look cheap or poor quality, and can be enjoyed because of its versatility!

I am totally obsessed with floral print trend. It's pretty and feminine, so you can never go wrong with floral!  You will be seeing me a lot in the trend this spring and summer, so hopefully you can get some inspiration from whatever I wear as I show you how you can rock the trend!

Have a wonderful and stylish weekend sweeties! 


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Pastel Colors to Brighten The Season


Happy Friday my lovely readers! What kind of awesome plans do you have for TIGF?

Now... When was the last time I wore REALLY girly style? Yea, it's quite some time!!!  The ladies reading out there may understand that you can feel extra feminine just by wearing a skirt and curling your hair style!

When I first saw this lovely flowered print skirt at a local thrifted store, I just fell in love with it. Just look at how those bright pink flowers stand out! Its length was quite long on me when I tried it on, yet I couldn't resist buying it. After, I took it to a tailor to make it THE PERFECT skirt for myself, and you can see how well it came out! As you may know, higher waist styles are in again, and I really like how the belt complements the skirt. I paired the skirt with this lovely minty asymmetrical top from TOPSHOP and added the pastel heels from JustFab. I was really pleasantly surprised with how the bright colors play off each other, and feel that the whole ensemble turned out really cute and so fitting for spring! The day was a little chilly, so I added an H&M cropped jean jacket and polka-dotted ankle socks! These socks were sent to me from Japan a couple of months ago (thanks, Mom!) and I just LOVE them so much! The best thing about them is that they are not too plain but also not such a conspicuous design either, so I can wear them with any style if I wanna add some spring to my step. 

And don't forget the accessories! Doesn't the bow hair clip add just the right amount of innocent and cute? I really think SO! I didn't intentionally match its color up with the jean jacket, but it turned out to be a match made in heaven! I must say that cured hair and bow hair accessory is the best combination if you are going after a girly-looking hairstyle! Hopefully I can show you more of "how to use the bow hair clip" with my future outfits because there are TONS of ways to style it up!!

Hope you like/love my look <3
Again, HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!        

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