Charming Charlie Grand Opening Event!!!


Today's post is all about a new store named Charming Charlie which opened in Redmond, WA!!!
 I had never heard of this brand until I received an invitation for the Grand Opening event, which is really too bad for me! Now that I have been there, I really adore Charming Charlie now!!!
The new store had its launch last weekend (Oct 15th) at the Redmond Town Center. The exterior is quite lovely with its bright pink door and wide glazed windows -- as you can see in the first picture. 

Before I start talking about my shopping experience at this shop, allow me to introduce Charming Charlie a bit...

"Charming Charlie made its debut in 2004 with one very colorful and clear mission: help very woman, everywhere, find her fabulous. We're crazy for color. We live for sparkle. We thrive on making a statement. Why? Because we know accessories have the power to transform both your outfit and your outlook.  Jewelry, handbags, eyewear, scarves, shoes, and more all grouped together in your favorite colors -- thousands of accessories in one store! Plus friendly Charmeres ready to help you unleash your one-of-a-kind style -- we call it finidhing your fabulous. From the tip of your tiara to the point of your pumps, Charming Charlie wants to bring our your most fabulous, fierece and fun self every single day. " (Cited from

You know how much I love to accessorize, and I really love how all of the accessories and jewelry are displayed throughout their store! I've never seen a store that organized by color the way they do. The layout allows you to mix several pieces together in similar shades. For example, you could layer a few ( or MORE) necklaces in the same colors but in totally different textures and shapes... How fun is that? To a person who loves layering like I do, this store is definitely now on the regular visit list. The sales reps are also very friendly and inviting, and they are all well-dressed with Charming Charlie pieces!!!! I kept asking them the same question: "I love the necklace you are wearing! Where can I get it?" They are like walking mannequins! lol

  I am very fascinated with the store displays as well. The stunning shiny chandeliers, white boxy in-walls with tons of lovely items, European-inspired huge mirrors... I was very satisfied and overjoyed just as I strolled around the store! As you shop, you will surely be inspired thanks to the thousands of accessories! It was so extreme that I had so much trouble deciding what I SHOULD buy! Their well thought out displays give you plenty of awesome tips on how you can mix and put accessories and jewelry together!!!!
Have you ever felt that you were looking for something but could't find that perfect right thing you really wanted?
Well, you can say goodbye to that feeling now! Charming Charlie can solve it right away. Now you can go to their store because CC is where you can find exactly what you are looking for...

Here are the items I bought, and I love every piece so much!
They are offering a Buy One, Get One Free deal, so I took advantage of it to buy the gold necklace and earrings and saved some money! :) 

Did  you like what I got from Charming Charlie???
You can buy some of the items online as well!

(Available in 5 colors: Black, Dark Blue, Orange, Red, & Wine)
(Available in 3 colors: Black, Light Brown & Light White)

A special thanks to Kimberly for the invitation to have me tour the store!
I wanted to share this little gem of a store in case you hadn't heard of Charming Charlie  and I hope you can be inspired by my shopping experience there! Make sure to check them out online or/and in store if you live near by them! (Here is the direct link to STORE LOCATOR!!)

Have a great one!


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Leopard X Neon

As a lot of fashionistas already knew, Neon is a statement color and very fun to play with on your outfits.
It will not only spices up your look but also sends out a strong taste into it.
Don't underestimate the power of bright colors and it definitely enhance the look of your outfit! This spring and summer, Neon is a king of "pop of color" that every woman should have in their fashion wardrobe!!!!!


 WHITE SILKY TANK-TOP: Aritzia  |  LEOPARD JACKET: Forever 21  |  NEON SKIRT: Nassty Gal  | BOOTIE: Steve Madden  |  ACCESSORIES: Forever 21, Express, ALDO   |  SUNGLASSES: Buffalo Exchange 

 Do you like my new black hair??? :) 

 RING: Loft  |  PEARL BRACELET: Express  |  WATCH: ALDO  |  GOLD + SILVER BRACELET: Forever 21

NECKLACE: Forever 21

 Diggin' my orange statement ring! 

Oh STEVE MADDEN, you are always so good to me!!!!! 

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Hello Spring... Hello Colors...

Hello my lovely fashionable readers, how have you been?
I'm very sorry that I haven't blogged for almost a month. With three jobs like I mentioned in a previous post it's driven me crazy since I have less free time for myself, but now I am kind of figuring out how to handle it :)
Good thing is that I am not really stressed out about my jobs!!! I always get excited and enjoy whatever project I am assigned plus I love people I am working with :D
Currently, I am working on a big project which is a trunk show being held in May. I am extremely thrilled about it because I know it's going to be awesomely fun and exciting!!!!!!

I am very delightful these days because it's now a season of COLOR-BLOCKING!!!! Still Seattle is still kinda chilly even when the sun is up, though. Personally I prefer colors rather than monotone, so I always have some colors in my daily outfit, having fun mixing up colors and colors...
In addition to colors, it's so fun to play with pastel and neon colors this spring/summer!!!!!

HAT: Free People 
BELT: Thrifted 

EARRINGS: Charlotte Russe


 I love a CHUNKY ring like this one!!!! NEED MORE OF THOSE!!!! :P


Diggin' these pink frame aviator sunglasses from ALDO!!!! 

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Hope you all have a sweet and lovely one!!