Target x Made by MINKPINK || Medallion Ruffle Romper

Target x Made by MINKPINK  || Medallion Ruffle Romper

Sharing the 2nd look from the Target x Made by MINKPINK collection! It was actually one of my least favorite pieces. However...

Treat Yourself...♥

 Only 10 more days till Christmas! It's okay to do something nice to you because you deserve it!

Hi LOVEs!!!
 I took a little break from my regular outfit posts, and want to do something different here today! I teamed up with She Inside to share with you a tons of lovely items that you could get for yourself as a Christmas gift! She Inside is actually having a Holiday Deals sale that will end on 12/21, where you can get 40% off, 45% off and 50% off depending on how much you spend! She Inside is one of my favorite online shopping destinations, and what I have found there is extremely tempting! I collected items for you guys in 4 different categories - Winter Must Have Coats, Fab Boots, Holiday Party Outfit Ideas & Party Shoes!
Hopefully, this post will help you find something sweet for yourself because you totally deserve it ,and please let me know what your favorite picks are! I am thinking to get my hands on a fun colored coat and another pair of black boots!

Happy Shopping, my loves! 

 ● Winter Must Have Coats
5. Pink Long Sleeve Lapel Coat

Fab Boots

 9. Grey Chunky High Heel Tassel Boots
10. Black Lace Up Buckle Strap Thick-soled Boots

● Holiday Party Outfit Ideas ●

● Party Shoes
1. Gold High Heel Butterfly Sandals


Thank you for reading!!!!

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Casual Friday with Grey Suede Boots

I am such a heel lover, but these boots are worth keepin' in my closet.

Photographed by

James Chrosniak



TOP: Forever 21 ( similar




, and




Another Edition

, Japanese brand ( similar





BOOTS: c/o

Cat Foot Wear

 - Dark Gull Grey



( similar






Hi LOVEs! Happy Friday!!!

As I describe that my style is versatile, alternative, and unique, it's always so fun for me to work with a brand that I might not go find on my own. I prefer to put heels on wherever I go, however, what if I have an awesome pair of suede boots in my closet? I can stroll around from towns to towns in them because I bet my feet won't kill me!!

I am so pleased to get my hands on

these new boots


Cat Foot Wear,

and they are getting ready to launch their new AW15 collection, and this seasons line is all about performance details, with a full range of suede waterproof boots (

that don’t look like waterproof boots!

), along with other wool, faux fur, and thinsulate styles. And, this same theme carried into the men’s collection as well with a full range of wool and waterproof boots, including a collaboration with Gore-Tex which updates the brand’s iconic 


 silhouette in 6 insulated, waterproof colorways.

It was quite hard for me to pick which of their new boots I wanted to style in because there are lots of fun and awesome boots from the new AW collection! These come in leather and suede, and I chose the latter on the spot! Because I am so into the texture right now, I think everyone is, in this season, and I picked dark grey color out of two other colors - black & cafe - since you guys know by now that I love anything in the grey shade!

To style

my boots

, I paired with a

blush fuzzy knit



for a super laid-back attire. Whenever I go for casual looks, I try to focus on how I can balance the whole look since I am a very short girl! So accessorizing is the key, and wearing a hat definitely helps to direct the eyes upward! I first opted for a beanie but switched to a

camel wide brimmed hat

because I wanted to add a feminine touch to the look. And side braids gives an extra cuteness along with the hat! I had so much fun shooting these boots at Seattle waterfront, one of my favorite spots for sure!

Hope you like my casual look today! :)

Have a lovely weekend ya'll! 

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Go Casual, Will Work For Clothes!

Photographed by

Marcus Annable

// Kerry Park

TOP :: c/o Qtee

JACKET :: H&M (old, similar here & here)

SHORTS :: TOPSHOP (old, similar here)

SHIRT :: Urban Outfitters (similar here)

BOOTS :: c/o LeBunny Bleu

BAG :: Forever 21

ACCESSORIES :: ASOS beanie, Forever 21 sunglasses & knee high socks, c/o Charlotte Russe Necklaces, Nordstrom Rack tights


Hi LOVEs! Happy Friday!

You've probably noticed as you were scrolling the pictures above that today I went with a super casual look because I wanted to showcase

the motto tee


comfy boots

that I've recently added to my closet!

Let's talk about the motto tee first. How cool is the quote - "Will Work For Clothes" ?!?! Right after I spotted this tee on


, I felt like I needed to get it ASAP because it made me feel as if it belonged to me lol  Of course I work hard for a lot of reasons, just like everyone else. Sometimes simply to survive, or to make a better living, or to achieve goals, etc... The reasons could be endless. But then when I saw these words, I realized that yes, I do work for clothes sometimes! I laughed at myself for a second; it's kind of ridiculous and funny at the same time. Needless to say, whenever a friend  saw my tee, they kind of smiled at me and gave me the same comment: "Omg... that's totally you!" I just can't get enough of their reactions, and it always made me feel glad that I got this tee for myself! 

Qtee offers a great selection of awesome, flattering t-shirts from a simple word print to a killer artsy graphic. You have full control to make your own t-shirt using your creativity! I love their belief: "Our shirts are as unique as each girl's individual closet, and that's how fashion should be."  With Christmas coming up, it's a great gift for your girls, sisters, or even your mom because now Qtee also carry shoes, hats, bags, and even underwear! You can get a discount using the coupon code "QTA15," so don't forget to use it!

Onto the subject of my boots, I've mentioned a ton of times that I am a total freak about  C R A Z Y & H O T heels... I can't live without them....Unfortunately my feet can't bear being in them for 24/7. That's why I always keep my eye out for a pair of shoes that are still functionally stylish and snug. Well, thanks to

LeBunny Bleu

, I am thrilled with

my new boots

that are totally made for walking! I adore the color, lace-up details, and the faux fur on the inside of the boots to maintain body heat. There are NOT so many boots out there with such functional materiel included inside! They are my go-to boots for my "day-off," especially when it's rainy and freezing outside!

It was very easy to achieve this casual look. I paired the shirt with denim shorts with sheer tights and I wore my knee-high socks to have double layers of insulation for my feet. I threw a brown faux leather jacket on to match with these boots, and topped it off with a beanie, as usual. Adding a plaid shirt tied around my waist gave a look more fun and playful! Glad I did it as a finishing effect!

I am curious to know how you would style the shirt and boots in a casual way!

Wising you a wonderful weekend ahead! 


Thank you for reading!!!!


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Boyfriend Jacket X Leopard Booties

BLAZER, TOP: Forever 21  |  SHORTS: Another Edition (Japanese Brand)  |  LEOPARD BOOTIES: ASOS  |  SUNNIES, EARRINGS: Urban Outfitters  |  BRACELETS, RINGS: H&M, F21, ASOS, Charlotte Russe

This is one of my work outfits and I completely love it because it has a feeling of both coolness and sexiness but not too much. Also I am in love with two things, which is the title of this post, BOYFRIEND JACKET & LEOPARD BOOTIES. Since I am petite and my shoulder is narrow as well as sloping, I always have a trouble finding an oversized jacket that fits me well. Not only about the fitting, I really adore its color, retro orange. I've seen other colors like red, blue, yellow, and pink yet orange. Those leopard booties are bomb! Leopard prints are always so stylish and never be out of style/fashion. When I found them at ASOS, I saw the sign "SOLD OUT", but then I came back a while after, the sign was gone!!! I was too excited (How couldn't I? lol ) because it seemed like I was the LAST one who was able to purchase the pair. One problem of the shoes,though, is I can't wear them for a long time since their heels are quite high although I get used to it... However if I carry flats there is no problem :) The fall boots I want to own for myself is SNAKESKIN boots or heels (BOOTS here, here or here HEELS here) ! Hope I am a good hunter to find them sooner!!!!!

♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆    STAY FASHIONABLE!!!! ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ 
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NEW IN!!!!

I wish I could say "Yay, it's finally March!!" like some of my fb friends do.
But I am afraid I can't because here in Seattle we still suffer from its freaking cold weather. I've seen many updates on FB that people are so ready for spring, but not for me... Booo :(
I still can't believe that we had a little bit of snow a couple of days ago.. Yea... it's crazy. One or second time is okay. I don't need more than that..

Every time I  instagram, I am so jealous of my followings to post their outfits wearing fine spring and summer clothes. I am already ready for wearing a lovely pair of pumps and heels, too! 

Although I am eager to wear a nice pair of spring shoes, just like I said this weather doesn't let me do. Well, I could try, but you know what if I attempt to wear them.... My feet would be NUMB or I would be dead. lol 
That's why a few weeks ago I was looking for a fine pair of boots online. PLAIN BLACK & PLATFORMS. 
I randomly stopped by my favorite online stores and finally was able to find wonderful boots at Piperlime, and I was so lucky enough to come across really nice ones from Steve Madden. What made me really difficult to come to a decision to buy them, though, was I was wondering if I really should take the black ones since there were BLUE and TAUPE colors as well. All colors looked really amazing, and I super wished that I could have bought them in all colors. However, after thinking for a whole week, I'd decided to buy the black ones as I planned before.  

and look what I got :)

They are surprisingly comfortable, and I can wear them WHOLE DAY LONG!!!! They make me feel really tall (actually that's the most important thing for me lol)
I am freaking obsessed with them already, and whenever I wear them, I feel so pleased and enjoyable!
Since they are black, I can't wait to mix with color-blocking pants/skirts/tops for early spring!!!!!
I have to say I made a very great decision in terms of picking the right color :D

♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆    Thank you so much for reading!  ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ 
Hope you all have a sweet and lovely one!!