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 Only 10 more days till Christmas! It's okay to do something nice to you because you deserve it!

Hi LOVEs!!!
 I took a little break from my regular outfit posts, and want to do something different here today! I teamed up with She Inside to share with you a tons of lovely items that you could get for yourself as a Christmas gift! She Inside is actually having a Holiday Deals sale that will end on 12/21, where you can get 40% off, 45% off and 50% off depending on how much you spend! She Inside is one of my favorite online shopping destinations, and what I have found there is extremely tempting! I collected items for you guys in 4 different categories - Winter Must Have Coats, Fab Boots, Holiday Party Outfit Ideas & Party Shoes!
Hopefully, this post will help you find something sweet for yourself because you totally deserve it ,and please let me know what your favorite picks are! I am thinking to get my hands on a fun colored coat and another pair of black boots!

Happy Shopping, my loves! 

 ● Winter Must Have Coats
5. Pink Long Sleeve Lapel Coat

Fab Boots

 9. Grey Chunky High Heel Tassel Boots
10. Black Lace Up Buckle Strap Thick-soled Boots

● Holiday Party Outfit Ideas ●

● Party Shoes
1. Gold High Heel Butterfly Sandals


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Only 3 Days Left! ALEXANDER WANG x H&M

Now that fun and spooky Halloween is over. Was it crazy? I hope so! BUT in the fashion world, the excitement is still continued and even gets higher just because a long-awaited collection will be launched in only 3 days!!!!!
Who's more thrilled about ALEXANDER WANG x H&M collection than I am!?
Personally, around this time is by far one of the most exciting moments of the year!!!!! First, November 4th, which is tomorrow, is my birthday. Second, fall is my most favorite season. Third, my top favorite brand, H&M collaborates with an worldwide noted amazing brand for a new collection and it launches a few days after my birthday! Ever since the collection has been announced, fashion folks of course including me have been dying to catch a glimpse of the designs and itching to get their hands on the extraordinary pieces for their fall wardrobes. The collection is just so impressive with the sporty-inspired patterns, and I can't get over the epic, too-cool collection. Now, H&M has released all the items with pricing and details, and here are my picks and they definitely go to my shopping list this Thursday! (Click the image to jump to the H&M site for the details!) 

I am not planning to get my hands on all of the above, but absolutely some of them. The boots and the crop sweater for sure!!!!!!

I'd like to share some tips on how to shop the collection this Thursday in Seattle store, based on my experience last year for Isabel Marant collection.

Where to Shop It: 
H&M Downtwon Store
520 Pike Street, Seattle WA 98101
< Or store locater here >

When to Go:
When it comes to the exclusive collaborative collection, stores will open their doors at 8 am. H&M will be doing their bracelet system again, where the first 420 shoppers in line at the store will be provided a colored bracelet denoting what time they'll be able to shop. BUT don't get there like 15 mins before the doors open. Guess what time I arrived last year? THREE AM IN THE MORNING!!!! and I was the 10th one on the first batch, however, I wasn't able to grab what I really wanted, so I highly recommend to arrive the store before three if you don't wanna miss anything!
Groups of 30 will be given only 15 mins to shop, so do some homework for what you really want to get!

Other Info 
You are limited to buy the same products up to 2, and you have SEVEN DAYS from your purchase date to return for a full refund with your original receipt, none of the accessories is returnable.
It will be a long waiting and freezing, so get cozy with an blanket and bring an extra scarf or sheet to spread under the butt while waiting, and don't catch a cold lol. Go with someone who has a car or live close by. That way you can keep unnecessary things (blankets, books, etc...) in there, and you are ready for the shopping survival!

Hopefully, these tips are helpful to you and I can't wait to show you what I get from the collection!!!
Happy shopping ♥


Thank you for reading!!!!

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