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Kinda liking monochromatic looks. Sorry, I lied. Love them A LOT.

Photographed by Michelle Lock  //  Capitol Hill

TOP: NASTY GAL (old, adore these tops from Nasty Gal - here | here | here)

SHORTS: Zara (Similar here Missguided)

SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell ( Adore these and these )

HAT: Free People 

BRALET: Aritzia (or similar from BooHoo and Nasty Gal)

ACCESSOREIS: c/o IO Collective Chocker, Charlotte Russe necklaces (Similar here), Forever 21 rings, Value Village sunnies

LIPSTICK: Kimchi Doll via Gerard Cosmetics 


Hi LOVEs! 
Today's look is a bit different from my regular looks, as you may have noticed! Yes, I am wearing only white and black. (Ignore a smattering of that color on my bag :p) I believe I've mentioned quite a lot that I love this two basic hue combination as much as more vivid colors. Thankfully, my cool hair (now I have a "REAL" unicorn hair!!!) doesn't make any look so boring and dull, and it's a great reason to wear more black and white looks! I have to admit that my hair colors definitely influence my outfits so much. 

It was a Saturday when I wore this look, so I didn't wanna put so much effort to dress up -- more like losing fit while still remaining stylish. Skorts seem off-trend item, but for me they are an ultimate piece, especially during this time of the year. They are effortlessly chic, versatile, plus simply can go with anything from the crop tops to sweaters to blouses.
Whenever I go for an ensemble without prints, I always make a focal point to the details, which is why I'd like to share a jewelry brand I came across recently. This lovely handmade choker is from IO Collective, specializing in semi-precious and precious gems and metals. I've been obsessed with the cocker and I've been wearing it countless time already since the day one I got!  You know wearing chokers is a huge trend right now!! I love how the choker looks very pretty by itself but can mix and match with other jewelry I already have.

Hope you like today's "colorless" look!
Happy Tuesday, cutie pies! 


Thank you for reading!!!!

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Photographed by Marcus Annable // Georgetown

TOP :: Alexander Wang x H&M dress, Aritzia bralette
OUTERWEAR :: From Japan
BAG :: Nasty Gal (adore this and this)
SHOES :: Jeffrey Campbell via Nasty Gal ( adore these)
ACCESSORIES :: Alexander Wang x H&M sunglasses, Forever 21 earrings, c/o Charlotte Russe necklace, MAC 'cyber' lip color



Hi LOVEs, and happy December!!! <3
You know, exactly a month ago tons of fashion mavens around the world were extremely thrilled to get their hands on the new Alexander Wang x H&M collection, including me, of course! The night before the collection was released, I camped out with my friends from 11pm!!! That's right, I spent  9.5 hours waiting outside, and I wasn't even at the front of the line! Luckily I was there with friends, and one of them lives 5 mins away from the store and another friend brought a tent! I know it sounds crazy, doesn't it? But it was TOTALLY worth waiting such a long time because I was able to pick up what I wanted to, and on today's post I finally can share with you guys my first Alexander Wang x H&M look!!!!

I gotta tell you, this look is by far one of my favorite street fashion outfits of 2014. Even though I've always wanted to own Alexander Wang pieces, I never had a chance before, so I can't thank H&M enough for collaborating with him so that the broader population could get cut-off versions of his clothes! For instance, I am totally obsessed with this white dress that definitely shows his outstanding design! Look at these laser-cut and sheer stripe pattens on the dress! It's so unique yet fashion-forward and polished. The amazing thing about this dress is its versatility... I could wear it as a dress or as a top! I can't wait to style this dress in many different ways, like layering up into an all white look!
For today's look I wanted to go for a grunge street style, so I paired with my favorite JC spike booties, accessorized with silver jewelry and a hologram bag to add some color, then topped it off by wearing a vampy lipstick. These "WANG" sunglasses are just so perfect for this look, and I love them so much! I literally have been carrying these killer ones wherever I go.

Hope you enjoy how I styled my picks from the collection, and please look forward to another AW x H&M collection outfit soon to be published, which also has a street style vibe but in a completely different way!

Have a lovely Tuesday and stay warm!     


Thank you for reading!!!!

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Red Night Slip Dress

With the warming weather, I am more into an easy breezy cami dresses lately, and I was please when I found this amazing red slip dress on 

Nasty Gal


Photographed by

James Chrosniak




VINTAGE BAG: Buffalo Exchange



Since it's summer, I want to play with vivid colors and try to avoid dark colors as much as I can! I am very comfortable in this dress thanks to the loose fit, and the lacy thin straps give it an extra feminine touch! This dress does everything! Unfortunately, the length wasn't quite right, even though I bought the smallest size.  As a petite girl, I really need to consider the length of the hem to provide the balance for the whole look. Otherwise, it could throw off the impact of the other parts of my outfit and become unremarkable.

Whenever I encounter this issue,of a lengthy hem, I always use a belt for a bit of a magic! I chose an

Isabel Marant x H&M

leather and metal chain belt, which would go very nicely with the silver pendant. Also, I like the combination of sweetness and metal accent.

This is my first time styling a fedora like this, and I LOVE it! This is a great way to style up a fedora during the summer time. Putting your hair up keeps the back of your neck cool from the summer heat. Also, can I talk about these killer

Jeffrey Campbell

ankle boots

? I'd been looking for summer boots over the years, and had had no luck to find them... But finally! I found comfortable yet funky ones also on

Nasty Gal

! I even scored them with 75% off!! :) Yeah, there was no reason not to get them!

I combined a leopard print scarf and a biker jacket for the night-time ensemble to keep myself warm!! Yup... Seattle is still getting chilly at the night time! :(

Did you like how I styled the slip dress? Hope you did!

Happy hump day everyone! 


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Nothing Worth Having Comes EA$Y.

 Photographed Justin Swain

PURPLE LITA: Jeffrey Campbell


This is another look I styled for EA$Y MONEY CLOTHING wearing their dope WHITE BEANIE.
Unlike the first look, the second look is all about a fun and playful look and being more street-fashion inspired. I purposely managed to put everything together in black and white because that's the EASY MONEY statement style, yet I added a dark purple color to my feet, so I could create 'my' style. Like I mentioned, this outfit is all about fun and playful. Then both Urban Outfitters Bowie Tour pullover sweatshirt and Kesh x American Apparel bodycon dress which I wore as a skirt this time really do a great job for that. If either of them were just a simple and plain garment, it wouldn't have been as amusing as this look. Agree? To emphasize the vibe even more, I put on patterned tights gifted from my mom (Thanks mom! <3 ), and I roughly braided my hair after I curled it.
When it came to choose an outer and bag, I unhesitantly picked this fur coat and fur bag to match up. I am very pleased that the look ended up being glammed up thanks to them. 


Speaking of the title of today's post, isn't it such a great, strong, inspiring quote? It is one of my favorite quotes that pump me up all the time. Life is not always easy. Everyone knows that. And personally, I believe that difficult life is much more interesting and valuable and worth living for. My life in America for the last 5 years apart from my family and my old friends has been really tough and harsh. I frequently wished it would have been easier, and often though about giving up and going home. On top of that, I've encountered uncountable difficulties and problems that made me super depressed and discouraged. However, I've always fought against them because you gotta work hard for something you want to gain; to me it has always been DREAMS. I can confidently say this: without obstacles and unpleasant times, your life would be tedious. Life is like a diamond. The harder you strive, the shinier your life will be. When looking back these 5 years, all I can think of is how stronger and more appreciative I have become thanks to my difficult times. Life goes on no matter what happens, and you must work hard or harder to get something worthwhile in your life.


Hope you like my second EA$Y WHITE BEANIE look as much as my first look, and hopefully I inspired you at some point from what I wrote regarding "Nothing Worth Having Comes EA$Y"

Happy Friday ♥


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