Streetwear Savvy // How To Wear Sporty Luxe

Back in 2009, when I was in college, most of my classmate wore hoodies and sweatpant, and I was the one always saying to myself,
Why the heck can people come to school with such look?!
I didn’t get it. It was as if they just left the house in their PJ’s.
But time has passed, fashion has evolved, and hoodies are no longer just “comfy clothes for school kids.” They have become a fashion staple this season.  

From Homewear to Streetwear

I’m more than happy that Athleisure trend is becoming huge because what could be more comfortable and easy than a hoodie? Plus, it’s so cool and effortless.
You could totally wear it alone, but I prefer to layer because winter is still in full force! I have seen so much street-style inspo for how to rock a hoodie, and there are some incredible ways that you can pull this off without sacrificing your fashionable look.

Street Styling a Hoodie

The options are endless! A few of my favorites to pair with a hoodie are a sleek long coat, a statement jacket, a tailored blazer, a bomber jacket, or of course, a sick biker jacket. Right now, I’m really into pairing hoodies with a faux fur coat like this pink one.

I love that there are so many shops where you can find your favorite hoodie, from high-end designers to fast-fashion brands. Mine is from H&M, and I went for a cropped one because it’s more versatile when it comes to styling.
Plus, cropped tops are heroes for petite people like me! My go-to stylings with a cropped hoodie are either with a long T-shirt or an oversized, crisp, white shirt underneath.

This time, I went for a pair of leather pants to create a more edgy look and topped it off with these killer flat mules and some fishnet socks. I also added a beanie for extra coziness and tinted pink sunnies to match with my pink fur coat AND my pink hair!
Another way you can elevate the luxury of a hoodie look is to go with a statement bag or designer bag like mine from Chanel.

Take a Chance on New Styles!

Some people think that streetwear inspired clothes aren’t meant for them, but you might discover a new you when you break your comfort zone! That’s what fashion is all about.
Like I said, I used to be an anti-hoodies and sweatpants, but now I am rocking a hoodie like a boss, and this look is absolutely one of my favorite winter looks! Don’t be afraid to try something new!!!! *Wink-wink*



JACKET  ::  Forever 21 (sold out, ADORE these: HERE, HERE & HERE )
PANTS  ::  H&M (or similar HERE & HERE )
T-SHIRT  ::  H&M
SHOES  ::  ASOS ( or similar HERE & HERE )
SOCKS  ::  ALL SAINS (sold out, similar HERE & HERE )
SUNNIES  ::  eBay (or similar HERE )



Photographed by Jesse Rogers   || 📍 : Bellevue  

Thank you for reading ❤︎