Dress To Impress // For the Occasional Formal

A black and white Look.. There is a reason why this look always works, no matter what the season and/or occasion; it’s super chic and sophisticated. Plus, it’s almost effortless to pull off in any frame.
When it comes to dressing up in a formal way, I always find it difficult to come up with the right look, because I want to dress appropriately yet stylishly. Although, I no longer work as a corporate blogger, I still need that occasional-just-right-in-the-pinch-of-time attire for a special event, but still remain trendy and fashion-forward. I would totally rock this outfit for a company or formal event. It could be ideal at an upscale cocktail party, as well.

When it comes to formally dressing up and remaining fashionable, there are few things to keep in mind:

Keep It Clean & Sophisticated

You don’t wanna be too bold or too dull. You could wear all white or all black but this black and white combination creates a clean and sleek contrast. I picked white blazer dress and TOPSHOP black trousers. This year is all about raw and cropped hems. I rolled up the hem one and a half times to show my ankles. I’m giving you this little hint as it is the key to shaping a whole different vibe.

Keep it Sexy but Virtuous

Being immoderate is not acceptable. But a little bit of sex appeal is still possible. I wear a blazer dress as a top, but I leave it loose around my chest. I covered my chest with an enticing Kendra Scott necklace; a bold statement coupled along with two chokers ( Cooper Choker and Beth Pendant Necklace ) to cover my décolleté. A looker’s gaze is attracted to the jewelry instead of your chest.

Keep it Fresh and Trendy

Even though you may be attending a formal, you can be creative and stand out. I accentuate my waistline by adding a belt - yet this time I use my black coat ribbon to accentuate the white blazer. This tip will create a fresh luxurious feel for any formal look.

Now for my hairstyle. I love this sleek low back ponytail/updo. If you normally let your hair down, an event would be the ideal time switch up your look. It’s surprisingly easy and a grown-up, polished hairstyle. Don’t forget a pair of statement earrings like these long ones, also from Kendra Scott.

Add Pops of Color

For this last tip, I suggest a bit of a pop of color. You could go for a pair of nude or black strappy sandals, but try something like I have and replace those with a cute floral print sandal to arouse a summer vibe. Moreover, because most of this look is clean and sleek, I suggest you wear a shade red lip color to top off the ensemble. I love my NARS lipstick. It's my go-to color. You might think red lipstick is improper, but remember, you are out of office. It’s totally appropriate to upgrade your “office look” by adding a head-turning pop of red to your kissable lips.

I hope this post inspires and gives you the confidence in making your next company or formal occasion look effortless. Even I, am often unsure what to wear for my blogger events. So, if you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share please comment below and help all our readers choose the perfect outfit for that summer formal.



BLAZER DRESS AS A TOP  -  Forever 21 ( Similar HERE , HERE & HERE )
SANDALS  -  JustFab ( Similar HERE, HERE & HERE )
LIPSTICK  -  NARS: Audacious Sandra  
MISSGUIDED (Adore these: HERE & HERE )
JEWELRY - Borrowed from Kendra Scott:  Rose Georgina Statement Necklace, Rose Gold Cooper ChokerBeth Pendant Necklace In Ivory Pearl, Rose Gold Misha Tassel Earrings



Photographed by Sarah Wolfe || 📍: Queen Anne

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