Protect Your Eyes In A Stylish Way

Today, I’m taking a little break from a regular outfit post, and I’m going to talk about these stylish glasses that I have been in love with.

As much as I adore sunglasses — I normally happen to carry at least two pairs in my purse — I also have a weakness for eye glasses. I have been looking for one that is rounded with a retro feel. Then, I finally found this oval and generously shaped pair of glasses at Polette.

If you haven't heard of Polette, they are a French eyeglasses and sunglasses brand. Their frames and lenses are provided straight from their workshops. That’s why they can offer a very affordable price which ranges are from $9.99 to $89.99 with a wide range of original stylish frame in excellent quality.

Polette is one of my favorite eyewear brands for over 2 years, and this is my second pair of glasses from them. Of course, I love the shape and gold accent, but this pair has another awesome feature - it can protect your eyes!!

Protect your eyes?

You probably wonder what I am talking about, huh? :)  
Well, do you know that artificial light and blue rays are coming from your computer screens, tablets, cell phones, and other kinds of devices? And that’s is quite harmful. On top of that, we watch some form of screen 8 hours per day and check our phone 150 times, and our biological clocks get disrupted ( According to Washington Post) That sounds quite shocking, doesn’t it?

So Polette has launched their glasses collection called E-polette where you can buy a pair of glasses that protect from those artificial light and blue rays.  All the lenses from the collection have a light-yellow filter that shields your eyes from excessive blue light emanating from the digital screens around.

As a fashion blogger, I can’t live without my laptop and iPhone. Also, I wear colored-contacts, so this new pair has been saving my life - like a lot. I have been feeling a huge difference when it comes to fatigue in my eyes. It feels great. More importantly, they are pretty charming!

I am heading to Neiman Marcus Spring Runway Show tonight, so make sure you tune in on my InstaStories to see what’s coming to this Spring!!



GLASSES  ::  c/o Polette
CARDIGAN  ::  c/o SheIn
HAT ::  Lack Of Color



Photographed by Jesse Rogers  || 📍: Bellevue

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