Spring Has Sprung!

Couldn't be happier to see these lovely cherry blossoms in full bloom!

Photographed by

Marcus Annable

 // Queen Anne

TOP: c/o Charlotte Russe (similar here)  //  PANTS: a local store in Santa Monica (similar here) // JACKET: ZARA  //  SHOES: JustFab (similar here)  // BAG: ALDO  // HAT:ASOS (or oversized one)  // TIGHTS:Nordstrom Rack  //  ACCESSORIES: GAP sunnies, Rocksbox earrings & necklace


Hi LOVEs!!!!

Are you as happy as I am to finally feel the spring weather and to get to see all the oh-so-cute flowers blooming everywhere? Whenever spring has sprung, it always reminds me of my home: Tokyo, Japan. As you probably know, you can see wonderful cherry blossoms in Japan wherever you go during this season, and we have a fun outdoor party called


to celebrate or enjoy the transient beauty of flowers with family, friends, or colleagues while we enjoy delicious food and drinks together. Sounds really enjoyable, doesn't it? Oh I miss THAT so much!

I was happy that yesterday was warm enough to bare some skin (Yes! Finally!) so I wore a bright red dress and a pastel pink sweater on top of it for a fashion/blogger event last night. I posted the look on my


if you are curious to see it! 

Although the temperature is warming now, on some days the winter chill remains. Today's look is for one of those days and is inspired by the spring vibe. I put on a flowery printed pink top and paired it with some skinny jeans. Instead of wearing boots, I decided to go for multi-colored sandals. I know it was too cold to wear them barefooted, so I layered with

black sheer tights

, and it worked! I have been looking for a perfect camel hat that can be wearable for all seasons, and look what I've scored recently from



 When in doubt, go find at


! I adore its big wide brim. Plus, it definitely goes with any look and gives a nice touch of chicness. Color-wise, camel is better than dark ones like black and gray to give your look a brighter accent. Because I needed a few more layers, I chose my ZARA faux fur jacket to keep the "spring hue" going while bundling up.  For a little bling, these lovely accessories from


 do an amazing job! I can't help but be in love with them! Too cute not to wear them every day! If you like them and want to subscribe


's amazing jewelry, you can get a free one month subscription with the special code "



Happy Thursday my sweeties!


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Hello New Babies, You guys are KILLER!

(Both are from Windsor. My new favorite online shopping site!)


 How GORGEOUS are these summer heels, right?! I absolutely adore them so freaking much! I have tended to buy platforms lately because they add some height and they are easier to walk around in. But this  time,  these were just too attractive to pass up...

I am currently obsessed with shoes that feature clear heels and ankle straps, and these mint mid-strap heels are so on trend, plus they have what I love! I've never had any shoes in mint, so why not?! I've worn them a couple of times already, and they are fab (of course!) and are actually quite comfortable!!! I was able to shop with these heels for more than 8 hours! Plus, I can wear them with a casual look all the way to a mid-dressy look. How versatile!!

I also have wanted to get black summer heels, and omg... these lace up heels are RIGHT ON! They are extremely LOVELY, FUN, and TRENDY, aren't they? Oh, and they are such a stand-out piece of any outfit! I really needed some dressy summer heels for special occasions, so I am so glad to have found them at Windsor. If you want to add up something to your look that really makes a statement,  these black lace are definitely the ones!

Best of all, both pairs were actually under $40... Can you believe that?  I just visited their store again and quickly surfed the shoe section. They added a lot more of amazing shoes, boots, sandals -- all under $40!!!!!!!. So please check them out now!

I really can't wait to share with you all about how I style them up!!!! :)

P.S. Thank you very much Windsor for making my summer much funner!!!



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