NEW Fashion App. Shop Faster, Save Money

So thrilled to introduce a new awesome app that lets you shop smart, less and easy! 

Hi LOVEs! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
I am so excited to announce the fun, exciting, and ultimate shopping tool for fashionistas today! It's called StyleSpotter. Have you guys already had it on your phone? If not, you better download it now!

I believe ALL girls love shopping. But what if you don't have time to go shopping in person? Your budget is currently tight so you can't spend that much money? You find a cute spring skirt at a store online, but wonder your favorite brands have a similar one...? Well, StyleSpotter is what you need in your shopping life then!

StyleSpotter is designed to take the pain out of fashion shopping online. Gone are the days of twelve open tabs, hunting for your size and color, and trying to find the lowest price.  It is also the "Pandora of shopping." You can find similar items to items you already like and will bring these items to you using an algorithm much like Pandora does, with little effort from you!


With over 12,000 brands in one place, StyleSpotter makes it easy to put together collections. It's a lot like Pinterest but not just hoarding everything you like. On StyleSpotter you can pick the things you like and then actually find something you can buy.

Think about when you are looking for a simple black long sleeve crew neck at the mall. First you go to TOPSHOP, then maybe Forever 21, then Nordstrom, then Gap.... But you still haven't found one after 3 hours! You go home with no crew neck wondering why finding something so simple is so hard. With StyleSpotter you can use the highly intuitive and intelligent search query to find this item and voila! There's one at H&M, if only you had known yesterday! But StyleSpotter is even better - it will find you a crew neck available at over 12k brands. No need to search anymore, you can compare prices and styles side by side at one site.


 With its real-time price tracking platform, StyleSpotter identifies over 50,000 price drops across millions of fashion items every week. Better yet, if there's a coupon code available at any fashion store, you can bet StyleSpotter will have it because it partners with 8,000 stores to bring you the best deals every day!!!! How awesome is this? It's like 'Coupons for life!"


So what do you think about this app? I am already using it, and I have to admit that I am totally obsessed with it! It's available on the Apple Store designed for both iPhone & iPad. You can also access from your computer at Feel free to follow me there @AikasLoveCloset !!! Also, they are currently doing an Instagram give away which is for a Marc Jacobs bag! Don't miss this out!
Hopefully this information helps you, especially for those who loooooves shopping like myself!



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TOPSHOP loves Seattle! ★Topshop x Nordstrom★ + GIVEAWAY

Hi LOVEly readers! Hope your week has been treating you well!!!
Today, I have a very exciting news for ALL of ya! But before jumping into what's about. Here are the pictures as a  HINT! 


 I am very very thrilled to announce that TOPSHOP & TOPMAN will launch their newest shop at Nordstrom Bellevue Square TOMORROW!! 

TOPSHOP is a British multinational fashion retialer for women, and  TOPMAN is its male-focused counterpart. Now, Nordstrom will bring the coolest British styles and trends from these retailers to Seattle under one roof, for the first time. The brand is loved by not only fashionistas and fashionistos all over the world, but also international influences such as Beyonce, Lily Collins, Kate Moss and MORE!
Pete Nordstrom, president of merchandising for Nordstrom, Inc. stated that "TOPSHOP and TOPMAN are internationally renowned leaders in fashion and we are thrilled and excited to expand and grow together." He continues, "We think our customers are going to love their take on trend-led fashion at great prices"

I am also a big fan of TOPSHOP. In reality, WHO IN THE WORLD DOESN'T LIKE TOPSHOP? Ever since I came to Seattle, I've always wished to have a store here in Seattle to allow me to shop and browse at the actual store. It's so much better than online shopping because shopping is always more FUN and EXCITING when you can personally take a look and trying things on!!! So the opening of a fully branded shop at Nordstrom is absolutely thrilling to me, and I am super stoked to have fun at the launch event! 
To celebrate the event, there are tons of fun things happening tomorrow.
TOPSHOP and Nordstrom have partnered with top local fashion blogger, Christine Cameron of My Style Pill, for a shopping event showcasing Seattle's unique fashion sense and style. She styles mannequins throughout the space for shopping inspiration as well as offer up her expertise by styling customers herself.

An on-site photographer will capture street-style shot of shoppers that will uploaded onto

Shoppers can experience touch-ups at TOPSHOP makeup stations, free treats, live music.

A special TOPSHOP LOVES SEATTLE tee will be given with your purchase if you spend over $100, which you can see the following picture!  

How exciting, isn't it? :)
The TOPSHOP and TOPMAN shop at Nordstrom wtill be open from 6-9 pm at Nordstrom Bellevue Square at 100 Bellevue Square, Bellevue WA 98004


Before I say good bye, I have a small announcement for you!
I decided to offer a cute TOPSHOP LOVES SEATTLE tee as a TOPSHOP celebration giveaway.
So one lucky winner will get the chance to own this tee! Please follow these rules to enter.

1. You must be following my blog. You can do so either by clicking 'join the site' on the right side OR by following via Bloglovin.
2. Must be a fun on my FACEBOOK page-- Just simply click 'LIKE' on the right side on the top)
3. Simply leave a comment on this post to let me know you are done. It would be great to share a little of what you wanna shop at TOPSHOP for this fall/winter.

Winner will be selected randomly by end of this week.

Good luck loves, and please say hello when you find me at the event!!
I can't wait to enjoy my time at the NEW TOPSHOP store! 

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Hello New Babies, You guys are KILLER!

(Both are from Windsor. My new favorite online shopping site!)


 How GORGEOUS are these summer heels, right?! I absolutely adore them so freaking much! I have tended to buy platforms lately because they add some height and they are easier to walk around in. But this  time,  these were just too attractive to pass up...

I am currently obsessed with shoes that feature clear heels and ankle straps, and these mint mid-strap heels are so on trend, plus they have what I love! I've never had any shoes in mint, so why not?! I've worn them a couple of times already, and they are fab (of course!) and are actually quite comfortable!!! I was able to shop with these heels for more than 8 hours! Plus, I can wear them with a casual look all the way to a mid-dressy look. How versatile!!

I also have wanted to get black summer heels, and omg... these lace up heels are RIGHT ON! They are extremely LOVELY, FUN, and TRENDY, aren't they? Oh, and they are such a stand-out piece of any outfit! I really needed some dressy summer heels for special occasions, so I am so glad to have found them at Windsor. If you want to add up something to your look that really makes a statement,  these black lace are definitely the ones!

Best of all, both pairs were actually under $40... Can you believe that?  I just visited their store again and quickly surfed the shoe section. They added a lot more of amazing shoes, boots, sandals -- all under $40!!!!!!!. So please check them out now!

I really can't wait to share with you all about how I style them up!!!! :)

P.S. Thank you very much Windsor for making my summer much funner!!!



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Girl in Winter White

Photographed by Jesse Roger


Since I tend to style up my outfits with colors, this look is very fresh to me. The prime item on this look is my new LITA CLAW from Nasty Gal as my birthday gift so I really want the beautiful babies stand out. That's another reason for making this outfit with white and black. To be honest this is my first time wearing white-on-white look; it actually looks nice isn't it? I feel like I should make more of outfits like this!

Definitely LITA CLAW is one of my favorite boots! They are just RAD. I'd always had a strong desire to own a black LITA so these pairs are just perfect!!!! I am so happy that I got this as my birthday present <3

Also PEA COATS ARE so trendy right now. As Who What Wear mentions about peacoats, they are timeless appeal, military influences, and have ability to pull together any look. I feel the same way.
Mixing up with peacoats absolutely freshen up my look!!!!!
Pea coats are one of the must-have items this winter along with the other trendy coats like a military inspired jacket!

♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆ ♥   STAY FAB & STAY FASHIONABLE!!!! ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ 

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