#ImWearingRI x Cute Summer Pieces to Shop at River Island

#ImWearingRI x Cute Summer Pieces to Shop at River Island

Summer in the air. So excited to partner with River Island and share two looks with so many cute summer pieces I recently found. From a statement and bright top to killer mules.

Polynesian Parrot

Happy Monday from Alki Beach!
Photographed by James Chrosniak   //  Alki Beach 
TOP: c/o Boohoo
BIKINI: c/o Boohoo
SHORTS: Hollister (on sale!)
SHOES: ALDO (old, similar HERE, HERE or HERE)
HAT: c/o Boohoo
BAG: c/o Qtee

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I watched WICKED for the first time in my life, and it was AH-MAZING! Emma Hunton completely blew me away with her amazing talent for acting and her voice from the beginning to the end! I am so pleased to finally have have a chance to watch it, though I wish my english was good enough to understand the whole story ( I still need a subtitle!!!! :p)!!! I definitely wanna watch it again - with a closer seat please! 

I hope that you guys have enjoyed a ton of time at the beach this summer and you get to continue with that plan. With that said, I am excited to share a lovely versatile tote bag a.k.a a fun beach bag from today! If you have a perfect beach bag already, that's awesome! But if you haven't gotten your hands on one yet, there you go! So stoked to have this Polynesian Parrot printed bag for my perfect beach bag! The print is super summery and it's absolutely big enough to carry around your beach necessities. Of course you can use it as a daily second bag or for weekend/holiday activities! I especially love this bag because parrot print matches my mermaid hair thanks tothe ability to customize your bag however you want to!

Did you notice that the parrot head is purple and its tail is pink just like my hair? I also customized the hue of its body, flowers and leaves to beautifully blend in with the parrot.
Even though I picked the Polynesian Parrot print, they carry more than 200 design you can choose from! How would you customize yours?

On a personal note, I am going to retouch my color later today at Foxycut Salon, so stay tuned for a new color on my Instagram & snapchat (@fashionistaika) No more black roots and can't wait to revive my mermaid hair! 

Wishing you a great day to kick off a new week!


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Crush of The Day: Fur Clutch

♥ ASOS Stripe Fur Roll Top Clutch Bag 

I've seen a lot of fashionsitas rocking an amusing fur clutch during Fashion Week, and this fun and lovely fur clutch is definitely the piece you can't take eyes off! It will surely WOW everyone walking by you!! 

★*・゜゜・。・★ SHOP IT HERE ★*・゜゜・。・★ 


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Please Say HELLO to My Perfect Bag...


First things I really have to say is.... 

These pictures just don't do it justice at all because this bag is insanely fabulous in person! 

I fell in love with this bag when I first saw it online at Kate Spade, and I shared it with one of my best friends.
Then...guess what happened?
He gave this amazingly beautiful bag with surprise a couple of days ago!!
I couldn't believe this for a few minutes, but it's MINE now!
I super duper love this so much! Everything about this bag is so lovely and pleasing...

The smell of its leather...
All the details even inside of the bag...
The two-tone colors... The combination of a fresh light green and black...
The perfect size for day to night...

I can't express how happy I am with this bag, and deeply thankful for my precious friend!
I know my daily outfits will look better with this beautiful bag <3 

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