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Grid Over White Out

Photographed by Benjamin Widdowson // Alley Near Dotty + Associates

RETRO SUNGLASSES (Similar Here or Here):  Free People

GRID PRINT SHIRT (Similar Here or Here): Forever 21


DROP EARRINGS: Charming Charlie





It's finally the weekend! I hope you have made fun plans!

I beleive that you have seen a lot of previous looks that feature "ALL-WHITE" over the last few months, and yes the strenth of that awesome ensemble has never diminished for me. It actually gets greater and greater. And here you go, another one again. I think all-white looks are definitely the new black, but this time I added a little twists into it: Wearing the grid print shirt.

I haven't worn a shirt for a long time, and now the weather is shifting to more chilled temperature. It's time to cover up with your favorite shirt and be ready to rock in the fall. I got this cool shirt last year from 

Forever 21

, and it didn't take any time at al to fall in love with it. I think you know why. Of course I like a plain shirt, and this shirt is more like something else. It's a versatile piece, and as the weather gets colder, I love layering it with a bright sweater. Once you put it on, you instantly have a playful look. I actually styled up with a plain white shirt first, but I felt like it was missing something. Then, I changed it into this grid print shirt, and boom! It got me to the next level of a 'white-out' ensemble.

I kept the white and black hue going by wearing my favorite black sunglasses and white pointy pumps as well as drop earring with some gold jewelry, which I am currently in love with over silver accessories. To make the look pop, I accessorized myself by adding a red lipstick as a final touch.

I am so thrilled to welcome fall soon and the enjoyment that comes with wearing layers and rocking my adoring boot collections!! I am debating whether to buy a pair of knee-high boots already! What do ya think? My brain is totally filled with tons of fall inspirations of what I will be wearing these coming months!! Are you guys ready?

Thank you so much for using your time to read my blog! Hopefully I can entertain you through my "unique" looks and that will be enough to support and follow

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Tailored Tomboy

Photographed by Justin Swain

CRYSTAL EARRINGS: Urban Outfitters
SUSPENDERS: Appendix to ViVi (Japanese) Magazine


Hi LOVEs!!!! Hope you all had an amazingly fun Halloween and a fabulous weekend!

I wore this outfit to the rag & bone event that I was invited to a month ago, and I asked my awesome photographer Justin Swain to snap these pictures at one of my favorite locations in Seattle. After all, I really love this outfit and wanted to have professional photographs taken against a metro background. To top if off, when I went to the event, I was given a bunch of random compliments on my ensemble! I was very flattered!

Since the event was a cocktail party, I didn't want to attend the party wearing just ordinary clothes. No way! I decided to dress up in a sophisticated tomboy style, which turned out to be very effective at catching people's eyes!!! If you know me well, you would know that I normally prefer to wear colors. However, I tried to keep this outfit as monotone as possible so that it retains a classy and polished look.
This really cute windowpane chiffon shirt that I recently picked up from Forever 21 is just a killer. It's one of the trendy items for fall and winter, and I was quite taken by this trend when I read the article at Windowpane prints are a very simple motif, yet once you add them in your look, you can't help but create a classic and chic vibe.. What an amazing print! I was very happy to run into it!
Additionally, because the blazer and the pants are quite plain, adding this shirt adds a bit of flair to the ensemble. Add to that the crystal jewelry to frame my face and the bright rouge lipstick and I got something that looks dressy with a bit of flair!

To strengthen the tomboy vibe, I put on a trilby hat and tucked my hair into the hat, which really added the boyish charm. Then I added a pair of suspenders... all of a sudden I saw how suspenders can make the look more interesting and fun! This look could have been too formal and ordinary without them...

I am normally quite hesitant to wear wide trousers like I wore in this post. I am not very tall and my legs are on shorter side, so I can look even shorter with these types of pants. It becomes very unbalanced-looking. However, I found an amazing solution.
"Wear a pair of platform heels and let the hem down over the heels!!!"
As you see in the pictures, my heels are fully covered by the hem of the pants.  That way I look 5 inches taller (YAY), and my silhouette is much nicer.

Did you like my dressy tomboy style? I hope you do!
It's fun to dress up with mannish items! :)

Have a great day loves! <3


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