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Leopard & Glitter


A couples days ago, I had a chance to go out for shopping. HOW EXCITING! Who else doesn't like shopping?!
Since I haven't gone shopping for myself since X'mas, I was super thrilled and excited to think of what I was going to find and actually get.
Typically, I go to Downtown Seattle to shop, but this time I went with my guy friends who wanted to shop at Buffalo Exchange in U district. To be honest with you, I've been there for only two times including this time.
Then what I found was......

I have been looking for some particular items for a long long time, yet because of the prices and sizes, sometimes the qualities/fabrics and styles, I always ended up not being able to buy them. However, shopping over there actually enables to do that with a supper affordable price! WOW!
So for the next post, I will be sharing my new hauls from there! 
Be looking forward to it!

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TIGHTS: From Japan
WEDGE BOOTIE: lulus.com

JACKET: Forever 21
TOPS: Old Navy
SHORT PANTS with BELT: Forever 21
EARRINGS: Urban Outfitters

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Rings, rings, rings....

My first fur bag EVER!!!!

I love the gritter tights! so eye-catchy!

Very comfy to walk, actually!

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Hope you all have a sweet and lovely night!! 

Girly & Glitter

Today, on my way home from my boyfriend's house, I had a great encounter with a nice lady.

When I was waiting for my bus, she kinda hesitantly came speak to me saying my shoes are really nice and asking me where I got them from. As usual, I just simply answered her question. She doesn't look fashionable and stylish, but "SOMEHOW" I was more glad than whenever I am asked. Then, I found out that we were going to the same direction, so we sat next each other on the bus. After a while we had a conversation, I came across that her daughter currently started designing T-shirts, and the lady is also interested in opening an online clothing store eventually. As we said good-bye, we promised with each other to keep in touch through Facebook.

I was freaking happy that she spoke to me because she was actually thinking whether or not she should come ask me about my shoes. Plus, I LOVE when a stranger (lol) randomly gives me some compliments on whatever I wear just simply because it always gives me a lot of confidence on my sense of fashion.

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*Scarf & Tights - Forever 21 *Jacket - From Japan *Skirt - Aercrombie & Fitch *Bootie - Qupid

*Knit - Macy's *Belt - From Japan *Skirt - Aercrombie & Fitch *Bootie - Qupid

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Hope you all have a sweet and lovely night!!