Mermaids Splash

Still feeling surreal with this dreamy mermaid hair...

Photographed by Teban S of Asian Impressions / Noir Impressions   //  Washington DC - Swann House 

Hi LOVEs! Happy Sunday!
I am super stoked to share with you guys the first set of photos that a very good friend of mine, Teban, and I did during my DC trip. We planned this shoot very ahead of time so that it could be successful as much as we desired, and look what we got! Can't complain AT ALL. How could I? We attempted a lot of photoshoot with different outfits besides this (no hints, that way you can be more thrilled to see them! xo ) so stay tuned for more to come!
I couldn't be happier that I was finally able to do what I have wanted to try for a long time! Seductive yet still fashion-forward. Something that you could peek in a fashion magazine. The idea was also perfect to spotlight my beautiful mermaid hair. I love how the images turned out amazingly charming, angelic yet innocent. They even make me think: "I would have never EVER imagined I could become Ariel in the real world. I will take you to a dream world. Dare to join? <3" haha

I don't wanna say much about today because I just want you to enjoy the pictures! Which one is your favorite?
I hope you all have a fun and delightful Sunday! 


Thank you for reading!!!!

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NARS Audacious Lipstick Collection ♥

Today's article is all about BEAUTY and MAKEUP!!!!! Makeup has been around since the time of Egyptian queens like Cleopatra, and women have been using it to enhance their natural beauty since forever! Why? Well, I believe that makeup helps with confidence, self-image, and has the capability to shape the emotional reaction of others. Just think about the impact that a bright red lipstick can have! My fashion is never complete without makeup. Ever.

A few weeks ago, my MUA friend, Melissa (who is also a Makeup Stylist at NARS at Barney's NY) invited me to the launch of NARS new collection - The Audacious Lipstick Collection.  In celebration of its 20th anniversary, they have released 40 new shades of lipstick colors, along with other cosmetics -- including beautifully colored nail polishes. The shades from nudes, reds, pinks, orange, plums, and vampy shades. Each shade is named for an iconic woman in song, film or fashion and is encased in a sleek matte-black tube with a magnetic click. 
Of all 40 colors, a selection of 10 shades - Vanessa, Julie, Dominique, Marisa, Vivien, Silvia, Kelly, Carmen, Sandra, and Ingrid - are exclusive to NARS Boutiques, and Barney's New York, but all 40 of them are permanent. They were launched a few weeks earlier at Barney's, so I went to the one in downtown to check them out, and I had Melissa do my makeup (That was the most fun part!) Now the collection is available at Sephora and other department stores!

Shots of my regular makeup before having my makeup redone by Melissa

Some of the colors in his display are NOT the exclusive colors :( 

Should have tiried these nail polishes, too!

Makeup is DONE! 

To kick off the new season, I decided to for with the exclusive color Sandra for myself because I am really into darker shades this fall, and I already have a vampy purple in my lipstick collection. Sandra is the perfect dark red lipstick that will be my go-to color for sure. This is actually my first time to own NARS lipstick, and I already fell in love with it. It's just amazingly flattering and comfortable. I will probably go check again to get another color! Hummmm which color should I choose next? 

Have you guys checked their collection yet? Which color is your favorite?

On a personal note, my parents and my grandfather are coming to visit me and will land later  today. They are staying here till the 9th, so I apologize in advance if I will be gone for a week! I will try to post as many times as I can! But I couldn't be happier right now to finally see them for the first time in years! 


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