Avant-Garde Hairstyle Model

Awesome art on my head. Getting inspired by this too-awesome Avant-Garde hair! 

I hope your week is off to a great start! The weather in Seattle is pretty dang shitty lately again, so I have been in a sad mood, and it gets me really unhappy feeling because I have to postpone photoshoot over and over.  I have so many outfits I want to share, but there is no chance to photograph them! Ugh, I wish Cali was just a few miles away! It seems like it will be sunny from today to this weekend, though! I can't wait to enjoy the spring weather!

About a month ago, I had super fun time being a model for Avant Garde hair styling class at Robert Leonard Day & Spa where is my most favorite salon in Seattle! In general, I always find myself modeling for anything, and this was one of the amusing modeling experiences I've had, from the prep to the end!

The teacher was Coco of diPietro Todd Salon + Academy from San Fran on be half of Rene Futerer. I was impressed by her amazing styling skill. It is beyond!!! Well you can totally see that through what she designed on my hair, right? Even though my side shaved part wasn't so flattering, she clearly managed to make it work and it looks so much better in this way!! She also generated the artsy head peace (on picture #3) by herself that you could buy from a regular craft store. Basically she used a ballon as a mold, randomly wrapped the strings around it and then sprayed to make it solid. Right before she put the "thing" (I don't know what to call!) on my head, she cut it half and bent and form it to fit to the styled hair.
I was watching through the hand mirror from the beginning to the end, and I kept impressed the whole time! It's quite a lot of process, but definitely fashion-forward and perfect for runway shows! Also, I love how my hair color complimented this oh-so amazing Avant Garde hairstyle!

By the way, if you haven't heard of Rene Futerer, you should check them out right away!!!!! The Robert Leonard team introduced me this hair line a few months ago, and I have absolutely loved them since day 1 I used! My hair has gotten healthier and stronger. My curls last for three days. I have kept asked why my hair looks great even though I've colored so many times! From the shampoo to hair sprays, they are just incredible!! I don't think I can cheat on with other products from now on! So glad I finally ran into what I have been looking for to treat my hair well!

Happy Tuesday!!!♥


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