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Make A Scene // Win A Pair of Shoes & A Fun Party at Your Favorite Spot

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New Year, New Me, New Place

Photographed by

Marcus Annable


Chihuly Garden and Glass

HAIR :: Robert Leonard Salon & Spa - Stylist • Shane | Service Director • Paul

TOP :: ASOS coat, H&M sweater (adore this & this)

BOTTOM :: c/o Now I Style (Japanese brand, similar here & here)

SHOES :: JustFab (old, adore this)

BAG :: H&M

ACCESSORIES :: Forever 21 glasses, H&M earrings


Hi LOVEs!!!! I hope your 2015 has gotten off to a great start so far! ;)

Looking back at my 2014, it was a full of new adventures and opportunities with a lot of happiness and laughter. Yet at the same time, I have to say, it was one of the most challenging, struggling and tough years of my life. Don't take it as negative mood, though because I am totally thankful for those times since they absolutely made myself stronger and more courageous every time I encountered. My greatest mentor always says: "

Unless you struggle, you cannot become truly strong. Those who fight hard during their youth will have nothing to fear when the time comes to put the finishing touches on their lives. They will possess a great state of life that towers strong and unshakeable.


However, when you keep having tough times over and over, you are naturally stressed out and easily get discouraged and less motivated. The few last weeks of my 2014 was just like that. I knew I REALLY needed a BIG change and get super inspired to make me happier so that I was ready for a new year with fresh and clear mind! Who in the world would like to welcome new years filled with despairing feelings?!

  So I grabbed my phone and made an appointment at

Robert Leonard Salon & Spa

! For the longest time, I'd been dying to try platinum blond or silver, yet I always ended up not being able to since my hair had gotten damaged so badly. To be able to fix that and have healthy hair back again, I started using

Moroccan Oil


. (I am thinking to blog soon about my hair/the hair products I've been using!) That has really helped my hair so much, and when I told my amazingly talented hairstylist,


, about what color I wanted to achieve, he said "Oh you will look gorgeous on that color! :D (I took that as a BIG YES!!)

To be truly honest with you and to my surprise, it was more than "extremely" painful process that I've ever had as dying my hair! I could feel the burns and torturous pain on my scalps and had to endure it 4 times... I wasn't even able to smile AT ALL. But, I seriously couldn't be any happier when I met a new me with this crazy silver/blond hair! I felt as if I am looking at a different person, and the color was definitely worth the pain! I actually would never imagine I could ever have pulled off this color! My dream came true right before the new year hit on the grand! I can't thank you enough to


! He always, ALWAYS gives a dreamy magic on my hair!!!!

Right after that, I called my friend as well as my current photographer,


, because I wanted to show my oh-so pretty new hair to someone and couldn't help wanting to photograph it! We made a conclusion of strolling where we both never been, and we ended up checking out

Chihuly Glass and Garden


It was one of the most amazing places with tons of inspirations! It was such a magical place to me, and all his works completely blew me away. I felt like I was lost in one of the fairy tales. As I was going inside further, I sensed something inside of myself was reinventing, and when I exited the museum, there was outside exhibition as well. That's where I felt so free at last! You saw the pictures above, but they can't do any justice to the beauty of the place! If you live in Seattle or have a chance to visit the city, you should definitely check them out!

I am so grateful to revive myself right before ringing in the new year with a positive will and motivation! If you still feel gloomy inside yourself even after the new year, why don't you book a salon appointment now and change your hairstyle/color or get cozy and check out a place you've never been to? It might help you somehow ;)

Thanks a lot for reading this long post!! Much appreciated 


Thank you for reading!!!!


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Fashion Week Is Around The Corner, What Will You Wear?

Tons of fashion lovers have been more than excited for what's gonna happen in the next few weeks!

That's right!!!! Fashion week will soon begin!!!

Just as some background, September is the month when many cities feature a fashion week to introduce the next seasons' clothing lines. You can find out when fashion week is held at the most famous locations



 NYFW is one of the most famous fashion events, not to mention FW in Miran and Paris. Everyone is just dying to attend, including me!! Unfortunately I can't go to NYFW this year.. It's a bummer for sure, but I will be definitely going in the next few years! Although I am not able to attend NYFW, I was privately invited to the

Nolcha Fashion Week

happening in Seattle, and I will be there for sure! They will be showcasing the best in global independent fashion design, featuring over 30 designers including: womenswear, menswear, eco, swimwear and accessories! Also, there will be a media brunch the next day! It's a great opportunity for me to connect with new peers and colleagues!

 The last time I went to a fashion show was some time ago, and it was not the best experience. Therefore, I am extremely thrilled about going to this one! Plus, this will be pretty exclusive and legit, as they only accommodate only press, media, bloggers, retailers, buyers and stylists for their shows. I just know that this show will give me some pleasant experience, and I am really looking forward to meeting a ton of new people at the media brunch!!!!! 

Now I have to decide what I should wear for the shows and at brunch...  I've been researching for the trends and hot pieces, yet I am having so much trouble deciding what to wear. Have you ever been in a similar situation?

 So I thought that I could gather some inspiration from the fashionsitas of the world. Looking at their fashion/style can help me put together some stylish options of my own, and I found a lot of great, unique, stylish, refined, and fashion-forward outfit inspirations from everywhere. I pinned them on

my pinterest


So here are 20 inspiring photos that I really adored and I wanted to share with you guys! 

Hopefully you'll get some inspiration from them because I sure did! There are


on my pinterest

so please check it out!

Oh, I'd like to know what you are going to wear during your fashion week, so please share it with me by leaving me a comment below!

I hope you'll have a lot of fun at whichever fashion show you are going to! 


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