Delish & Healthy // SkinnyMint Super Fat Burning Gummies

Back in June, I’ve shared with you my Teatox journey with SkinnyMint. After trying the 28 Teatox, I am so excited to try out their new Super Fat Burning Gummies! What is better than something that is good for you and also tastes great?

Power Up & Hunger Buster Gummies

These gummies are brand new and innovative products from SkinnyMint and are a 2-step program designed for the best fat burning results.
The Pink Bottle which is “Power Up” you take with breakfast. They contain green coffee beans and help boost your energy throughout the day. They are definitely sugar-free and are espresso flavored!
You can also take them an hour before your workout or exercise in order to accelerate your session.
On the other hand, the blue bottle named “Hunger Buster” is designed to be taken as a snack to help you keep away from unhealthy snacking during the day. They are also sugar-free and are pineapple flavored! YUM!!
Whenever I have busy days packed with photoshoots, events, or meetings, I take snacks in between. So the Hunger Buster has been an healthier alternative to my regular bites or bad craving for sure.

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Super Fat Burning Gummies

By SkinnyMint

Accelerate Your Fat Loss

Even though summer is coming to an end, I will definitely need to keep my body in shape and those gummies will help me to get rid of those few extra pounds! It will absolutely help accelerate your fat loss and fat absorption with their unique blend in a delicious sugar free gummy.

Gummies are my favorite form of candy so it is super easy to take one on the go wherever I am. I just put them in a small container and throw them in my bag. These won’t just make you lose weight, therefore, you still have to exercise regularly and eat well, but they definitely help with the process especially if you want to lose fats and gain muscle.

Best Late Night Bites

I sometimes have to stay up late to finish my editing and blogging and I get hungry so easily. So I simply take the Hunger Buster and I don’t have to worry how much calories I take because it’s sugar-free and my tummy couldn’t be happier.

It’s one of the best supplements to support your health regime and maximise results! So if you are interested in trying these gummies out, or merely have been looking for some type of products to help you precipitate your weight loss/fat loss, you definitely should give them a try!! They offer you worldwide delivery as well!



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