Perfect Leather Kicks for Casual Spring

As you guys know my style already, I don’t normally wear sneakers or flat shoes. I am petite, five feet’ with short legs so when it comes to a good silhouette, wearing heels gives me a much more flattering look. However, I’ve set a new goal this year as a style blogger to try and showcase more of how I can style interesting looks with non-heeled shoes, yes still remain as chic and stylish as possible.

With the being said, I barely own good sneakers in general. No shame! I always gravitate toward a lovely pair of sandals, heels, or booties when I am shopping.... I just can’t help it. But recently, I ran into an amazing sneaker brand called GREATS from Brooklyn, and I finally got my hands on my favorite black sneakers, in well-made Italian leather.

Greats THE ROYALE_Black Leather Sneakers_Aikas love Closet_Seattle Fashion Blogger_Japanese
Greats THE ROYALE_Black Leather Sneakers_H&M Gray hoodie_Uniqlo Trench Coat_Moussy Frayed Jeans_Forever 21 Blush Mini Bucket Bag_Aikas love Closet_Seattle Fashion Style Blogger_Japanese 4


I am just so impressed by how comfortable they are. Once I put my feet in, I literally said “wow!” All of their sneakers are so luxe that you can easily use them for any style. I was really debating whether I should get a white pair or a black pair, but I am so glad I got the black color.
Of course, white sneakers are undoubtedly popular these days, that’s why I wanted to freshen up the trends. Nothing wrong with going against trends as long as you are happy about what you wear, right?
Plus, this was my first pair of black sneakers, definitely, gives me a dash of edginess to be a bit bolder.

I really appreciate how clean and sleek designs that GREATS sneakers offer. I also love that GREATS carry a number of minimal, luxury sneakers with neutral color selections. Their shoes are definitely for #SneakerLover.

Whenever I rock sneakers or flat shoes, I always care about creating an “I” silhouette to look taller and slimmer. Since I can’t add any height, this works perfectly. To achieve this trick, adding a long length outerwear is one of the solutions. I opted for a simple trench coat this time. Not only can I cover my short legs from the behind, it also adds a chic vibe as wearing sneakers tends to imply/produce a “laid-back” feel. Another way to accomplish this is pairing the sneakers with a high waisted bottom and a crop-top … or even a piece that accentuates your curves like a dress designed with a high waistline in mind.

If you are petite like me and struggle to find ways to look cool in sneakers without looking extremely short, let me know “how do you rock sneaker styles” ?  I’d love to hear by commenting below!



COAT - Uniqlo (old, similar HERE & HERE )
MOUSSY ( price option: HERE & HERE )
SNEAKERS - c/o Greats 
WATCH - c/o KLASSE14 ( use the code "
k14aika" for discounts)
BERET - From Japan (similar HERE & HERE )
BAG - Forever 21  ( similar HERE, HERE & HERE )



Photographed by Oscar Mwaba || 📍: Pier 66

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