Top Velvet Fashion Trends for 2018

Happy New Year my LOVEs!!!! Hope your new fresh year has kicked off so awesomely!!
I still have some of the looks left that I haven't had a chance to share from last year but better late than never right? I am also so excited to shoot a new content with a new photographer soon! Stay tuned for that! 
On today's post, I'd love to talk about one of the major trends that is still going to have the huge  moment this winter!!

Velvet is hot this season, as you may have already known. From accessories to dresses to velvet trimmings, you will see them everywhere now. Fashion designers and major retailers have been showcasing velvet prominently.
You will find fancy blazers, straight skirts, structured dresses and more made from velvet, giving the fabric a completely new look. It’s not just the classic blue anymore. There are lots of rich colors, and styles to select from this year. 

The velvet trend is so strong in 2017 that it seems, the talk about this luxurious fabric isn’t going to fade off anytime soon.

Velvet, known for its physical properties and stunning looks, has always been a hit with the nobility. However, the fabric went out of style a few years back. It’s back with a bang now. Its soft drape, natural sheen and durability, has made the velvet fashion fabric popular once again.

Here are some of the biggest velvet fashion trends of this year. Check them out.

▷▷ All Velvet Dresses

The all velvet outfit is one of my most favorite looks.
You will find this in a shirt and pant with a jacket on top and even a gown that you can wear like what you see in this picture. The gown is certainly very elegant, and has been a top draw at runways this year. There are velvet dresses for every occasion, of course.
For instance, you can wear the perfect Armani to dress formal, or go casual with a Valentino. There are velvet party dresses too that will be the talk of the town this holiday season.

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▷▷ Patterned Velvet

Thanks to Roberto Cavalli, Ralph Lauren, and others, we are seeing a huge variety in patterned velvet.
On surface patterns like pre-pleats, burnt out and embossed textures are making the fabric look more stunning than ever before. You can wear this trend on pants, dresses, suits, to make your velvet look even more beautiful.

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▷▷Colored Velvet Outfits

This is probably my most favorite of all velvet fashion trends. 
Blue has been the traditional color of velvet for ages. That has changed now, with the emergence of virtually every color in the spectrum. There are pink, bright red, yellow, maroon, gold, metallic colors, and of course, blue is still ruling.

Color has been mixed as well in many new combinations. Red is mixed with black, burgundy, and brown to create visually appealing combos. I have also seen girls wearing brown or burgundy fur collars with red velvet outfits.

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▷▷ Velvet Mix and Match

There are other options for you, if the all-velvet look isn’t your style.
Statement velvet pieces are being mixed and matched with different materials for unique looks. In fact, this year we have seen a lot of successful experiments in this. The pairing with other fabrics - such as lace, patent, faux fur, and shearing - is creating balanced outfits that are looking stunning. The trick is to have just the right velvet amount in the outfit.

For instance, velvet is looking absolutely chic with a jacket and t-shirt. Combine a pair of velvet jeans with a leather jacket is something you can easily style this hot trend! 

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▷▷ Accents and Accessories

You can wear velvet in many minimal ways too in your hats, gloves, stockings, and even jewelry, if your style is more towards to a minimalistic. I have seen girls patch up velvet on the hem of their cape coats and in their scarves as well. The most effortless and chic way to incorporate velvet items could be shoes such as booties - just swap your go-to black pair for velvet one, then your look is freshly upgraded! 

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