Fashion Week Predictions

It's officially fashion week season ended! On the last post, I shared my fashion week inspired look with you guys, and for today's post, I thought it would be more fun to talk about what styles will be influential for the upcoming seasons! Because we all want to be on-trend, don't we?
Here are just a few trends you can bet we'll see everywhere from the streets to the runways to the stores!!

The Peekaboo Trend

Notable fashionista Olivia Palermo recently stepped out on the streets of New York wearing a look really turned heads. Daily Mail captured Palermo wearing a sheer, black top with billowy sleeves and a modest, high neckline. The top alone would draw the attention of fashion lovers, but it was Palermo's lack of a bra that was really striking. She confidently walked down the street with her chest fully exposed under the see-through top. 

Designers have played with the look for a while, but given Palermo's position in the fashion world, it's reasonable to suspect we'll see the style a lot more on the runways this season. Of course, that being said, it might not transition well from runway to street style. Whether you would want to or not, most of us probably wouldn't be able to wear this to work or school. Throw a camisole or bralette underneath it, though, and you're good to go.  Scroll through the styling inspo of this trend on the street style this year. 

Shirts Under Dresses

Street style recaps from TIME reported a lot of fashion week goers wearing shirts under their dresses, adding one more tick to the long list of fashions that have recently remerged from the 1990s. A plain, white shirt seems like the most popular option, which isn't surprising considering it's versatility, but the dress portion of the ensemble varies. TIME showcased everything from a yellow, eclectic apron dress, to a silky slip dress, to a boho, flowing maxi. 

This is probably one of the easiest street styles to recreate at home. As long as you have a relevant dress and a plain white shirt, you can achieve the look in a snap. See how those top street style fashionistas were rocking this trend during the Fashion Week! 

Burgundy & Navy Blue

Recently, there has been an influx of burgundy and navy designs among the Maison Margiela pieces on Lyst. That's usually a pretty good indication that designers are anticipating a new trend on the horizon. Given the upcoming season, it's no surprise that long-sleeve varieties were among the most popular, especially those that incorporated other "in" trends like lace and off-the-shoulder designs. 

You can easily achieve the navy trend with a new top, but if you're feeling a little bolder, try a pair of burgundy-colored denim. Colored denim is always a great way to make a statement, and branch out from the usual. If you are a big fan of colored hair like myself, it could definitely so sick to color your hair in burgundy or navy for sure. 

What do you think of these predictions? Do you agree or...? Please let me know which trend you are so into this season or you are so excited to try for yourself in the comment section!